The Epic Masterworks of Imperious

Composer Richard Wagner lived in Bayreuth during the later part of his life – a celebrated town in Bavaria, Germany where the epic black metal band Imperious also resides in these modern days. Unleashing their own profound magnum opuses, Imperious present the mighty Varus, a staggering concept album that is supremely vast and ambitious (now available from Heretic Visions / Twilight Distribution).  Following is an exploration through the masterworks of the mighty Imperious. Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Imperious, and how long the band has been together.
Ave! My name is Sertorius, I’m vocalist and bass player in Imperious and also the main songwriter. The band exists now since 2 years.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local metal scene like there? Any local bands you could recommend?
We are from Bayreuth, a town in Upper Franconia. Our local metal scene has decreased in the last years, there are only a few serious bands beside IMPERIOUS left. I would recommend VERMIN, a very groovy death metal band and good friends of us.

Is there any story or concept behind the Varus title?
Of course. The whole album is a concept album about the historical person Publius Quinctilius Varus, his relation to Arminius and his famous defeat in the Battle Of The Teutoburg Forest.

What is a live Imperious show like for those who have yet to see you play?
Epic black metal made by musicians with true passion and devotion, who live for the music they want to share with every single person in front of the stage. Nothing more, nothing less.

Have you ever played in the States or plan to do so in the future?
No, we haven’t played there yet. But it would be very honorable for us if someone would give us the opportunity to enter the stage there,

Are you or any of the members involved with any other bands outside of Imperious?
Our guitar player is also involved in a thrash metal band called ALETHEIA.

Germany is most famous for their BEER! What is your favorite German beer and why? And do you like any American beers at all?
Franconia is some kind of a beer eldorado. We have a lot of native, small breweries here. I personally like beer from our local breweries most, dark lager or „Zwick’l“ (a special local style of brewing). For me American beer is too „thin“ in taste.

What has the reaction to Varus been so far?
Because of the complexity of this album, the reactions were very different. I think you have the time to listen very aware to the music and the lyrics, if you want to understand the whole idea behind the concept of IMPERIOUS. Some are able to do this, some are not.

Have you been written any songs or themes for a new Imperious release?
Yes, we already have musical material for a new album and it will deal with Homer’s Odyssey.

Do you have any messages for metal fans here in the States?
Thanks for reading this interview and your interest in IMPERIOUS. We would love to share our music with you guys within a live show. Just let us know. Pro Salute Omnium!

Imperious is:
Sertorius – Vocals, Bass
Illuaar – Lead Guitar
Kalmesh – Rhythm Guitar
Linchre – Drums

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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