Hana Kim at The Hotel Cafe

hanakim1_400xHana Kim, The Hotel Café, September 13. 2013

It just may have been Friday the 13th within the wilds of Hollywood, California, but this was sure turning out to be a lucky day for local singer / songwriter Hana Kim. Her full length debut Exodo was being released, and Hana Kim was now celebrating with a live performance at The Hotel Café. With full band in tow, Ms. Kim presented her imaginative work with passion and finesse.  Exodo is a concept album involving a journey through life and the many unusual paths one may cross along the way to obtaining your dreams and goals. With an exquisite mixture of dream pop and indie alternative, Hana Kim presents a sound that is both unique and inspiring.

When Hana Kim hit the stage with her guitar, keyboards, and band, one instantly notices the remarkably soulful voice exuding from such an unassuming, graceful presence. Genuinely excited to be performing the new songs to a whole room full of friends and fans, the sense of passion and urgency Ms. Kim placed within the introspective lyrics was absolutely stunning to behold. Songs such as Caravan and Like The King Does shows the artist at the very height of her creativity, combining haunting melodies with insightful lyrics that will reverberate throughout your system. Call It Mine was a standout acoustic number, showing just how persuasive a talented artist could be armed with just a single guitar and a rapturous voice.

A big highlight in the set was the sassy and funky reverberations of I’d Do It All Again, a vibrant freewheeling tune that exuded a good deal of playfulness while retaining its wonderful sense of discovery. Mexico was another standout song that could be played all over the airwaves – that is if radio these days ever played anything of a fiercely independent nature.

For an encore, Hana Kim returned to the stage and delivered the wondrously emotional Leave You culled from her Studio Sessions EP. A captivating performance from start to finish, one left the Hotel Café enriched by the heartfelt work of a singer / songwriter destined for greater glories ahead. Be sure to seek out the warm and thought provoking Exodo by Hana Kim – an sweet and sonic delight for those who demand absorbing music with an ecstatic amount of heart and soul.

(Review and Photo by Ken Morton)

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