Another Music EP by Hopewell (Tee Pee Records)

When musical legends from several decades collide into one orbit, a mesmerizing sound shall erupt and consume the senses of many with its tantalizing refrains. Take Hopewell for instance, the scandalously underrated avant-garde rock band featuring Jason Russo, who once did time in Mercury Rev – then add a dash of Mark Gardener from the iconic shoegaze band Ride – and then shake it all up with one vintage dose of Brian Eno, and you’ve got one of the most exciting new recordings of this year and beyond! Simply entitled the Another Music EP, Hopewell present five songs jammed packed with groove, atmosphere and imagination – destined to delight music aficionados all across the board. The band has been assaulting the senses of the world since 1995, and remains a visionary force of nature to be reckoned with.

First up on the Another Music EP is Hopewell’s stunning cover of the Brian Eno classic Needle In The Camel’s Eye, featuring none other than Mark Gardener from Ride on lead vocals. A bold introduction to be sure, yet Hopewell and Gardener do the classic Eno song proud, performing with the same dazzling rambunctious that made the 1974 original so endearing.   Once you get tired of playing this track over and over again, there will still be four more stunning original songs for the listener to explore.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Marvar

The King & The Canary is up next, a wondrously tripped-out track with playful vocals and a free wheeling musical soundscape rendering this one a pure delight to the ears. Hopewell then proceeds to launch the entire enterprise into the stratosphere with the vibrant retro sounds of This Is This.

Over The Mountain (Tarbox Version) mixes super infectious melodies, fuzzy guitars, and tribal drum beats, making for a breathtaking sensory experience. And then The Six Knowables closes out the EP, an instrumental of free form jazz that is sure to send the room spinning. The saxophone is literally throttled into submission by Mark Marinoff (Chemical Brothers) while the other instruments present their own sweet and distinct reveries that will leave a lingering impression on even the most jaded of music critic.

It is never too late to discover one of the most innovative psychedelic rock bands on the planet – still as stimulating and mind blowing as ever. Another Music EP is a definitive introduction for curious, and will be a welcomed addition to those already initiated towards Hopewell’s shimmering space rock tapestries.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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