Heliosaga’s debut release is finally ready!

BAND LOW-RESTowers In The Distance » to be released in August

Heliosaga is excited to announce the long awaited debut “Towers In The Distance” available August 22nd worldwide via digital and CD formats.

The anticipated album is rooted deep in European tradition, combining the best elements of power, symphonic, and gothic metal. Drawing comparisons from such bands as Xandria, Delain, and Leaves Eyes.

The name Heliosaga is a metaphor derived from helios, the Greek word for sun, and saga meaning the story/ history; thus, Heliosaga represents the journey of life.

ALBUM COVER LOW-RESTowers In The Distance” lyrics are deeply personal, and the primary themes revolve around the state of the world, mortality and the personal struggles that all encounter. Mixed by Michael Hansen (Phonomik, Chainfist) at Phon Studio and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Epica, Volbeat) at Hansen Studios. Bass guitar tracks were recorded by Chad Novell (Fibonacci Sequence) and a guest guitar solo was performed by Gilbert Pot (Elegy).

Heliosaga was founded in 2010 by Damien Villarreal (keys/guitar) in San Antonio, Texas, soon after joined by Jordan Ames (drums). By September of 2010, the line-up was complete and the first practices were held. The ensuing year would see a five song demo, the first shows and various line-up changes. In 2012, Chelsea Knaack joined as lead vocalist and the band recorded the single “The Light of Ardor”, which was released in January 2013. Shortly before the recorded single was release, the band relocated to Minnesota and continued the writing process.

A lyric video for A Tower So Tall can be enjoyed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd6g5GvpOr0

“Towers In The Distance” tracklisting includes:
A Tower So Tall, Scarlet Sphere, Lost, Hideaway, To Heal All Wounds, Memorativa, Hunter’s Moon, Edenscar, Luminary, All Souls

Band: http://www.heliosaga.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/heliosaga
Facebook Band Page: http://www.facebook.com/Heliosaga
Twitter: http://twitter.com/heliosaga

Chelsea Knaack- lead vocals
Damien Villarreal- guitars/ keys
Jordan Ames- drums

Artist Management:
Sue Slettehaugh


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