Hello Hollywood

Rear View by Hello Hollywood (Self-released EP)

Based out of the fledging Phoenix, AZ music scene, one listen to Rear View by Hello Hollywood and you really wonder why the band isn’t signed to some big record label. These guys know how to write the perfect pop song that will remain in your head for ages – and radio would definitely sound a lot more welcoming these days with bands such as Hello Hollywood invading the airwaves. Hello Hollywood is better than half the signed bands I write about for Highwire Daze. Fans of outfits such as Anberlin and The Maine and guaranteed to discover a brand new favorite to rave on about when encountering these talented musicians.

Rear View is actually Hello Hollywood’s second EP, and it’s a bit different that what’s heard on their Late Night & Lovers debut release. On this one, the band has taken the acoustic route, and the sound suits them well. Re-recording older tracks and including a few new ones, the songs found on Rear View are perfect for chilling to at the end of a hectic day.

Even though all of the songs are acoustic on Rear View, there is not a dull moment to be had within the six tracks. Kids Undercover kicks off the disc on a bright and infectious note. Title track Rear View (also the single) is wonderfully memorable with a chorus that fans are sure to sing along with in a live setting.

Now I Wonder is cautiously optimistic while So Late So Sorry really shines in its acoustic arrangement. Believe In Love is bouncy and upbeat with a big chorus while If I Could Be is the perfect introspective lullaby to conclude the disc on a sweetly reflective note.

Mike Wolf is a powerful, expressive performer, really bringing the listener into the material with his inspiring lyrical delivery. The acoustic guitars and piano shine throughout, weaving a warm and familiar atmosphere to the proceedings.

Although I’m not sure which members participated on the EP, the wildly talented Hello Hollywood collective consists of Jeremy Jones and Steven Simpson on guitars, Kevin Murphy on bass, Dan Beauvis on drums, and the aforementioned Mike Wolf on vocals.

Playing Rear View back to back with Late Night & Lovers clearly demonstrates how diverse and resourceful Hello Hollywood is. Most importantly, the songs are from the heart and not of the current trends.  Expect to hear a lot more from Hello Hollywood and their timeless melodies in the near future.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. Sherri Anne 9 years ago

    Great band! I really like their sound. You’re right, they should be signed – and fast!

  2. Kristen 9 years ago

    love love love them !
    it is completely right about everything
    and plus they are the sweetest people alive.

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