Architects (UK)

THE HERE AND NOW by ARCHITECTS (UK) (Century Media Records)

Until last summer, Architects (UK) remained fairly obscure outside of their home country, while acts such as Bring Me The Horizon and The Blackout played festivals such as the Warped Tour here in the States. An appearance on Cool Tour 2010 would change all that –  a massive cross country package where Architects played support to such notable acts as As I Lay Dying, Underoath, and Between The Buried And Me. Winning quite a few fans due with their powerhouse songs and dynamic stage presentation, there were high expectations for what would arrive next on the studio-recording front. Their fourth full-length album The Here And Now has seen the light of day, and one could only consider this effort a promise wildly fulfilled. Produced by Steve Evetts, whose impressive credits include The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die and Sepultura, The Here And Now is destined to be a breakthrough album for Architects (UK).

The disc spins into supersonic gear with the wondrous anthem-like strains of Day In Day Out, a song that should really become a fan favorite when performed in a live setting. The rocking heroics continue with the mighty sounds of Learn To Live, another musical triumph for the band.

Delete, Rewind is a fast, fist-pumping treat that will make you want to dive headfirst into the nearest mosh pit. BTN stands out with its ferociously grungy guitar presentation, punk-like blast-beat chorus, and impassioned vocals.

A highlight on the album is An Open Letter To Myself, starting out quiet and introspective and then burning up at the end with it’s sheer dynamic force. This song clearly demonstrates a maturity that should greatly impress both admirers and detractors. Then it’s back into screaming overdrive with the thrashing sounds of The Blues.

Red Eyes is inspired and haunting, where dazzling guitar work, driving rhythms and soaring vocals abound. A guest appearance by Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid occurs on Stay Young Forever, a rock solid cut that is mesmerizing to the senses.

One big surprise is the super passionate Heartburn, a rock ballad where Sam Carter demonstrates just how potent of a vocalist he is – even with just the clean singing. A thoroughly unexpected melody that is astonishing to behold. And if that track was a but mushy for the hardcore in the crowd, final cuts Year In Year Out and Up And Away concludes the album on an absolutely stunning note, containing a guest appearance from none other than Dillinger Escape Plan front man Greg Puciato. A fine mixture of heavy and atmospheric soundscapes concludes The Here And Now, providing the album with a grand and glorious finale.

The guitar work really shimmers and scorches at the listener, the dual attack courtesy of Tom Searle and Tim Hillier-Brook. The rhythm section is a knock out to the senses, with Alex Dean on bass and Dan Searle on drums tearing it all up with a mighty vengeance. And then there’s Sam Carter, who has really emerged as a vocalist to be reckoned with. He has already demonstrated his knack for screamed assaults, but he also makes a lasting impression with his compelling clear singing interludes. This lineup of Architects (UK) is ready to take on the world and their time for making it all happen is in The Here And Now. A tremendous way to kick off the New Year!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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