Majesty and Decay by Immolation (Nuclear Blast Records)

Immolation from Yonkers, New York first surfaced in May of 1986, and throughout the years has become one of the most respected bands on the US death metal scene. Time has not softened these guys up in the least, as their eighth full-length effort Majesty and Decay is one of the most relentlessly brutal recordings of 2010. Showing the band’s flair for the guttural and the progressive, Immolation continues to challenge extreme music conventions, unleashing a 12-song massacre sure to send the faint hearted into cardiac arrest. It’s been three years since their last magnum opus Shadows In The Light, and may it be shouted from the depths of hell itself that Majesty and Decay was well worth the wait!

After a brief Intro, Immolation assault the listener right in the face with the diabolical strains of The Plague, and the onslaught of death metal excellence does not let up. Founding member Ross Dolan delivers the lyrics with the most oppressive of growls and supplies a bass sound that will reverberate throughout your system. The guitars are down and dirty, creating a foreboding atmosphere of catastrophic rage – brought to you by long time axe man Robert Vigna and ex-Angel Corpse conspirator Bill Taylor. Driving it all home to the end of the world is Steve Shalaty on drums, who is also part of the Odious Sanction collective.

Memorable tracks destined to be Immolation classics include In Human Form, A Token Of Malice, and The Comfort Of Cowards. A stunning work to be sure, Majesty and Decay is a triumph for all involved. Be sure to catch Immolation live when they show up to destroy all weakness and light in your hometown. In the meantime, snag a copy of Majesty and Decay and crank it up to an eleven – and beyond! A distinguished album to add to an already impressive legacy!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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