Introducing Heart To Heart from Pismo Beach

Heart To Heart is a melodic punk rock collective from Pismo Beach who are beginning to garner a good deal of attention well beyond the band’s California home base.  Their songs are infectious and impassioned, and now with  Deathproof out on Anchor Eighty Four Records, Heart To Heart is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who venture out to give a listen.  We caught up with vocalist Nick Zoppo to find out more about this dynamic up and coming band, their heartfelt songs, life on the road, the trails of the “Pink Panther”, and a whole lot more.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Heart To Heart, and how long the band has been together.
Hello there! My name is Nick Zoppo and I am the voice of Heart to Heart. Heart to Heart was established in 2009. Going strong ever since.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
We are based out of Pismo Beach, CA which is part of the Central Coast. Located mid state right next to the beach. Our music scene has sadly been dying for a while now. But we have been grateful of the work that has been put into building it back up. We get a lot of support from all of our friends and family which makes it incredible to us still. Although is still needs work. For instance, kids didn’t care about genre so much back in the day or who was playing. Everyone came out to have a good time. Regardless. Working on bringing that back. We have a lack of all ages venues so we try and throw shows whenever we can when SLO Brew isn’t available. Sad thing is everyone around here needs to wake the fuck up! They are surrounded by amazing local bands like PK, Briertone, Halo Of Gunfire, The Mighty Fine, New Tomorrow, and Parley. Don’t believe me check them out for yourself. All the local bands are all supportive of each other. Grateful for that. They all deserve your time. Check them out.

How did the recent DisasTOUR go and what were some of the highlights?
We have agreed that this tour was one of the top best tours we have done to date. It went by so fast which was new to us. We laughed hard all day everyday which made it all that much more worth it. It’s actually quite funny because before tour we had only knew The Sheds. We had no idea what Currents was going to be like. When we tour we like to spend time with the other bands and fuck around when we aren’t at shows. Little did we know they were a perfect fit and the crew that was apart of this tour was awesome! Couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people to travel with. We noticed this tour that the shows we better than any other tour. It’s cool to see how things having been growing for us as a band. I’d have to say highlights of the tour was the constant fucking around between all of us. Always pulling pranks and rolling dice for each other’s little bit of money we had left.

What inspired the lyrics for the three songs on Deathproof?
Well this release was the most open about my life I have ever been. May not be able to see it but it’s hidden in plain view. Everything with the record all has meaning behind it to where it all ties into together to get the name DEATHPROOF. With that being said “Requiem” is about losing my father to a drunk driving accident and how it affected me, moving on to “Recollections” this song deals with the struggles and misfortunes I dealt with growing up and even though those times are over it still comes back to haunt me no matter how long its been, last but not least the last track entitled “Lessons” is about dealing with myself and how I can’t learn my lesson after fucking up over and over again. I’ve met other people who have been through the same things I have or maybe not as bad of a case, sometimes been through worse and somewhere along the line took a wrong turn. That’s how I got the name DEATHPROOF. With everything I have been through I am still on my feet and trying to make it to the “end” whenever that may be. This release will always be important to me. So if you haven’t heard pick it up. Get to know a little about myself.

What did Kyle Black contribute to the overall recording process and how was he to work with?
We love working with Kyle Black. We have never met someone who cares so much about what he is working on. He is very hands on and gives it everything he has. He is not afraid to tell you what sucks. He pushed us so hard it kind of turned us on it a weird way. He was open to ideas as were we and working together was just a great fit. Kyle is a great dude with a huge heart and that makes working with him that much better. Can’t wait to work with him again.

How close are you to recording a full length album?
Can’t ruin the surprise now! But I will say this, close. Very close.

How did your collaboration with Anchor Eighty Four Records come about?
I knew Cody from an old band of mine. We played a few shows together back in the day. It wasn’t until one of our shows in LA that he came out to and saw us and we caught back up. Filled us in that he had started Anchor Eighty Four records and he enjoyed what he saw. We talked for a while and then decided to put out a record. Now working on a full length with him and him as a smaller label and us as a smaller band it works out perfect. We grow together and have a better personal relationship. We are in love.

What could one expect from a live Heart To Heart show?
You can expect us playing with our shirts off, sweaty as shit, and right up in your face. We love to get personal at shows and include everyone. It’s an experience that’s for sure. I say some of the stupidest shit on the mic sometimes so that’s always great to see they say… It’s really hard to say. I don’t even know what to expect sometimes. Come out and see for yourself.

Do you have any unusual stories from the road you could share?
Hahaha, oh wow… I don’t even know where to start. Some of the most random shit happens. On this past tour we happened to come across this huge pink dildo that we had named “Pink Panther”. Pink Panther then became the tour mascot and was everywhere. From around someones neck to even acting as a drum stick. Got the weirdest looks from people but eh what are you gonna do. We actually made up a little game. Rules were if you fucked up (i.e. lock keys in the van, step in dog shit and bring it in the van, ect) a vote was brought to council (the whole tour package) and if vote passed you had to wear Pink Panther for 24 hours and it had to be visible. Morgan from The Sheds still owes us 24 hours but he was afraid his mom would somehow see. If we don’t get those hours we will have to do our Heart to Heart famous trick and shave his eyebrows. I’d rather take the eyebrows anyways.

Have you ever played Warped Tour and if so, what was the overall experience like?
Never played Warped Tour but it is for sure on the list of things to do. Been a dream of mine since I was 13 years old. It’s gotta happen sometime… right?

What’s up next for Heart To Heart?
We start a short run in February with our best friends in Stickup Kid from San Jose, CA and a few dates with We Still Dream on Eulogy Recordings. For dates check out  After that we take a break and prepare to start recording the full length. Really excited for the future. Got some tour announcements to make for later in the year so stay posted.

Any final words of wisdom?
As of lately I have been tripping out on how much busier the band is getting. I’m happy to say I am doing what I said I would be doing when I was 13. I followed my dreams and I am happy to be able to say that. Not everyone can do the same, But only you can control that. So if there is something you want go after it. It’s in arms reach.

Heart To Heart will be playing at the Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park with We Still Dream!  Check out their Facebook page for other dates across the country.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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