HEXEN and special guests

HEXEN and special guests
FEBRUARY 28, 2010
The Cobalt Café

Up first was Deathsummoner. They opened the show because the first band didn’t show up to play. Even though running late due to traffic, Deathsummoner brought forth the forces of Dark Metal to the front brutal beating of the audience. From their first song to their last Deathsummoner is one of L.A.’s up and coming forces of metal evil. During their set they did two cover songs The Four Horsemen by Metallica and Metal Meltdown by Judas Priest. Some of their own songs that stuck out were Gods Of Obliteration, Slay The Bitch and Slave To The Full Moon.

San Fernando Valley’s hard metal act KILLION was on second.They had a lot of people at this show. They even drew extra people at the door too. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this band headline at The Cobalt Café sometime soon. They are currently good friends with Hexen. Hexen’s drummer is helping Killion with recording the drums for their first EP due out soon. Killion is one of the 100 bands performing in March in Long Beach at the Queen Mary Skinnie Magazine’s rock festival. This set tonight featured strong riffs and heavy base line with enthusiastic fast paced drumming. Some of their best songs were Four Ages, Foot In Mouth and Life Through Death. They had in the middle of their set a really cool instrument song too.

Third up was AGREZOR. This was their first time playing at this all ages venue. The band hails out of Los Angeles with vengeance and might. Their youth and anger aggression shows in their brutal metal sound. Some of their songs that stuck out tonight were Evil Angel (which would make for a great video), Rise Of The Serpent, Dirty Business and Fear Of Violence.

Fourth was up and comer INFECTIOUS DIARRHEA. These guys have another project called GOR as well. But tonight was one of their full performances as Infectious Diarrhea. They are a local band out of Woodland Hills in The San Fernando Valley area. Enthusiasm is one of their best traits. This raw energy is awesome due to the hard fast pounding of their instruments. A few of their songs that rocked were Absolute Hatred Of All Man Kind, Till Death Due Us Part and War Crimes.

Next, all the way from Palmdale Lancaster area, came PERSECUTION. Hailing out of the desert is a charge from heated enthralled metal. This brought a different Darkness and Vengeance to the show. Darkness & Vengeance are the titles of two songs they performed tonight. Other great songs in tonight’s brutal windstorm furry pit they stated was from such songs as Persecution, From Whom The Bell Tolls and An Empty Chalice. This band was a good choice for opening for Hexen because they got the crowd excited.

HEXEN was here now to show how to lift up an audience to higher hell of brutality. Their amount of pure talent is so tight. Their timing is impeccable. The line Up has a few fresh members in it as well. They currently have one CD out called State Of Insurgency on OSM Records. They performed five songs from the album State Of Insurgency, Past Life, Blast Radius, Gas Chamber and Seditions In Peacetime. They played a cool cover of Five Magics by Megadeth and showed off a new song called Gas Chamber (which would make a cool video) that the crowd really liked.

The show started at 7PM and ended at 12:30AM a great long blistering brutal metal show. This rocked. Sorry you missed it.

(Review and Photos by Jonathan D. Wright)


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