I Am Alpha And Omega

The Roar And The Whisper by I Am Alpha And Omega (Come & Live! Records)

The Jersey Boys who complete I Am Alpha And Omega place a good deal of passion and conviction into their music, with the final results being The Roar And The Whisper. A stunning testament to faith and determination, their debut full length is bound to win them a good deal of recognition in and outside of both the hardcore and Christian rock arenas. Featuring the brutal intensity of metalcore with wondrous melodic interludes mixed in, The Roar And The Whisper is a perfect amalgamation of thought and sound that will leave its listener reeling. Produced by Dave Swanson, once a member of A Life Once Lost and now in The Frozen Ocean, The Roar And The Whisper is a wildly impressive introduction to a band well on their way to even bigger glories.

The road to the making of this album has not been an easy one to travel, and that is perhaps why there is so much depth to be found within the material. While the music is heavy and in your face, there are moments of reflection that sends the entire collection of songs soaring.

Opening with a brief call to arms entitled The Breath Of Self Expectancy, the album swings into overdrive with The Lost And The Captor featuring spiraling guitars and remarkably impassioned vocals.

My Greatest Need is driving and compelling, showing that the band possesses a fine knack for creating a highly memorable song. “I know the times are changing,” screams the title cut, impressive in scope and leaving one with plenty to contemplate.

Irreversible is a track of anthem-like proportions, perfectly combining the screamed and clean vocals with a sheer, magnetic force. And then Deceiver comes at you like a sledgehammer to the face. The Rescue follows with its relatively serene soundscape, an instrumental that shows quite a diversity to the bands overall presentation. Then The Bride comes into play, raging on with its powerful lyrical content.

Wolves is another example of just how effective the combination of hard rock and screamed vocals is on this effort – with IAAAO at their most interesting and resourceful musically. Even more creative and thrilling artistry is found within the haunting strains of Beaten, Betrayed, Denied. Then it’s time for yet another grand slam with A Whistle Falls followed by the staggering yet graceful conclusion – a song of faith and devotion entitled Chasing.

An ambitious work that pays off tenfold, The Roar And The Whisper by I Am Alpha And Omega is an enlightening experience that all musical types are sure to enjoy. The IAAAO lineup consists of Donny Hardy on vocals, Peach Hardy on drums, Ilya Fish on guitar, and Scott Soffer on bass.  A gripping, entirely heartfelt work destined to leave a lasting impression – it will be exciting to see what where this band is at a year from now…

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. daniel 8 years ago

    this was a great review… love this record, you hit the nail on the head. very diverse for todays music scene

  2. jeff 8 years ago

    I love this band saw them at revelation generation, they are really good on stage like a energy, front guy is so good they all are having been listening to the album non stop, they are in for big things


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