IMPIETY announce release date for “The Impious Crusade” mini-album

impietyhh1Today, HELLS HEADBANGERS announces August 6th as the international release date for IMPIETY’s brand-new The Impious Crusade mini-album. The legendary Singaporean band’s first studio recording for HELLS HEADBANGERS, the focused ‘n’ fierce The Impious Crusade is locked into the maxim of crush/kill/destroy – and CRUSH/KILL/DESTROY they indeed do across the five tracks and 22 minutes here. Including a cult cover of Sorcery’sLucifer’s Legions” and uniquely noble artwork sculpted by Lord Sickness, The Impious Crusade is the perfect IMPIETY statement: flawless execution, black/death barbarity and insanity, a veritable thermonuclear warhead aimed at the gates of heaven. Tracklisting and cover are as follows:

Full tracklisting for IMPIETY’s The Impious Crusade
1) Arrival of the Assassins
2) Commanding Death & Destroy
3) Accelerate the Annhiliation
4) The Impious Crusade
5) Lucifer’s Legions (Sorcery Cover)

Enthuses founding frontman Shyaithan, “Mission accomplished, and honestly really satisfied with how this record turned out! The Impious Crusade is a giant leap ahead from the last IMPIETY album, and to top this one is going to be severely difficult. But that is what I enjoy most, and shall continue to further challenge myself pushing wider, deeper, and even further beyond boundaries of untamed death and chaos.” A release date for the HELLS HEADBANGERS vinyl edition of IMPIETY’s Vengeance Hell Immemorial compilation shall be announced shortly.

More IMPIETY info:

“When you need metal, go to hell!”


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