Heartist at Chain Reaction

received_m_mid_1408059631039_43efff5cef34e22497_1Heartist, Chain Reaction, August 6, 2014

Heartist at Chain Reaction was out of control. Heartist is on tour with Our Last Night & Set it Off as support. Their stop at their local hometown venue in Anaheim was sold out and PACKED. These hometown heroes had a great amount of crowd interaction, between crowd surfing and stage diving it was just a ton of fun for everyone.

They opened up their set with ‘Pressure Point’, a single off their new album that just released on August 12th, called Feeding Fiction. People were singing along already knowing the lyrics since Heartist played this song on BlesstheFall’s Hollow Bodies Tour about 3 months ago.

Heartist played several new songs off Feeding Fiction at Chain Reaction, each one of them receiving a different, but good reaction. After the new songs, they played ‘The Answer’ off their EP “Nothing You Didn’t Deserve”. During that time, vocalist Bryce Beckley shared a special moment with a fan. A fan crowd surfed his way onto the stage and was singing along the lyrics while crying and hugging Bryce. It was a heartwarming moment and it’s always very touching when you see this happen at shows, a special connection.

Everything that night was on point, even their fill in drummer. Heartist almost dropped off the tour due to their drummer, Matt Marquez getting sick. Luckily, they found a fill in drummer just in time. Matt Marquez was reunited with the band that night and was set to join the tour the next day in San Diego.

Pressure Point
Black Cloud
Where Did I Go Wrong?
The Answer

(Review and Photo by Talia Farber)

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