Immortal, Lightning Swords of Death

The Avalon
April 3rd, 2010

It was time for some Pure Norwegian Black Metal to be witnessed within the City Of Angels, and this would be the type of show that monumental legends are made of. The final night of their four-date tour here in the States, and Immortal had the Avalon packed to the rafters with metal heads breathlessly awaiting their arrival. One of the most respected bands in their genre, Immortal were in town to perform songs from their recent disc of icy reveries entitled All Shall Fall as well as many of their other blackened hymns of the past.

First up however was Los Angeles’ own Lightning Swords of Death, who delivered an absolutely devastating set to the already packed house. Barely off the road from their tour with legendary thrash metal band Kreator, what better homecoming could a band ask for than a slot opening for the mighty Immortal? Down tuned and intensive, Lightning Swords of Death easily won over a good number of fans with their solid set of diabolical madness. Through the dense fog and sonic musical interludes, one could envision this band becoming the very elite of our local metal scene. Even in the anticipation of an Immortal set, Lightning Swords Of Death delivered an astounding performance. Be sure to check out their upcoming album The Dimensional Wound, coming out in May on Metal Blade Records!

The dynamic trio for Norway took the stage shortly thereafter, and the Avalon exploded as Immortal launched headfirst into the title cut from their current All Shall Fall magnum opus. The pit embroiled into a frenzy, greeting Immortal with a massive amount of appreciation. It is rare to have a band of Immortal’s stature perform here in the States, and everyone in the building knew they were witnessing something quite extraordinary. The second track from All Fail Fall, The Rise Of Darkness, was delivered onto the metal masses next – and judging by those chanting along, it was clearly obvious many in the crowd already owned Immortal’s latest offering.

Much to the surprise of many, two Immortal classics were played early on in the set – the grand and glorious Tyrants and the epic Sons Of Northern Darkness. Another interesting surprise was that fan favorite Damned In Black was not performed – even though many an audience member were calling out for it throughout the entire evening. There were more than enough songs to go around however, and the trio kept the spirited anthems flowing throughout the entire show.

Amongst the frozen gems to be found in the set were Grim And Frostbitten Kingdoms, Hordes To War, Withstand The Fall Of Time, and a staggering Pure Holocaust Medley.

Abbath, on bass and vocals, is a magnificent performer in the grand tradition of just about any heavy metal legend you could think of. Whether bantering with the crowd, playing killer guitar leads, or ferociously growling the lyrics, Abbath absolutely commands your attention.

Apollyon supplies an intensive low end of the bass, reverberating throughout the cavernous Avalon showroom. Horgh possesses skill and technique on the drum kit, and will actually be back in a few weeks when Hypocrisy shows up to terrorize the town.

The evening ended with the thunderous strains of Battles in the North and Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark) – a one-two punch that left everyone in the crowd wanting to hear a whole lot more. “We are Immortal and we will return!” declared Abbath at the end of the set – a promise that each and every person in the room will be very much looking forward to. Many at the Avalon remained after the set was long over, still taking in the remnants of a truly unforgettable show!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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Photo courtesy of Dirt Junior Dot Com


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