HAEMOTH : Album details revealed

The title, artwork and full tracklisting of HAEMOTH’s upcoming third full-length are now revealed. Recorded, mixed & mastered at E.C Antechamber, “In Nomine Odium” is filled with seven singeing psalms of uncompromising Satanik supplication. Artwork was made by Haemoth himself and can be seen in bigger size here. Tracklisting is as follows:

1 – Odium
2 – Slaying The Blind
3 – Demonik Omniscience
4 – Spiritual Pestilence
5 – Disgrace
6 – Son Of The Black Light
7 – … And Then Came The Decease

The album will be available in a 8-panel digipack CD and noble Gatefold 12″ LP on November 11th (January 10th 2012 in North America).


HAEMOTH supports all that can contribute to the ruin of the human being – every form of vice – and doesn’t give a fuck what means is used to achieve this.

All forms of depravity, destruction and hate must be preached.

HAEMOTH encourages every act, physical or spiritual, which can contribute to decline, blasphemy or pain.

To become one with Him, inner death is inevitable.
The weak ones don’t have their place here. May they burn in Hell …

Website : http://www.debemur-morti.com
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/debemurmorti


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