The Black Rabbits

Hypno Switch by The Black Rabbits (Rock Ridge Records)

With exciting new collectives such as The Black Rabbits hopping into the thoroughfare of the indie rock music arena, there is great promise for the genre indeed. This is a band cool enough to be enjoyed by adventurous musical youth as well as their classic rock loving parents, The Black Rabbits debut full length album Hypno Switch was produced by Stan Lynch and Billy Chapin of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and the collaboration is a wildly successful affair.

The albums opens at full force with the rocking sounds of Twist, instantly reeling the listener in with its infectious melodies and jangly guitars. My Baby Don’t is a sweet concoction of grooves and a driving chorus that will remain within your feverish brain for ages.

Hurry, Hurry is pure rock perfection recalling the most wondrous works of bands such as The Pixies and even The Doors. Then there’s the swirling sounds of the sassy title track Hypno Switch, a kaleidoscope of dazzling sound and driving refrains that would certainly be a real pleasure to hear on the national airwaves.

Emotion is the classic relationship in turmoil tune whose lyrical content will be relatable to many. Amid These Tears has a Television/Violent Femmes sort of cosmic feel about the song that is absolutely endearing. And then up next are the beautifully melancholic sounds of Painter, Poet, Prophet, Priest. But the mood and vibrancy is cranked up to a ten with the triumphant All Alone Again, a hot slice of indie rock and roll loving that would warm up any lonely old night.

For Way Too Long has expressive male/female harmonies that render this track a standout. Be sure to stay till the bitter end for the moving strains of So Long, Sophia, a sweeping track concluding Hypno Switch on a sweetly wistful note where the sentiment “Emptiness never wanted you so bad” reverberates through the listener’s soul.

Hypno Switch by The Black Rabbits is a dynamic first effort from a band destined to have a long and glorious musical career. Especially impressive are the expressive vocals of Jetson Black, whose classic delivery and free-wheeling style is beyond first rate. One really feels a strong connection to Jetson’s quirky yet passionate singing style and ironic lyrics. Bassist Yuki Tong and organist Kim Drakeley weave their magic throughout the recordings while Jetson’s brother, drummer Skyler Black, brings s it all home with a skilled precision. Those who flick on the Hypno Switch are sure to encounter a lasting favorite. It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for The Black Rabbits. Expect interest to multiply tenfold for these rock and roll bunnies, especially with a debut this impressive and likeable. Hippity, hoppity, the Black Rabbits are on their way to the top!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

The Black Rabbits Official Homepage

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  1. evet 8 years ago

    I listened. I couldn’t agree more…WOW real music…

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