Raging In The Shadows with Hell In The Club

hellintheclub2Raging In The Shadows with Hell In The Club

Get ready to rock and roll to the wickedly wonderful refrains of Hell In The Club, a dynamic collective featuring members of Elevenking and Secret Sphere.  Based out of the fiery Italian metal scene, Hell In The Club has recently issued the mighty Shadow Of The Monster worldwide via Scarlet Records.  In addition to a whole collection of raging hard rock, Shadow Of The Monster also features a thoroughly rapturous cover of the Cyndi Lauper classic Money Changes Everything.  We recently caught up with Hell In The Club’s charismatic lead vocalist Dave to find out more about the band ready to rock your world with their rip-roaring anthems!  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Hell In The Club, and how long the band has been together.
Hey! This is Dave and I’m the singer of the band. HITC was formed by Andy the bass player back in 2009 and we have been together since then!

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there.
We come from Italy, actually from two different areas. I come from north-east, near Venice while the other guys are from the north-west, near Turin/Milan. The underground scene is pretty active here, there are lot of good bands.

Is there any story or concept behind the title Shadow Of The Monster?
Yes, actually we talk about all the negative things that influence our lives and make us behave like we wouldn’t want to and distance us from our real nature. Sometimes we feel like having a black figure over us who moves the strings. That’s the Monster of the album.

Select two songs from Shadow Of The Monster and what inspired the lyrics.
DANCE! this is a song it just came to my mind one day; a spark in the dark, let’s say. A powerful riff, a melodic, simple and catchy chorus. Just fun and (heavy) rock’n’roll. A song dedicated to how much we are attached to our roots, to the times when this music was popular and great. A salute to all the ones who still love the 80’s and 90’s like us!
Le Cirque des Horreurs. I got the idea of this song while waiting to enter a live club before a show. There were all these people, and everybody reminded me of someone else I met before in my life. And this is where I got the idea of the circus. Of all these sideshow freaks placed there just to fill a gap, to act like somebody else, to live a pre-owned life. Wicked!

Has Cyndi Lauper heard or commented on your cover of Money Changes Everything and what made you decide to cover that song?
I don’t think she heard it, but that would be cool! It would be interesting to hear what she thinks about it. Anyway the idea to cover it came from Picco. He has this passion for arrangements in general. He goes really crazy when it comes to arrange our songs. In a good way of course. He just comes up with the coolest ideas, and that is a great point for us. Anyway he also loves to rearrange other songs and in his spare time he recorded a demo version of this track. I remember going at his place, he let me listen to this song…and I said..what the hell is that? A new song? And then he put Cyndi Lauper’s version on… I instantly though we should add it to the album, and that’s what happened!

DevilOnMyShoulder.jpgWho did the cover art of Shadow Of The Monster and how much input did you have on it?
The cover was made by US artist Nathan Thomas Milliner. It was a while I was following Nathan’s work and I really wanted him to make a cover for us. All I can say is that he is a great artist and a great guy to work with. We are very very happy of the new artwork, I think it represents the album title and concept at its best. We just gave him a very first input with the album title and the lyrics of the title track. And it looks damn nice on Vinyl!

What do you find in Hell In The Club that you do not find with Elvenking?
I personally find the love for the music that made me start loving this genre and made me want to become a musician. I also find the fun and the pleasure to play with real friends. That’s awesome. With Elvenking there are other pleasures, things that satisfy another side of my personality and my passion for music. With Hell in the Club I quench my thirst for rock’n’roll! 🙂

Would Hell In The Club ever tour or do a show with Elvenking and/or Secret Sphere? Or has this already happened?
We already made some gigs together in festivals. But I think that we have to separate the projects, draw a line between the two of them. They represent different things, and they belong to two different worlds. It would be easier you know? One backline, more possibilities for HITC, etc… but no, we never choose the easy path! 🙂 We have to do the right thing for the bands we play with.

What could one expect from a live Hell In The Club show?
A lot of energy and fun! We think that a live show should involve band and crowd 50/50, so we do our best to get people’s attention and to make them part of the show.

If Hell In The Club could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Any of the bands that made us love this kind of music. Guns n’Roses, Queen, Motley Crue, Aerosmith and so on…! There are so many eheh! It would be an honor of course.

Any strange or scary happenings while on the road or at a club?
Uh… many actually! Ahah!! We always bring with us a little awkwardness; this is how we’re made. Even in our every day’s life! It’s like we can’t bear to live our life if there aren’t any strange or bad happenings 🙂 Anyway one of the “scariest” moments was when Crashdiet’s tour manager died one day before starting the UK tour. We were supporting them and things went totally crazy on that short leg of the tour. But that’s life unfortunately. Poor guy.

Have you ever played in the States area or plan to do so in future days? If so, what was the experience like?
Unfortunately we never played in the States with HITC. We really hope to do so in the near future though. There’s some real interest from the US so it would perfectly make sense!

What’s up next for Hell In The Club?
The album has just been released so it’s a bit early to start talking about the future. Anyway we will make a short Italian tour to start supporting the new album, we are being booked in some summer festivals and then we’ll see how things will go. We are seeing a big interest around “Shadow of the Monster”, at least compared to the past, so I hope we’ll play more abroad from now on!

Any final words of wisdom?
Wisdom? From us?? Ahahah! Naaaah! 🙂 Anyway I really hope you’ll have a listen to our new album. You can find it on Spotify, AppleMusic and so on of course (even if we have veeery beautiful CD and vinyl editions!!) and you can find our brand new videoclip on YouTube. Check us out, you may eventually enjoy some nice powerful hard rock from the country of spaghetti and pizza!! 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! Hope to see you guys play out here in L.A. one day!
Thank you so much Ken!! It was a pleasure! Hope to see you all from a stage!!! 😉

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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