The Headbang Heaven Tour

The World We Knew, Inhale Exhale, The Browning, Dead And Divine, Cobalt Café, November 14, 2011

It may have been a Monday night in the San Fernando Valley, but there was plenty of mosh and metal to be experienced at the Cobalt Café. The Headbang Heaven Tour made its way into Canoga Park.   Four bands in total, all ready for their own shots at the big leagues.

Definitely a solid package, and surely one that was more than capable of blowing the roof off the venerable Cobalt.

It was tremendous to see many of the local bands who opened the show, as well as their fans, stay for the entire evening, ready to support other groups who found themselves performing  a long way from home.

Here is the metal and mayhem, which commenced on this night of The Headbang Heaven Tour. Horns up and here we go!

Kicking off the touring package on a sonic note of pure fury was Dead And Divine. A long way from their hometown of Burlington, Ontario, the band clearly won over the early arrivers with their super intensive amalgamation of metalcore and rock and roll. Presenting songs from their recently released album Antimacy, charismatic vocalist Matt Tobin was certainly not afraid to go into the crowd and present the lyrics with a stunning sense of urgency. Chris LeMasters and Sebastian Leuth shred it all into oblivion on dueling guitars while bassist Kellan Lindsay and drummer Kelly Bilan made for a wildly impressive rhythm section. Notable songs presented within the set included The Sugar Sickness and Carcinoma. In existence since 2004, Dead And Divine unleash a live show that is not to be missed.

The break though band on The Headbang Heaven Tour was definitely The Browning, who had the room packed and captivated with their compelling brand of metal and electronica. Their latest album Burn This World was recently spawned through the mighty Earache Records, clearly presenting a band fearlessly pushing musical boundaries. The audience was singing along and moshing it up big time to the aural assaults presented by this Dallas based outfit. Vocalist Jonny McBee was an especially persuasive presence, commanding the stage with his fiery performance. The impressive musicianship was delivered with an all out ferocity by Collin Woroniak on guitar, Jesse Glidewell on bass, and Noah Robertson on drums. Judging by the impassioned, off the hook reaction of the fans, there is little doubt that The Browning will be headlining their own tours in no time.

Inhale Exhale has been through a ton of lineup changes since their inception in 2005, yet they remain supremely tight and wondrously enthusiastic within a live setting. Formerly on Solid State Recordings with a grand trio of well received albums, Inhale Exhale is doing it all on their own for now, and presented a powerful set that was sure to leave a lasting impression on both new and older fans alike. Highlights from the show included A Call To The Faithful, Bury Me Alive, Explosions, and a brand new song entitled Your Eyes. The current Inhale Exhale membership consists of Ryland Raus on vocals, John LaRussa on guitar, Greg Smith on bass, and Tony Saffell on drums. Even without the assistance of a record label, Inhale Exhale have managed to maintain the passion and energy that has made the group a whirlwind musical force to be reckoned with. It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for these Cleveland, Ohio based musicians.

Headlining the night was the devastating The World We Knew, whose determination and perseverance has made this band nothing short of an underground legend. Their latest album Death Dealer was recently released through the BlkHeart Group – a collection of extreme metal brutality that will definitely stun your senses. In a live setting, The World We Knew is driving and relentless, presenting a show with the sheer intensity of a car crashing head on into a full speed locomotive. Vocalist Frank Fanelli exudes a ton of passion and aggression, and is definitely one of the most underrated front men traipsing around the country today. The dude is on fire, and his explosive energy is highly infectious. The World We Knew’s current lineup is especially tight and dynamic, performing with skilled precision. In addition to the killer songs unleashed from Death Dealer (including the mesmerizing title track), earlier cuts Hellbound and To The Wolves received an enthusiastic reception.

And thus concluded another freakin’ night of metal in the wilds of Canoga Park – brought to you by the fine folks at Artists Alliance Concerts!

(Review and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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