An Early Ending

Igniter by An Early Ending (CI/Decadent Suite Records)

CI Records possesses a solid reputation for discovering some pretty compelling talent in their early stages of their careers. August Burns Red and Texas In July released their first recordings on the label. Albert React’s final magnum opus Sonos Aeterno was on CI as well, a magnificent piece of artistry that was vastly underrated. A recent signing was An Early Ending from Harrisburg, PA, a collective who compares exceedingly well to all of CI’s past endeavors. Igniter by An Early Ending is a collaborative effort released by both CI and Decadent Suite Records, and it’s well worth checking into.

Igniter is the second chapter to the An Early Ending story. Nearly living up to their band name with a catastrophic van accident while on tour a few years ago, An Early Ending’s return is nothing short of a triumph. They say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and one could clearly feel the strength and passion within each of the compositions contained within.

The disc commences with an ominous Intro that serves as fuel to the fire that is about to detonate.  The explosive title track Igniter follows, an absolute standout with its thrashing beginning meshing into a rock anthem-like chorus that will remain embedded in your head for ages. One notices right away the meshing of the hardcore and hard rock genres and how effortlessly An Early Ending presents this remarkable fusion of sound.

I Won’t Illuminate This features soaring guitars and highly impassioned vocals that send the material soaring. Dead Eyes is a head banging wonder, where An Early Ending put the pedal to the metal with spectacular results.

Only Way rocks it out like a Taking Back Sunday or Framing Hanley tune, presenting a wonderful diversity while maintaining their own sense of identity and purpose. Breath slams the listener back into supersonic gear with its fiery refrains while Powerless Monster is a heavy assault that manages to maintain a cool sense of melody and intensity.

Igniter concludes on a brilliantly ambitious note with the powerhouse sounds of Home (The End). The last moments are hypnotic and dreamlike, while exuding a feeling of urgency even within the quieter moments of the piece.

The musicianship found within An Early Ending is first rate, courtesy of Alex Runk on vocals, Greg Hildebrand on guitar, Brandon Vartenisian on guitar, Michael Tarrant on bass, and Logan Summey on drums. Igniter is a heartfelt effort by a band destined to break it out in a big and glorious way. Highly recommended!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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