Delusions of Grandeur: 20th Anniversary Edition by Hardkiss (Hardkiss Music)

delusionsDelusions of Grandeur: 20th Anniversary Edition by Hardkiss (Hardkiss Music)

In the halcyon days of the early 1990’s arose a trio of bros from San Frandisco by the surname Hardkiss.  These like-minded siblings in dance started a label of House and Trance.  The music they created was fresh and exotic, a soulful, funky, psychedelic brew of hippy and PLUR, where all were welcome from coast to coast. With the monikers God Within, Hawke and Little Wing, their sampledelic tribal rhythms  lifted our hearts and fed our souls, while the DJ’s gave us aerobic exertion on the dance floor.

Years of original beats and bliss, along with the various remix passed by, the brothers Hardkiss bequeathed us with Delusions of Grandeur, a collection of their best.  After years and lifetimes and the passing of Hawke, aka Scott Hardkiss, remaining brothers Gavin and Robbie thought once again to remind the world of the joys of Hardkiss.  They forged new album 1991, a look back in love, a salute to the spirit of Scott and the music that brought them together.  Via PledgeMusic they revived and spruced up all the songs the ravers soaked up all those long years ago, along with re-releasing out of print Delusions of Grandeur, to make new of the old and breath fresh life into today’s dancers’ souls. And so once again we lift our feet and raise our arms to the sky.

Delusions of Grandeur: 20th Anniversary Edition
Rabbit In The Moon – Out Of Body Experience (Original)
God Within – Raincry (Spiritual Thirst)
God Within – Daylight (Dreamerdreamsalone)
Drum Club – Drums Are Dangerous (Drugs Are Dangerous)
God Within – The Phoenix (Some Day My Plane Will Crash)
Rabbit In The Moon – Out Of Body Experience (Burning Spear)
God Within – The Phoenix (Riverandrain)
Hawke – 3 Nudes In A Purple Garden
Hawke – Pacific Coast Highway #1
Hawke – 3 Nudes Having Sax On Acid
God Within – Top Secret Track
Little Wing – Thing (One)
Little Wing – Mercy, Mercy
Little Wing – Diazepam Jam

(Review by Bret Miller)

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