New digital single “Unleash Hell” available for download

ITALY – Italy’s rising post hardcore/heavy metal outfit, Hopes Die Last, has posted the single, “Unleash Hell,” on iTunes for digital download at: http://itunes.apple.com/album/unleash-hell-single/id492510310?v0=9988&ign-mpt=uo%3D1. “Unleash Hell” is the first downloadable track from the band’s sophomore Standby Records release, Trust No One, which will hit stores on February 14th.

“We are stoked to officially release our first single, ‘Unleash Hell,’ from our second full-length album, Trust No One,” said guitarist, Marco Mantovani. “We believe this is our best work so far, and we’re excited to see people’s reactions. We’re looking forward to a great 2012 for Hopes Dies Last!”

The music video for “Unleash Hell” originally premiered in November 2011 as the first half of a two-part saga: http://youtu.be/uSYIcBrkmbo.

The second half of the story, “Never Trust The Hazel Eyed,” can be seen at: http://youtu.be/YT3Efz2FguI. “Never Trust The Hazel Eyed” will be made available for download on iTunes on January 31st.

The track list for Trust No One is…
1. Never Trust The Hazel Eyed
2. Sidney Shown
3. Unleash Hell
4. Life After Me After You
5. The Blue
6. Bill’s Got Only A Pair Of Queens
7. This Song Plays Suicide
8. Air Raid Siren
9. Firework
10. The Same Old Fears
11. Icarus
12. Keep Your Hands Off (feat. Nesko)

Trust No One pre-order bundles are now available through the Standby web-store at: http://www.merchconnectioninc.com/collections/hopes-die-last.

The release is a staple album for Standby Records, that will kick off the label’s pulverizing 2012 schedule.

The first phase of Rock N Roll 2.0 has officially begun!

Stay tuned to the official Hopes Die Last Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hopesdielastofficial and StandbyRecords.net for more information on Hopes Die Last and Trust No One.

Hopes Die Last is…
Daniele Tofan – vocals
Ivan Panella – drums
Marco Mantovani – guitar, vocals
Luigi Magliocca – guitar
Marco “Becko” Calanca – bass, vocals

About Hopes Die Last…

Originally formed in 2004, the band played locally generating a ton of buzz overseas which led to the release of two high octane EP’s and the highly praised first full-length record, Six Years Home, in 2009. Since then the band has toured throughout the world with Attack Attack!, Our Last Night and other renowned International acts. The band will be touring in support of Trust No One throughout 2012 across the globe.

About Standby Records…
Formed in 2007, Standby Records has made its name developing passionate, young artists by providing unparalleled enthusiasm and a DIY attitude. Standby Records is ready to act as the proud birthplace of “Rock N’ Roll 2.0,” the evolution of the genre. A new age of youth has emerged, and like its parents who exhibited their rebellious nature through music, this new breed has developed its own sound, look and attitude. Standby Records is there not only to embrace it, but to spread it to the masses.


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