Across our borders from the Canadian wonderland comes the mighty Icewind, presenting a euphoric brand of power metal in the grand tradition of Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, and Kamelot. Presented courtesy of the up-and-coming Metalodic Records label, Again Came The Storm is a fantastic musical adventure for all those who like their metal jammed packed with passion and imagination.

The disc opens with the stunning Signs Of Temptation and what follows is a glorious power metal journey. Blood Stained History is especially impressive and dramatic, luring the listener into a land of intrigue. My Glorious Burden is another highlight of anthem-like proportions that should be a gigantic hit with a live audience.

My Own Tragedy is fast and furious, with the percussive underscore, sweeping keyboard interludes, and powerhouse vocals sending the song into flight. The Last March is heroic and epic in scope, recalling the victorious reveries that have made Hammerfall so famous.

The Happening is haunting and explosive, and will make you want to shake your fist triumphantly in the air. And then it’s time for all-out headbanging when the strains of Hymn For A Brighter Dawn reverberate through your speakers.

With As Fool We Dance, Icewind is absolutely on fire, shredding it up with a thrilling vengeance. Oh Winter Morning is dramatic and mystical. The absolute best is saved for finale, with the title track closing the album on a wondrously magical note.  As Again Came The Storm fades into its final moments, one will feel as though they are ready to take on the world.

Again Came The Storm by Icewind is an exhilarating experience that all metal connoisseurs will surely treasure. There is plenty of talent and creativity to be found within the Icewind membership, which includes the magnificent work of Gab Langelier on vocals, Jay Ménard and Vinni Poliquin on dueling guitars, Phil Michon on bass, and Alex Dubé on drums. Here’s hoping Icewind may bring their valiant refrains to the States for some live shows. In the meantime, be sure to check into Again Came The Storm and prepare to be dazzled by the majestic sounds of the icy north.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. Vinni 8 years ago

    Hi Ken !
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful review of ACTS. I’m glad you enjoyed listening to our album so much !!

    One thing though, the bassist on the album was Dryss Boulmedais.

    thanks again

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