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hdcard-300x132_2And here are the current playlists for Highwire Daze Radio.  These are continuous three hour broadcasts that will repeat at the end of each rotation.  During the day we play our Official Playlist of Metal, Metalcore, Alternative and Hard Rock (6AM – 9PM PT) – and then at Late Night we go Extreme Metal (9PM – 6AM PT).  The song order is below.

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PLAYLIST FOR WEEK OF November 9th, 2014

THE READY SET – Jordan Witzigreuter Radio ID – Highwire Daze Tags
THE READY SET – Freakin Me Out – Bad & The Better
THE ROYAL – Bounce Back – Bounce Back – Single
SECOND TO LAST – Window Seat – Nobody Cares
LET IT HAPPEN – Losing Something – Cause + Effect
Islander – Islander Station ID – Highwire Daze Tags
ISLANDER – Coconut Dracula – Violence & Destruction
SIXX:A.M. – Stars – Modern Vintage
SLASH – World On Fire – World On Fire
CRAZY LIXX – Hell Raising Women – Crazy Lixx
Comeback Kid – Andrew Neufeld ID – Highwire Daze Tags
COMEBACK KID – Unconditional – Die Knowing
THE HISTORY OF HOPE – Mask – Mask – Single
LIKE MONROE – The Hills – Things We Speak, But Never Speak
ABANDON ALL SHIPS – Trapped – Malocchio
In Dying Arms – Orion Stephens Station ID – Highwire Daze Tags
IN DYING ARMS – Second Best – Boundaries
ONE YEAR LATER – Wander – Life Between The Lies
YOUTH IN REVOLT – There For You – Love Is A Liar’s Game
ONE SHOT THRILL – The Let Down (feat. Andy Leo of Crown the Empire) – The Let Down (feat. Andy Leo of Crown the Empire)
Midge Ure – Midge Ure Station ID – Highwire Daze Radio
MIDGE URE – Become – Fragile
SIMPLE MINDS – Midnight Walking – Big Music
INFORMATION SOCIETY – Peace And Love, Inc. – Peace And Love, Inc.
FOREIGNER – Urgent – 4
The Motels – Martha Davis Station ID – Highwire Daze Tags
THE MOTELS – Suddenly Last Summer – Little Robbers
AMBERIAN DAWN – Cherish My Memory – Magic Forest
HELIOSAGA – Scarlet Sphere – Towers In The Distance
MASTERCASTLE – The Castle – Enfer [De La Bibliothèque Nationale]
RAVEN – Raven Station ID – Highwire Daze Tags
RAVEN – Walk Through Fire – Walk Through Fire
LONEWOLF – Hordes of the Night – Cult Of Steel
VANISH – Great Collapse – Come To Wither
DIVINE ASCENSION – Crystal Tears – Liberator
FOR ALL I AM – Aria Yava Station ID – Highwire Daze Tags
FOR ALL I AM – Bad Nature – No Home
FAVORITE WEAPON – Let’s Shake On It – Sixty Saragossa
MERIDIAN – Everything That Kept Me Moving – The Awful Truth
NEW MEDICINE – Fire Up The Night – Breaking The Model
NIGHT DEMON – Night Demon Station ID – Highwire Daze Tags
ANTHRAX – Neon Knights – Ronnie James Dio – This Is Your Life
ACCEPT – Final Journey – Blind Rage
PALACE – Iron Horde – The 7th Steel
Outline In Color – Michael Skaggs Radio ID – Highwire Daze Tags
OUTLINE IN COLOR – Pick Your Poison – Masks
AT OUR EXPENSE – In The Heart Of August – I’m The One Who Changed
NEVADA ROSE – 609 – Paint Me In Light
HELIA – Gaia – The Great Divide
Assassins – Todd of Assassins ID – Highwire Daze Tags
ASSASSINS – In God You Trust – War of Aggression
EARLY SEASONS – Fireball – Redemption
FOCUS IN FRAME – You Live, You Learn – Restless
MERGE – Lighters – Elysion
CROWN THE EMPIRE – Andy Leo New Station ID – Highwire Daze Tags
CROWN THE EMPIRE – Bloodline – The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways
SIRENA – Perseverance – The Uncertainty of Meaning
CAPSIZE – Face First – I’ve Been Tearing Myself Apart
ALONG CAME A SPIDER – Wanderlust – Resurgence
ALIVE LIKE ME – Jairus Kersey of Alive Like Me Station ID – Highwire Daze Station ID
ALIVE LIKE ME – Searching For Endings – Only Forever
LIMITS – Surrender Your Throne – Rebirth
ROMUVOS – Romuvan Dainas – Romuvan Dainas



Editor Ken – Metal Overnight Preview 1 – Station Tags
ZGARD – Highlands – Contemplation
STRYVIGOR – Wherever The Stars… – Forgotten By Ages
PANYCHIDA – Dance of the Fiery Stars – Grief for an Idol
NOTHGARD – Age Of Pandora – Age Of Pandora
AMON AMARTH – Ted of Amon Amarth ID – Highwire Daze Tags
AMON AMARTH – Runes To My Memory – With Oden On Our Side
FALKENBACH – Vaer Stjernar Vaerdan – Asa (digipak)
FALCONER – Locust Swarm – Black Moon Rising
FORNICUS – We Are Sin – Storming Heaven
Editor Ken – Metal Overnight Preview 3 – Station tags
KING OF ASGARD – The Runes of Hel – Karg
KATTAH – Behind The Clay – Lapis Lazuli
TANTAL – Expectancy Pt.1 (Desert In My Soul) – Expectancy
ONSLAUGHT – Children Of The Sand – VI
NIGHT DEMON – Night Demon Station ID – Highwire Daze Tags
U.D.O. – Steelhammer – Steelhammer
STORMWARRIOR – Thunder & Steele – Thunder & Steele
VADER – Triumph of Death – Tibi Et Igni
Editor Ken – Editor Ken Metal Overnight 4 – Ken Tags
THUNDERWORKS – Trial Of Time – Thoughts & Thunder
VANHELGD – May The Worms Have Mercy On My Flesh – Relics Of Sulphur Salvation
WINTERFYLLETH – The Divination of Antiquity – The Divination of Antiquity
TWILIGHTFALL – The Energy Of Soul – The Energy Of Soul
VESANIA – Orion Station ID – Highwire Daze Station IDs
VESANIA – Halflight – Deus Ex Machina
PERSUADER – Son Of Sodom – The Fiction Maze
METAL INQUISITOR – Doomsday For The Heretic – Doomsday For The Heretic
KHOLD – Myr – Til Endes
Editor Ken – Editor Ken Metal Overnight 5 – Ken tags
DEATHROW – The Sentinel – The Eerie Sound Of The Slow Awakening
ANCST – Entropie – In Turmoil
ABIGOR – Temptation II – stasis – Leytmotif Luzifer
NARBELETH – Land of the Heathen – A Hatred Manifesto
RAVEN – Raven Station ID – Highwire Daze Tags
RAVEN – Trainwreck – Walk Through Fire
DEADLY CARNAGE – Dome of the Warders – Manthe
BELPHEGOR – Conjuring The Dead – Conjuring The Dead
ACCUSER – Who Pulls The Wire – Who Dominates Who 2014
ENSLAVED – Grutle of Enslaved Radio ID – Highwire Daze Tags
ENSLAVED – As Fire Swept Clean the Earth – Below The Lights
THYRIEN – Deathwish – Hymns of the Mortals – Songs from the North
THY PRIMORDIAL – Genuine Hatred – The Crowning Carnage
STIGMHATE – Ave Averno In Genesi Nema – Zodacare Od Zodameranu
Eluveitie – Ivo Henzi Station ID – Vol. 1
Eluveitie – King – Origins
HANGATYR – Eisenwald – Elemente
GRAVEBORNE – Burn the City of God – Through the Window of the Night
IMMORTAL – Damned In Black – Damned In Black


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