Stillness by HellCircles (Self-released EP)

The Italian metal scene is thriving with exceptional power metal bands such as Rhapsody, Labyrinth, and Vision Divine – add HellCircles to the list of countrymen also destined to make an impact well within and outside of their borders. A novice band with a commencement date of November 2008, HellCircles has just released a thoroughly professional demo of tunes entitled Stillness. Judging by the four tracks plus Intro, these talented musicians are sure to find a triumphant music career ahead of them.

After a sweeping classical Intro, the band slams away with the mighty tones of the anthem-like Let Us Unite, a call for metal arms that is sure to fire up the attentions of many. The Damage Done continues to rock the listener in a grand Helloween/Gamma Ray manner, showing just how exciting and diverse the melodies of HellCircles can be. Turn Back Time is a thrilling composition that demands the listener to bang their fists up in the air and sing along while Rise Again leaves the listener empowered and wanting to hear a whole lot more.

Vocalist Marco Parisi has an impressive range, and delivers the lyrics with a strong sense of passion and conviction. Roberto Fornaroli and Fabio Pedrall supply virtuoso guitar work that is truly inspired. The rhythm section is brought to you with stunning precision by Danilo Arisi on bass and Davide Ravara on drums.

Stillness by HellCircles is well worth seeking out, especially if you’d like to discover a new collective in the genesis of what is sure to be a successful metal journey. Showing a great deal of potential in this first outing, it will be exciting to hear the new recordings HellCircles are sure to unleash upon us all.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

HellCircles on Myspace


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