Ice Nine Kills

iceninepredator1The Predator Becomes the Prey by Ice Nine Kills (Outerloop Records/Fearless Records)

It has been four years since a full-length album has been released from hardcore punk veterans Ice Nine Kills; now in the first month of 2014 they are back with a new album by the name of The Predator Becomes the Prey. With many lineup changes over the years this might be their most solid album yet.

Right out of the gate The Power of Belief starts with a ripping guitar riff from guitar player Justin deBlieck. The very fact paced song mixed with a very ear pleasing melody by vocalist Spencer Charnas is a perfect mix of singing and screaming that will get everyone to sing along too. Often times in this music genre in particular the lack of lead guitar is too apparent. With Ice Nine Kills however, lead guitar is extremely vibrant in every song. Filling in the backbone of the band with drums is Conor Sullivan and on bass Justin Morrow.

With fast paced metal riffs and breakdowns shown especially in the song Lets Bury The Hatchet In Your Head, and going back to their punk rock roots with My Life in Two, this album is a great example of having diversity in the scene. Also a special treat in track 8, What I Never Learned In Study Hall, is very well known vocalist Tyler Carter of Issues. All around, this album is going to define what the future of Ice Nine Kills is, and from the looks of it, it’s nothing but good!

(Review by Edward Brandon)

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