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HeartToHeart062014_1200x900Heart to Heart spent a good portion of their summer on the wilds of the Vans Warped Tour, getting deep with the fans all across the country.  A punk rocking collective from Pismo Beach, CA, Heart to Heart recently unveiled their latest recording Dulce via Pure Noise Records.  Quickly becoming well known for their wondrously unpredictable sets, vocalist Nick Zoppo would light a cigarette and then take swallow it with a chug of Monster Energy Drink right in the middle of one of their more impassioned songs.  We caught up with the band right after their exhilarating show in Pomona to discuss their brand spanking new album Dulce, some of the deeply personal songs, a while bucket list of perfect touring partners, the aftermath of swallowing a ciggie, and other inspired topics on intrigue.  Read on…

hearttojl1Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Heart to Heart. What’s the most embarrassing song you have on your iPod?
Nick: My name’s Nick Zoppo, I sing in Heart to Heart. The most embarrassing song I have on my ipod would be Christina Aguilera. I have so much embarrassing stuff. I dont even think that’s embarrassing. [laughs] Willa Ford, “I Wanna Be Bad.” I love that song.

Justin: I’m Justin, I play bass. Probably the most embarrassed, guilty pleasure type of song would be Shania Twain, “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” That’s my jam.

Taylor: My name is Taylor, I play guitar and sing. The most embarrassing song on my iPod would be “Call Me, Maybe” by Carly Rae, even though I don’t find it that embarrassing. I still thinks a bad song. But that makes the most sense for an embarrassing song, it’s a guilty pleasure. Carly Rae is the shit.

How’s this Warped Tour been doing so far? Give me some of the highlights.
Nick: This is our first time on the Warped Tour. We had a little bit of a rough start. We purchased an RV two weeks before the tour, that lasted us a good 6 days. We were forced to buy a brand new van right outside of Phoenix to make the tour on time. But, Texas was awesome. I love going in the line myself, interacting with the people out there. I don’t look at myself any different from them, I love interacting.  Just seeing how many people come to the stage and seeing all these kids sing a long, it’s been nothing short of amazing.

hearttojl2Any story behind the title of the album Dulce?
Nick: I’m half Puerto Rican. I wanted to throw a spanish twist on it. I convinced these guys to roll with it, that was that.

Select two songs from the album and tell me what inspired the lyrics.
Nick: “Daydream” is one of my favorites. I spent a lot of time day dreaming when I’m depressed about wanting to kill myself. What I wrote the song about was how I would do it and how it would affect those around me. I love it. It came out awesome. I like to be real personal with our lyrics.

I like “Bad Habits” a lot. It starts with “I’ve got a list of bad habits” and I shortly name a few things and the end result is it made me the man I hate today, all these things I’ve done. Again, very personal. That’s Heart to Heart. We like to have “heart to hearts” if you will, with our listeners.

hearttojl4I saw you eat a cigarette on stage, is that something you normally do?
Nick: No, that was a first today. I like to entertain and have fun. A lot of people asked me why did you do this, why did you do that. I have this scar on my forehead from our last tour in Texas. I head-butted his bass and it just happened to cut me open. I like to say it’s the stage me, me and him aren’t friend. He’s a crazy guy.

Justin: Last week he took off stage in the middle of the song “Daydream” actually, he was riding a mechanical bull and singing at the same time.

Nick: That’s right, I rode a mechanical bull in Texas and sang at the same time. I never know, I don’t have a plan when I go up there. I like to leave kids with a lasting impression. We’re still a newer band so I like to give them something to remember. It’s Warped Tour, I mean you’re expecting to see crazy shit out here. That’s what we’re here for, we’re here to put on a show.

Will you ever eat another cigarette again?
Nick: No. It was disgusting. I actually threw up in my mouth during our set a little bit, I thought I hid it pretty well. After our set, I was under the stage getting it all out. It wasn’t good. Sorry mom.

hearttojl3Where are you guys from and what is your music scene like there?
Nick: We’re from Pismo Beach, CA. Off the central coast. Our scene over the last few years has sadly come to a downfall. We dont have any local venues. We have one big venue but it’s hard to get local shows in there. We like to play at home, often. It’s where we started out. It’s where we grew. Even though there’s nothing going on there, we never forget where we came from. We like to – we throw shows at tattoo shows in town, restaurants, wherever we can. To have fun and try and build the scene.

If you could open for any band either now or from the past, who and why?
Nick: Two that come to mind, Deftones and Poison The Well. Those are two of my absolute favorite bands. I’ve been trying to get the vocalist Jeff to do a guest part of the longest time. They still haven’t replied, but every time we go into the studio I still try and contact. If anyone out there can get me in on that, that’d be awesome.

Or if he’s reading this.
Nick: Yes. If he’s reading this. I’ve seen both bands multiple times, it’s always a great show no matter what.

Justin: Two bucket list bands, in terms of playing with them either CCR or Queen. I know we wouldn’t fit on the show, but it would be fun. I’d probably just shit my pants.

Taylor: Either Glassjaw or Against Me. Two of my favorite bands ever. It’d be a real honor to share the stage with them.

Whats up next for you guys after Warped Tour?
Nick: We’ll be touring off Dulce for a little bit. Stoked to share that with the world. We’re really going to be pushing the record, then tour tour tour. Hopefully after a few tours, hop back in the studio and rinse wash and repeat, do it all over again.

Heart to Heart isNick Zoppo, Johnathan Hayes, Taylor Stillwell, Justin Bratcher, and Blaze Blanke.

(Interview and Band Photo by Ken Morton – Live Photos by Jack Lue)

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