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dyinggiants1In Dying Arms, Kingdom Of Giants, Reformers, Amnesty, My Original Sin, Cobalt Café, July 21, 2013

In Dying Arms was finally making their Los Angeles County debut at the Cobalt Café, a few months after van problems aborted their previously scheduled attempt. Now within the wilds of Canoga Park, the band was ready to level the San Fernando Valley venue with their highly combustible brand of melodic deathcore. Also on the tour were local favorites Kingdom Of Giants and Reformers from the Bay Area. Several promising local acts were also on the show, including Amnesty and My Original Sin. We were not able to catch An Ocean Wide’s set, but judging by their previous show opening up for The Word Alive at Rock City Studios in Simi Valley, they are a band on the rise that are well worth seeking out. Here are the events that occurred at the Cobalt, brought to you by the folks at Twohearts Concerts

My Original Sin

myorginalcc1My Original Sin has improved quite a bit since the first time Highwire Daze reviewed them a few months ago. Although they are still not ready to be signed, you could definitely tell the band is taking their music quite seriously. In addition, they are certainly gaining a good deal of attention, drawing quite a crowd of young fans at the Cobalt Café on an early Sunday night. Opening with the ominous Entrance, My Original Sin jammed packed the stage with a grand total of 7 members.

The dual vocal presentation of Angel Cervantes and Noah Martyrstien was a good deal of fun to watch, as the duo poured every last amount of energy and emotions into the screaming and clean vocals. Danny Guzman and Joseph Pineda spewed out a chilling wall of guitar atmospherics while bassist Nick Mendoza and drummer Edwin Villalobos worked well together as the rhythm section. Underscoring everything with a creative flair was keyboardist Matt Reyes, cadaverous blackened eyes and all. These guys were definitely worth a second look, and Highwire Daze plans to attend another My Original Sin concert in the near future.  Although they are a young collective, My Original Sin has the ambition and drive (as well as the attentive fans) to go the distance.


amnestycc1Another local band taking over the stage at the Cobalt Café just prior to the touring acts was Amnesty. Formerly known as End Of Truth, the Los Angeles based collective changed their moniker and their sound has become quite a bit heavier in the process. On the deathcore side of the spectrum, Amnesty is one of the most exciting new bands on the local music scene. If you include their time as End Of Truth, they’ve opened for a good number of national touring acts. Now in support of In Dying Arms, Amnesty exploded onto the stage with the foreboding Life Taker and received a rousing reaction from the crowd.

Jonathan Arevalo is a dynamic front man, conveying the lyrics with a stunning sense of conviction. Ric Argueta unleashed striking and vibrant guitar interludes while bassist Randy Rios and drummer Nick Moreno set the room into overdrive on drums. Other songs in their way short set included Day In Suffering and Agony. Definitely a new and promising commencement for Amnesty – a band we’ll surely be hearing a lot more from as time goes by.   One of the most exciting new bands on the horizon today, be sure to stay tuned to what Amnesty has in store for the City Of Angels next!


reformerscc1The touring acts were next to take the stage, and the Cobalt pretty much filled up when Reformers brought their exhilarating brand of spiritual based metalcore spiraling into the room. Their self-released debut album For King And Kingdom is definitely garnering the band a good deal of notice, and in a live arena, Reformers deliver the goods with an stirring sense of passion. Especially noteworthy is the intensive performance of front man Andrew Backlin, unleashing the Christian inspired lyrics with a mesmerizing amount of conviction. Backlin’s testimony towards the end of their set was tremendously moving as he discussed his relationship with Christ.

The musicianship is tight as hell within Reformers, with credits going to Zac Monte on guitar, Charley Kern on guitar, Jonny Reeves on bass, and Max Monte on drums and vocals. A date with destiny when it comes to signing with a label is surely in order, as Reformers is in league with such notable acts as For Today and Comeback Kid. A little bird told me they may just be signed already, so stay tuned for that announcement soon. In the meantime, be sure to check into what Reformers has to offer and catch up with this inspirational new band!

Kingdom Of Giants

kogcc1With members scattered all over the State of California, Kingdom Of Giants has made their way across the country a few times, spreading their thrilling brand of metal and hardcore. Now on tour with In Dying Arms in support of their just released full length Every Wave Of Sound, Kingdom Of Giants reigned the entire time they were on the stage, unleashing a staggering set of amped up intensity. The combustible assault force known as Kingdom Of Giant includes Dana Willax on vocals, Stephen Martin on guitar, Max Bremer on guitar, Levi Norris on bass, and Matt Mavroudis in drums.

With a rather surprising status of being unsigned, Kingdom Of Giants still manage to tour and have amassed a solid fans base due along the way. Highlights of the set included Delusionist and Guns And Girls. Another topnotch band with a glorious future ahead of them, be sure to catch Kingdom Of Giants when they bring their towering set back to the Southland.  With shows as hard hitting as what was witnessed at the Cobalt, it won’t be long until these giants are ruling at the bigger venues.  A knockout set to be sure with plenty of crowd participation!

In Dying Arms

idaorioncc1Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, In Dying Arms were wholeheartedly embraced way on the other side of the country by their fans at the Cobalt Café. The band was a pick hit within the pages of the esteemed LA Weekly, a newspaper not normally impressed by anything remotely metal or deathcore. It was getting late in the evening, but you would have sworn the concert had just begun, judging by the sheer enthusiasm and rabid mosh pit action being exerted by the audience. In Dying Arms presented a tremendously solid performance, clearly cementing the fact that they are one of the most scandalously underrated bands in the extreme metal arena today. Their latest album Boundaries was released September of last year through Artery Recordings, and In Dying Arms has pretty much been on the road ever since. Their live set is absolutely riveting, with the band unleashing a sonic fury that nearly blew the roof off the Cobalt.

Charismatic front man Orion Stephens can scream and growl and sing clean vocals – a rare triple threat performer who delivers the potent lyrics with a gripping magnetism. Jeremy Magee and John Myers shred their hearts out on guitar, presenting a dazzling wall of impenetrable sound that is wondrous to behold. And the rhythm section with pummel you into oblivion, featuring the ferocious performances of bassist Terence Bright and drummer Alvin Richardson. Songs such as Core Of My Existence, May I Have This Dance, Murder I Wrote, and Bathed In Salt are genre classics in the making, and were received with a grand amount of breathless anticipation by the Cobalt attendees. At the late hour, everyone usually wants to pack it up and go home – but not this crowd. They demanded an encore from In Dying Arms and were treated to a rousing rendition of The Weight Of Regret. An incredible show where band and audience became one mass of organized chaos – brought together by the sheer power of music! Another unforgettable night of metal and mayhem at the Cobalt Café!

(Review by Kenneth Morton – Photos by Edward Brandon)

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