Metrics and Sardines: The Adventures of Honour Crest

Based out of the Virginia Beach music scene, Honour Crest is an up and coming entity whose exciting combination of metalcore and electronica is definitely gaining the band a good deal of attention.  Their debut CD Metrics was recorded with the assistance of Andrew Baylis from Life On Repeat.  And right before Honour Crest was going to self-release their tunes, Indianola Records (Evergreen Terrace, A Day To Remember) signed them on the dotted line and unleashed the mighty Metrics all across the nation on their imprint.

Here is a recent interview we conducted with one of the Honour Crest members to find out more about their music and lyrics, their inspired cover of Inspector Gadget, a sardine (!) attack on their van, and other explosive topics.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Honour Crest, and how long the band has been together?
Hello! My name is Lucas. I like long walks on the beach, gravity, and breathing heavily out of my mouth. My dislikes include scurvy, typhoons, and tapeworm medication. My role in Honour Crest is vocals, both singing and screaming. When you ask how long the band has been together, I can’t decide on telling people the time when we actually formed or when we came together as a band as whole. Chad (our guitarist) created this band January 16th 2009 which was just myself and him playing to a fake laptop drummer then the whole band actually formed with all the members on March 28th 2010 and as of today we still have all of the original members.

Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
Honour Crest is based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia! It’s known for the longest pleasure beach in the world, tourism, and military centers. My experience in watching the music scene evolve over the years, I noticed that there is always a need for local music, however the demand seems to change from genre to genre like metalcore, to hardcore, to pop punk, to indie, and it cycles constantly. Even though it shifts, our music scene is strong. If I can name any bands off the top of my head that I could recommend, I would like you guys to check out Pilot!, Your Favorite Coastline, Conquering Rome, Applaud The Impaler, Before Him, Under City Skylines, The Eleventh Hour, Bear Crossing, and Provoke Destroy.

How did you wind up signing to Indianola Records?
Our friends in Persistent Heart Media helped us out by sending Metrics to a good amount of review websites and labels and after some time Indianola Records worked with us in releasing our album. We are really excited to be part of the Indianola family.

Is there any story or concept behind the album title Metrics?
Honestly we were gonna make up some story and say that math was our favorite subject and on top of that say that Chad had a hot music teacher. Then when we thought about it none of us could think of a single time we had a hot music teacher….so what really happened was we all sat in a room and just started thinking of titles that sounded sweet. Metrics was the final decision.

Select two songs from Metrics and what inspired the lyrics?
I’m going to pick my two personal favorite songs, Flux and Horcrux. Flux was inspired by us reaching a goal but we don’t know where this band is going to take us. It’s about taking risks and pushing to make the best of anything even after the hardships and struggling process of being in a band. Horcrux is a written reminder of who we are as a band. Honour Crest building up from scratch has slowly made its way to being a more recognizable band and Horcrux shows that we will continue doing what we love no matter what people say or expect of us

Who produced Metrics and what was it like working with them?
Our guitarist Chad Orange and Andrew Baylis from Life On Repeat (Equal Vision Records) worked together in producing Metrics. Andrew is a personal friend of the band already so working with him was like a day hanging with the dudes…plenty of drinks, Mexican food, and cowboy bars followed.

What could one expect from a live Honour Crest show?
Lights, lasers, smoke, strobes and a metric ton of stage presence is always incorporated in our live show. For those who have seen us live say that it’s more like a party. It’s hard to explain our energy through text so you’ll have to see for yourself!

What kind of touring have you done so far and do you have any interesting or scary stories from the road you could share?
We have a good amount of tours under our belts but they have focused only on the east coast of the United States. One of my most memorable tours was with our friends from Virginia Beach in a band called Before Him. Something I will always remember happening while we were on a 2 week tour with Before Him is our van war! We would go back and forth pulling pranks on each other but it ended up getting a little out of hand. It all started in Georgia about halfway through the tour and we finished a show and the entire bus (vehicle we used back then) smelt like eggs! They had put stink bombs in our bus and acted like they didn’t do it. Somehow we ended up figuring out it was them and we wanted revenge! After going back and forth a couple times on smaller pranks we wanted to end it with a big finale. Our plan took us to a Walmart where we bought expired fish, a bike chain lock, and a plastic bag. While in Delaware we taped the expired fish under their back bumper and right on their van’s radiator. We used the bike chain lock to connect their sliding side door and passenger door together so they could only enter and exit through the driver door. The last thing is the plastic bag we had (not proud of this at all) and our drummer Cory left a steamer in it and we strategically placed it in their trailer (let me remind you it was on a hot summer day). After planting everything we quickly left them and started heading towards our next location in Richmond. The whole time we were in Richmond we were on constant guard to protect our vehicle. While playing our set, Before Him quickly ran outside and left us in fear the whole set. After packing up Before Him decided to smear sardines and plant as many stink bombs as they could on and around our bus! It was the worst experience my nose has ever had. The whole way home to Virginia Beach was miserable! People passing us could even smell the terror they left on us! Even after getting home I could still smell that stank. I will never forget that stank!

What made you decide to cover Inspector Gadget and do you ever perform that song live?
Out of all the covers we play (such as Inspector Gadget, Power Rangers, and Super Mario) Insector Gadget is the most popular. Our hometown goes nuts every time we play it and even when we play it out of town it sets us apart from the other bands because they have something to remember us specifically by. Yes! We play it live almost every show we have at home and we occasionally play it out of town on bigger shows for fun. It’s a curse and I don’t think we’ll ever stop playing Inspector Gadget.

Has Honour Crest ever played here in Los Angeles or plan to do so in the future days?
We’ve never been to Los Angeles since we’ve only been playing shows on the east coast however we do plan to make our way over there eventually. One day hopefully soon! Who knows…maybe next summer.

What’s up next for Honour Crest?
Now that Metrics is officially out we have a mess of weekends shows in October, November, and a tour in January planned out. We are currently working on our next full length which doesn’t have a name yet but it will have 10 tracks on it. Can’t tell you much on when it’s going to be out or officially announced but it’s all in progress. Who knows…anything can happen so just keep your ears open and enjoy the tunes in the meantime.

Any final words of wisdom?
In the streets, you either do, or have done to your ass!
And if you’re gonna prank someone…go all out

Honour Crest is:
Lucas Borza – Vocals
Chad Orange – Guitar, Vocals, Programming
Zack Fitzpatrick – Guitar
Jimmy Dillon – Bass
Cory Beaver – Drums

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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