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Photo Copyright: Gerald Fill - Lucky Stars Media (Las Vegas, NV)

One of the most exciting DIY bands on the metal arena today, DreamScar present a stunning brand of music that could serve as a soundtrack for the upcoming apocalypse.   Based of the wildly varied Las Vegas music scene, DreamScar has recently unleashed their third magnum opus entitled What Will Become Of Us.  A thrilling collection of tunes to be sure, including a visitation by the mighty Zombie Whore, which was recently made into a video.  Here is an interview we conducted with founding member and vocalist Patrick Crisci to find out more about this Sin City collective.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in DreamScar, and how long the band has been together.
My name is Patrick and I am the singer and one of the main song writers in DreamScar. DreamScar has been together since July of 2005.

What is the current state of the Las Vegas music scene and how does DreamScar fit into the scheme of things?
The Las Vegas music scene is always changing and right now it’s pretty grim for all age venues. The only decent all age venue to play at, is the venue called The Sanctuary. As far as talent goes……… a lot of the bands are generic and need to practice, not only finding their own sound but just playing as a band and working on their musical skill in general. I’m not trying to talk bad about the Vegas music scene but I’ve been in it since I was 12 and it gradually keeps going down hill, I’d like to see that change.

DreamScar has always had it’s own crowd in Vegas and no one really knows where to label us. Besides saying we have our own sound and are a heavy band. A lot of local musicians respect us, whether they like our music or not. Because we are one of the only band’s in Vegas that has been in the scene for the last 7 years, released 3 full length albums, music videos, and played a ton of shows all by ourselves. Not even some national acts last that long or accomplish that.

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title What Will Become Of Us?
What Will Become OF Us, can be taken in different ways. As in what will become of us as a band? What will become of us as humanity? We just keep it open universal, so anyone can have their own take on it.

Select two songs from What Will Become Of Us and what inspired the lyrical content?
We just released a new music video for our song, “Zombie Whore“.  It’s a metaphor I came up with about someone who loves to suck the energy out of you and just bring you down. Yet at the same time is as clueless and brain dead as a zombie, about doing so. Their only goal is to satisfy their hunger and need to drag you down and you’re basically fed up and done with them.

Another song is called, “See Your Fear“.  It’s a positive song about conquering your enemies and naysayers and achieving your goals and dreams.

A lot of the songs I write are relationship songs or just life events, but I leave them open so people can relate to them in their own ways.

How does the music on What Will Become Of Us compare to the previous DreamScar releases?
This is our 3rd full length album as DreamScar and also our first album with myself as the only vocalist in the band. The music is also a bit different. The last two CD’s had dual female and male vocals and about 90% of the music was written by myself. But since the addition of our awesome guitarist and good friend Cody Barnett. The new album had a good 50/50 balance as far as song writing goes musically and we tried to find another female vocalist, but at the end of the day it was more of a pain in the ass to keep that going. So we decided to just try things a little differently and just stick to me as the only vocalist of the band. Our old female vocalist Danielle Schrudder, is featured on one of the fan favorite tracks titled,” Not listening Anymore” It’s also the first song Cody and I wrote together, when we started jamming again. Danielle also is back up vocals on the title track song “What Will Become of Us”.

What was it like performing at Extreme Thing, and how many times have you played the festival?
Extreme Thing is always a lot of fun to play! The crowd always goes crazy and throws down when we’re on stage! I’m pretty sure we were the first local band to have a wall of death at the local stage in 2009 and every year since, you see every local band doing a wall of death now lol. We have played 3 times 2009,2011, and 2012. We’re hoping to play a main stage in 2013 but we shall have to wait see what the future holds for us!

Tell me about your recording studio and how has being in a band helped or maybe hindered when recording other bands?
My recording studio is called Harsh World Studios, I record bands out of my bedroom and I have recorded probably close to 50 different bands in the last 3 years! You can hear samples of my work at
I would say it hasn’t hindered me at all. Some of the bands I recorded have been younger 18 year old kids and my band was either one of there first metal shows or their first metal show, when they were 12 years old. So some of the kids are really stoked to work with me when they do! I always tell kids it’s not about where you record, it’s about who you record with. You can go to a million dollar studio but if the engineer sucks, so will your recording! Don’t be fooled by a really nice room and environment. It’s about your gear, talent, and the talent of the engineer recording you.

Who did the cover art for What Will Become Of Us and how much input did you have on it?
I actually create all of the art in DreamScar. I’m a very self motivated individual and always try expanding my knowledge and skill level with things I enjoy. The soldiers in the art are actually me dressed up in costumes, I made for one of our future music videos we’re shooting soon [;)]

How long did it take to shoot the video for Zombie Whore and how easy or difficult was it to direct a video that you were appearing in?
Since my first music video “My Sanity” I have a learned a lot about film and editing. I basically had the shots in my head – told my friends what I was looking to capture. I would get a test shot and okay it with them and we’d continue from there.

Zombie Whore was a one day shoot scheduled for a 8- 9 hour day. The day started out rough and we were running 3 hours late. I didn’t get every shot I wanted and we didn’t have as many extras , as I hoped for but once things started we managed to still get enough good footage, to make a good video.

Has DreamScar ever played in the Los Angeles area or plan to do so in future days?
DreamScar has only played a few out of state shows in Arizona. We would love to tour but we don’t have the transportation to do so.  When that changes, we’ll be playing everywhere we possibly can!

With so many local bands coming and going in Vegas, what do you think has kept DreamScar such a thriving, creative entity since 2005?
Dedication, determination, and true love for making music and doing what we love to do!

Any final words of wisdom?
If you’re a new musician starting a band and want it as a career, make sure you treat it like one. A band is a long term investment and there is never a guarantee you’ll become some huge “RockStar” Just have a good time, find the right musicians who you vibe with, and do your best!

Also fans I’m not against downloading music and stuff but if you truly like an album, support the artist you like! Buy music, buy shirts, buy anything that helps your favorite bands, because without a fans support, it’s extremely hard to keep things going with no source of income to make new merch, create new albums, have money to tour ect!

Too many people are used to just getting music for free! When it take those bands/artist months and a lot of money and time to create your favorite songs! So please keep the music scene a live and show support to those who you like! Because without you those bands have nothing and then become nothing.

DreamScar is:
Patrick Crisci – Vocals
Harvey Thibault – Guitar
Cody Barnett – Guitar
Marissa Rusch – Keys / Synth
Justin Williams – Bass Guitar
Trent Gouveia – Drums

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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What Will Become Of Us by DreamScar (Self-released)

When so many bands of today copying whatever the current trend may be, it is beyond exciting to encounter a visionary collective like DreamScar taking on the music industry on their own terms. Based out of the thriving Las Vegas music scene, superficial comparisons to Slipknot and Marilyn Manson don’t even begin to do justice to the cinematic heaviness DreamScar has in store for the audience at large.  One finds the intensity of European metal acts such as In Flames and even Dimmu Borgir, and at other times there is a strong sense of melody that will surely remain within a listener’s head for ages to come.  What Will Become Of Us is DreamScar’s third full-length magnum opus, a dazzling collection of 11 songs showing a resourceful band at the very height of their creative prowess.

The metallic assault force begins with Pushed Away, where the vocalist Patrick Crisci screams in menacing tones lyrics such as “I’m so sick of everything, I wish I could change all of this” and “I’m at the edge of my nerves” before merging into the melodic clean vocal chorus that is sure to hook the listener in for even more DreamScar devastations ahead.  Falling Apart furthers the musical journey of coming completely unhinged with a relationship ended on disastrous terms. The spooky fun then slams into high gear horror rock when the mighty Zombie Whore is unleashed. This track would make for a scandalously terrific video.

DREAMSCAR 2012 Photo Copyright: Gerald Fill - Lucky Stars Media (Las Vegas, NV)

See Your Fear is intensive and dramatic with supreme musicianship and sonic dynamics throughout. Not Listening Anymore is a super effective metal duet where rage is the name of the game, featuring former DreamScar co-vocalist Danielle Schrudder leaving a lasting impression. The thrilling progressive strains of the Overture then collides into the sweeping force of the title cut What Will Become Of Us.

If You Were Real is haunting and ominous, with emotionally charged vocals, chilling keyboards, and pulsating drums rendering this one a standout. Where She Belongs is harsh and cathartic, followed by the prevailing sense of urgency conveyed within the remarkable Open Your Eyes. What Will Become Of Us concludes with the striking Let Me Be, containing a compelling sonic spectacle and unease that is near mesmerizing. “You can’t bring me down or beat me to the ground” is the explosive reprieve, following by some grand guitar heroics that leave the listener reveling in a moment of personal triumph.

The artists involved within DreamScar weave their own magic and wonder throughout the proceedings, making for an exciting tapestry of sound. The musicianship is first rate and imaginative, consisting of the charismatic Patrick Crisci on vocals, Harvey Thibault on guitar, Cody Barnett on guitar, Marissa Rusch’s superb work on keys and synth, Justin Williams on bass, and Trent Gouveia on drums. The third time is the definite charm here, as DreamScar has discovered a thoroughly compelling dynamic that should gain the band notice well beyond the infamous City Of Sin. Moody, at times gravely solemn yet ultimately inspiring, What Will Become Of Us by DreamScar is an earthshaking reverie well worth checking into.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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Extreme Thing 2011 with Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, Conditions and more…

EXTREME THING 2011, Desert Breeze Park, Las Vegas, NV, March 26, 2011

One week before Extreme Thing – it is pouring rain in Los Angeles and checking out the extended weather forecast for Vegas on Yahoo predicted the same fate for the weekend of March 26th. Fortunately, these things do tend to change, and even though the event started off as a cold and windy affair, the sun did eventually shine through, making for a thoroughly pleasant experience at Desert Breeze Park – just on the outskirts of Las Vegas. The weather did indeed hold up, and the music fans were out in full force, ready to enjoy the four stages of bands and the many sporting events that were taking place all throughout the outdoor venue. Amongst the most talked about headliners were Hollywood Undead, Sum 41, P.O.D., Attack! Attack!, Asking Alexandria, and Black Veil Brides. There were also seven unsigned bands who won a chance to play on the XPOZLV stage, and that area was jammed packed with heads throughout the entire day. It is impossible to see all of the bands with the stages so spread out, but it definitely made for a challenge.  Here are the bands I was able to check out throughout the course of a sunny Las Vegas afternoon…


Headed over to the Atticus Black stage to check out Across The Sun – only to find the band setting up looked nothing like the upcoming progressive metal group on Metal Blade Records. Van problems have continued to plague Across The Sun on their current tour.  Called in at the very last minute as a replacement were Las Vegas hometown heroes Eyes Like Diamonds, who were literally asked to play the stage just hours before their 11:30 AM performance. It may have been early for rockers or anyone else attending a concert, but Eyes Like Diamonds certainly jolted the crowd awake with a solid set of tunes. The band announced from the stage that their debut album entitled Frequencies would be out on May 24th from Tragic Hero Records and previewed a few songs from it. Presenting a winning combination of melodic hardcore, screamo, and rock, tunage such as Satellite and Left For Dead left lasting impressions on the early arrivers. Most notable was charismatic singer Diego Perez, who performed with a strong sense of passion and conviction. The band was absolute tight even during the breakfast hour, with impressive contributions from Danielle Schrudder on keys and vocals. Mason Wright and Aaron Auffman on guitars, Tony Pell on bass, and Nik Johnson on drums. Expect Eyes Like Diamonds to be in a headlining slot on future editions of Extreme Thing.


Currently on tour with Hollywood Undead, Drive A from Los Angeles kicked off the Verizon Music Stage in a bold and glorious way. Playing melodic punk with the crust left in, the band presented a subversive, absolutely rowdy set of tunes that sent early slam pits into action. Opening with an infectious little ditty called Young C*nts from their forthcoming World In Shambles endeavor, Drive A unleashed a spirited collection of songs that were instantly memorable. Tunes such as Revolt and Time Bomb are instant punk rock classics for a whole new generation of kids who may not be familiar with the godfathers of the genre. Bruno Mascolo is a highly effective front man, delivering the ironic lyrics with a sense of fiendish glee. Jason Nott slammed in some tasty guitar licks while Taylor Knowles on bass and Cody Root on drums made up a driving rhythm section. With a live show as riveting and rebellious as the Drive A extravaganza, one can safely say that punk rock will never die! An inspiring set that surely won the band over countless new fans.


One of the big surprises of the day was Conditions, who were playing early on the Alternative Press stage. Hailing from the Richmond, VA music scene which includes the likes of Avail, Lamb Of God, and Gwar, one could surely add Conditions into the eclectic mix of bands from that area. There is a lot of heart and introspection to be found within the power pop compositions of Conditions. Imagine Jimmy Eat World mixed with Jawbox, and you are just beginning to envision the wondrous songs this talented collective delivers. Performing selections from their Fluorescent Youth CD on Good Fight Records, top cuts in the set included the dynamic opener The End Of Progression, the infectious Natural Competition, and the inspiring Better Life. These guys definitely have the songs and stage performance to be around long after the current musical trends cease to exist. With tunes this timeless and moving, it will be exciting to see what the future has in store for Conditions. A definite highlight of the Extreme Thing 2011 experience.


Someone really needs to consult the big wigs at Facedown and Solid State Records and tell them all about the frenetic storm of spiritual fury that known as Joshua Judges Ruth. Heavy as hell and ready to take no prisoners, the gents in Joshua Judges Ruth took the to XPOZ stage, sending the mosh pit into a ferocious sea of hardcore dancing. Songs such as Cast Your Verdict and Angry were cathartic and impassioned. Their latest single Heavy Hearted was also performed – a memorable selection that is sure to garner the Vegas band a good deal of attention and respect. These guys are ready to be signed and how! The musical jury of Joshua Judges Ruth consists of Aaron Kasarjian on vocals, Brett Hardin on guitar, Chris Maresh on bass, Danny Murphy on guitar, and Aaron Fletcher on drums.


After a wild and wonderful interview with Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria (to be published at Highwire Daze Online soon), it was time to venture all the way to the other of the park to see the last few songs of the I See Stars set. Currently on the Alternative Press tour, the band has certainly gained an ardent fan following since their time spent on the Warped Tour last year.  Their latest album The End Of The World Party (on Sumerian Records) is filled to the brim with rock anthems and the band certainly can deliver the goods in a live setting. Mixing hardcore, pop and even electronica, I See Stars comes up with a sound that is simply irresistible. Songs performed in their set included Wonderland, The Common Hours II, and The Big Bad Wolf. The little girls were definitely screaming along to the songs, which were still heavy enough for the guys in the crowd to enjoy as well. There’s something for just about everyone to appreciate when this massively talented collective from Warren, MI performs. Lead vocalist Devin Oliver definitely exudes a star quality and has really developed into a tremendous front man over the last few years. Making a perfect contrast on unclean vocals and synthesizer tinkering is Zach Johnson. Brent Allen and Jimmy Gregerson shred on their respective guitars while Jeff Valentine and Andrew Oliver make up an energetic rhythm section. Together, I See Stars is an unbeatable force headed straight into the stratosphere!


I cannot say that I was able to see every band on the local XPOZ stage, but I’m more than sure that DreamScar was pretty hard to beat performance wise. Starting off their set with a chilling yet progressive overture, one could instantly hear influences such as In Flames and Dark Tranquillity permeating throughout. Then the wildly charismatic front man Patrick Crisci took to the stage, and musical devastation ensued. Original and highly imaginative, fans of acts ranging from Static X, Marilyn Manson and all the way to the sheer extremities of Cradle Of Filth should revel in the dazzling soundscapes of the mighty DreamScar. Nothing short of mesmerizing, the songs presented are atmospheric and dramatic, slamming at your senses with maximum impact. Even sound problems at the onset couldn’t kill the brain shattering reveries this compelling Vegas based band had to offer. In an age where everyone seems to be copying whatever the latest musical fashion is, DreamScar dare to different, and have won over a good amount of fans in the process. In addition to the massively charismatic Patrick Crisci on lead vocals, the staggeringly brilliant DreamScar lineup consists of Harvey Thibault and Cody Barnett on dueling axes, Marissa Rusch on keys and synth, Justin Williams on bass, and Trent Gouveia on drums. The collective brings together a fierce amalgamation of Black Metal, gothic, nu-metal, punk and so much more to the dark celebration.   For DreamScar, it is a vision of excellence, darkness and intrigue. They have two excellent independently released CD’s well worth checking into – the self titled DreamScar and Stories Of The Beautiful And Violent.


Two interviews in a row, with Conditions and I See Stars, both of which will be published soon here at Highwire Daze Online. Then it was on to the Atticus Black stage.  Gathered was a sea of people awaiting the post hardcore mayhem of Asking Alexandria. Life Gone Wild is the name of their latest EP on Sumerian Records, and it pretty much describes the musical experience of seeing this UK based band live in action. Danny Worsnop has developed into a wildly effective front man, all over the stage, wrecking havoc and showing the audience a dangerously good time – and he can definitely belt out the vocals like there’s no tomorrow. Ben Bruce and Cameron Liddell match the intensity with a mighty wall of guitar devastation while bassist Sam Bettley and drummer James Cassells is the rhythm section guaranteed to annihilate all. Forthcoming is their Reckless And Relentless sophomore full lengther as well as a summer within the wilds of Warped Tour.


The last band we saw perform at this year’s Extreme Thing was the headlining local band Capture The Clouds, who played out the XPOZ stage. There were quite a crowd gathered around.  excited to see the big winners of the Battle Of The Fans competition, and Capture The Clouds certainly captured the attention of everyone present.  Although fairly new to the Vegas music scene, their impassioned brand of post hardcore and screamo is certainly making an impact throughout Sin City and beyond. There is a lot of promise to be found within such a diverse group of young musicians,.  With a set this solid and well received, these guys are destined for future glories well beyond their hometown. The Capture The Clouds lineup consists of Boo Alvarez on vocals, Andrew Caruso on vocals, Matty Jackson on guitar, Jacob Russell on guitar, Richie Rey on keys / synth, Dylan Lewis on bass, and Charlie Nickolson on drums.

Other bands making a lasting impact on this year’s Extreme Thing included the always inspiration POD, the mysterious Hollywood Undead, and the sonic reveries spewed forth by Attack! Attack! Another great year of music and man, it was packed to the rafters! Congrats to all involved in what was surely one of the biggest Extreme Thing celebrations yet! See you next year!

(Review and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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Extreme Thing 2011: Meet the XPOZ winners

Extreme Thing is back in Las Vegas on Saturday, March 26th, with this year’s lineup being one of the most dynamic yet.  Included on the various stages will be P.O.D., Sum 41, Hollywood Undead, Black Veil Brides, Chiodos, Suicide Silence, Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, Evergreen Terrace, Miss May I, Across The Sun, and many more!

The local Vegas music scene will be represented as well, thanks to an organization called XPOZ, who sponsors the annual Battle Of The Fans competition.  In this contest, Vegas bands compete for slots on the Extreme Thing  / XPOZ local stage.  For those not familiar with the XPOZ organization, they are a Las Vegas based movement whose fight is against the manipulation of the tobacco industry toward the hardcore music scene. Their fight is against the industry, not the smoker.  In addition to the Battle Of The Fans, XPOZ sponsors local shows in various Vegas all ages clubs throughout the year.

And now we meet the bands who will be performing on the XPOZ stage at Desert Breeze Park on March 26th…


Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in your band, and how long the band has been together.
Hello, its Quin I sing for Amarionette.  Our band has been together little over 3 years.

What do you think of the local Las Vegas music scene, and how does your band fit into the scheme of things?
I personally think our scene is a little over saturated with chug chug bands haha, but they’re growing into better bands so the scenes getting better.
Our band doesn’t really fit in Vegas, actually we love our city & after 3 years playing here people are finally getting into our more Rock oriented style… but we can’t wait to start touring. And I think our roll here is to just be those different ones, our name does mean “unattached”.

What was it like participating in the XPOZ contest?
haha it was so FUN but SO nerve wrecking, because we’ve done this contest I believe every year they’ve had it but 09′ and we didn’t do well at all! All of our friends got signed to Tragic Hero Records (Eyes Like Diamonds, This Romantic Tragedy) and we kinda got left here lol. But great this time around our night had a CRAZY crowd, huge pits, and sing-a-longs – it was great!

What could one expect from your live show at Extreme Thing 2011?
Well since we won, we promised our fans that extreme thing2011 would be our CD release party… And there will be a lot of surprises, and TONS of energy, we have a special intro…just expect a lot of fun and gang vocals! Haha

Where do you get the ideas for some of your songs? Pick two songs in particular and tell me what inspired the lyrics?
I write all the lyrics about my relationships and I’m a Christian so how my beliefs get me through the bad ones…or get me to the good ones.
Like a new title track called “Chapters
Its about how I ended up with the love of my life – my beautiful girlfriend Leigha, and some of the crap we had to hear from old friends who aren’t friends anymore.
Or the polar opposite a new song “Sick People Equal Sick Games” and obviously that’s more about, my Ex and all the things I didn’t really ever say to her out loud because of our situation always seeing each other. Kinda sucks but…great song! Lol

Who are some of the bands you’re looking forward to seeing the most at Extreme Thing 2011?
We all agree that we really want to see D.R.U.G.S., Chiodos, Versa Emerge, Evergreen Terrace…
You can just count on us being glued to the AP spring tour stage! Also Sum 41, and P.O.D. Influenced me growing up and I’m stoked to say I’m a part of a festival they’re playing; much respect. :)

An elderly relative plans on going to Extreme Thing 2011 to check your band out. How would you describe your music to this particular relative?
Like them kids from that lil Paramore band were always listening to but with more of those crunchy tiger sounding guitars. :p

What are the band’s plans after Extreme Thing 2011?
We have another Xpozlv show at the beginning of April, its themed so yeaah people have to dress up – it will be so much fun! Then we’ll be getting ready for summer possibly doing some touring at the end of spring with friends…can’t say who. But we will be touring in the summer.

Do you have any messages for your fans and for people reading this who will be checking out your band for the first time?
Yep just can’t wait to tour and get all of you.
Shout out to, CA, UT,AZ. We’ll be all up in you very soon! And be sure to look for our brand new EP called “Chapters“! And tell ur friends…also look for our Ernie Ball Warped Tour page and vote for us to play this year that be awesome! Lol

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Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in your band, and how long the band has been together.
My Name is Randy, i’m the Guitarist and Programmer to ayearfromyesterday, and the band has been together for roughly a year.

What do you think of the local Las Vegas music scene, and how does your band fit into the scheme of things?
Honestly, the local music scene here in Las Vegas is falling apart, and I believe we are the bandaid keeping things together, our vocalist Rob, and the Guitarist Tyler, along with our Drum Tech Nico, have started a foundation called Under the Scene, and they promote bands, and try to get the bands that are “under the scene” above and known, and we think of the music scene as a family so we all have to work together to achieve our goals we have to unite, not fight.

What was it like participating in the XPOZ contest?
It was quite amazing, having such a large and exciting group of fans to play with was amazing.  I had a lot of fun, and I hope to do it again whenever we have the chance.

What could one expect from your live show at Extreme Thing 2011?
I expect to meet new people, to get the band out there, to get us known more, spread the love and music throughout Vegas, and show people what we stand for

Where do you get the ideas for some of your songs? Pick two songs in particular and tell me what inspired the lyrics?
Well, rob writes most of the lyrics, but I’ve written 1 1/2 songs.  The song Mr. Fluff, was inspired by Las Vegas, and driving in and out before I moved to the city, it’s also mixed in with a little drama from my past life, you know, have to vent some how lol.   And I’ve also written some lyrics to our song For the Whorde, and it was about all the people saying we couldn’t do this, or we will never be anything, and it’s a powerful song

Who are some of the bands you’re looking forward to seeing the most at Extreme Thing 2011?
Destroy, Rebuild Until God Shows, Suicide Silence, Chiodos, well basically every band on the Atticus Stage.

An elderly relative plans on going to Extreme Thing 2011 to check your band out. How would you describe your music to this particular relative?
I would tell them that we are the new screamo music that you probably hate.

What are the band’s plans after Extreme Thing 2011?
We have 3 shows currently booked at the moment, April 7th with Jamie’s Elsewhere at The Sanctuary, May 1st w/ Memphis May fire, This Romantic Tragedy, Us From Outside and more, at a venue i forget the name of, and May 28th at Area 702 w/ Greater Than I, I think there all going to be really good shows.

Do you have any messages for your fans and for people reading this who will be checking out your band for the first time?
Support local scene, share the music, don’t hide it. support xpoz, the smoke free scene, it has done many great things for many bands here in the valley.


Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in your band, and how long the band has been together.
Boo Boo Alvarez: Lead Vox/Screams, Andrew Caruso: Lead Vox(Cln), Matt Jackson: Lead Guitar, Jake Ehler: Guitar/Back-up Screams, Richie Zapata: Keys/Synth/Programming, Dylan Lewis: Bass Guitar, Charlie Nickolson: Drums/Programming. ‘Capture The Clouds’ has been together technically, for 2 yrs., Seriously/productively, Roughly a year.

What do you think of the local Las Vegas music scene, and how does your band fit into the scheme of things?
We love this scene! It has its ups, and definitely its downs, and when it is up, it’s a magnificent thing especially when all genres of music collide together. All in all its an amazing thing and we personally think Capture tries to be a significant role in the scene. And we love it. We wouldn’t be in it if we didn’t.

What was it like participating in the XPOZ contest?
Eye opening! It was absolutely an amazing experience. Through the heartache of being nervous 24/7, excitement, and actually playing. We had twice as much fun as we did during the “Bike Rack battle”, and that’s hard to say. Because that competition was amazing itself.

What could one expect from your live show at Extreme Thing 2011?
Capture The Clouds has been passionate about its performance since day…..58. At first we didn’t think much of it. We didn’t have much of a performance. But for a good while, we have been as passionate about our live show, as much as we are about writing the music we perform to. One coming to a show we 138% be asked to: Jump Up/down, Bounce, Clap, sing, wave their arms, and maybe shoved a bit. We cooperate with the crowd as much as possible, how else will you keep them interested?

Where do you get the ideas for some of your songs? Pick two songs in particular and tell me what inspired the lyrics?
Everything you can think of. Life itself, Passionate relationships, positive experiences mainly. even if the majority of our lyrics and instruments in a song seem on the negative side, its not. We uphold very positive meanings in our music we know for a fact people can relate to.

Who are some of the bands you’re looking forward to seeing the most at Extreme Thing 2011?
To name a few: Miss May I, D.R.U.G.S., Sum 41, Senses Fail, Attack Attack, Asking Alexandria, Emmure, Versaemerge.

An elderly relative plans on going to Extreme Thing 2011 to check your band out. How would you describe your music to this particular relative?
Ideally: Be honest and tell them that we aim for a beautiful, ambient, instrumental sound mixed with hardcore screams, and hard hitting guitar.
Reality: Hard rock, screamo, post hardcore, experimental.

What are the band’s plans after Extreme Thing 2011?
After Extreme Thing 2011, Capture has plans to do some potentially big things, if the circumstances work out in our favor. We plan on recording our first official EP. Ordering all new merch to sell at future shows, and mainly, defining our sound as a whole band, being that we recently added to substantial members.

Do you have any messages for your fans and for people reading this who will be checking out your band for the first time?
Fans, we never thought we would make it as far as we have, we idolized bands playing Extreme Thing like they were celebrities. And now we are playing the very stage they have with YOUR help. We truly can’t express how serious we are when we say we appreciate all your dedication and faith in our band. A Huge thank you to all of you.
New viewers: As opposed to what we look like, are viewed as on a daily basis, we are genuine, kind human beings ;). Come up, say hi, hangout! We hope you like our tunes and if not, thats okay as well! Thanks to anyone who gives us a chance! Stay positive!


Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in your band, and how long the band has been together.
Patrick: My name is Patrick and I am the vocals for DreamScar
Marissa: My name is Marissa I play keyboards and synthesizer in DreamScar.
Trent: I’m Trent Gouveia, I’ve played Drums for DreamScar since October 2005. DreamScar formed in July of 2005
Cody: My name is Cody Barnett, I play lead guitar. I was in a older band with Pat and Marissa so I am new but the somewhat old guitar player for DreamScar.
Harvey: My name is Harvey Thibault, and I play Rhythm Guitar in DreamScar.
Justin: I’m Justin Williams and I’ve been playing bass guitar for DreamScar since August of 2008

What do you think of the local Las Vegas music scene, and how does your band fit into the scheme of things?
Patrick: I’ve been in the scene for 12 years. I’ve seen so many different bands and venues come and go.
The scene was stronger, when I was younger.  These days it’s a lot harder for bands to get noticed or even just play a show. I think that’s due to the fact, kids nowadays are growing up in a very underground local music scene. With the lack of venues, fair promoters, booking agents, etc.  It’s hard for bands to find shows and create a strong music scene. Not to mention, with all the entertainment of casinos and the strip in Vegas. The city doesn’t seem to show much support in trying to help make the music scene a better one.
Trent: The only productive thing going on in the Las Vegas local music scene is XPOZ. It just doesn’t get any better than that here. In my opinion, that’s unfortunate. I wish there were more opportunities for bands to get exposure like there used to be here. Kudos to XPOZ for doing such a good job helping to keep things alive around here. Without XPOZ there wouldn’t be much of anything here. You need more than just venues to keep a scene alive, you need a movement! Not just shows, but EVENTS for local music!
With the lack of venues amongst many other missing ingredients, there’s really not a catalyst for any action around here anymore.
I haven’t lost faith in Vegas, but we all know it needs improving.
Cody: The Las Vegas local scene is slowly making a brutal comeback which makes me happy.
Harvey: The local scene in Las Vegas has lost it’s “umph” in the last couple years.
I remember every weekend going to Jillians or the Roadhouse, seeing bands like Bydeathsdesign, Kid Deposit Triumph, or Escape the Fate; we don’t have anything like that anymore.
Justin: Well I’m still pretty new to Vegas so I can’t compare it to how it was before. But I think it’s at a low, but i feel it’s making a comeback.
DreamScar, along with all the other good local bands, is a part of bringing the scene back.

What was it like participating in the XPOZ contest?
Patrick: I’ve been a supporter of XPOZ from the beginning. I was even in the old training video that used to be on the XPOZ website! The contest is hard, you have to work your butt off promoting and doing whatever you can to get kids to vote. The first time XPOZ did this contest IN 2008 my band lost by 2 votes. So we tried again the next year and came in 6th place. After playing Extreme Thing 2009. We were not allowed to enter 2010 but we would be eligible for 2011. The rush of playing to a crowd that big is unexplainable, so we knew we had to play this year! Thanks to everyone who voted for us! We came in 2nd place and we think it’s awesome! We love the fact, that people enjoy what we do and want us to be rocking the stage! Thank you all from the bottom of DreamScar’s hearts! You are AMAZING!
Marissa: XPOZ is awesome. I love the cause and I have enjoyed being a genuine supporter of it from the beginning.
The contest is hard but it makes the contest experience worthwhile and even better because it gives a chance to do things, we wouldn’t normally be able to do.
Trent: It was very nerve racking! Participating in the XPOZ competition to play Extreme Thing is an honor that any local Vegas musician should be proud of.
There’s a lot of good bands that got involved and we all wanted the same thing… very nerve racking.
Cody: The XPOZ battle of the fans was hectic to say the least but an awesome experience!
Harvey: The XPOZ contest this year, I think has been the best it’s ever been. You had a lot of great bands that all respect each other, going head to head for spots to play in front of thousands of kids. It’s just an awesome opportunity for everyone, and an awesome experience for those of us who actually get to participate!
Justin: It’s hard work but a lot of fun haha

What could one expect from your live show at Extreme Thing 2011?
Patrick: At a show there is always a surprise, So you never know what to expect ;) But one thing you know for sure is you’ll be having a ton of fun!
Trent: We will be introducing a few songs off of our upcoming 3rd album, “What Will Become of Us” with our kickass new Lead Guitarist Cody Barnett.
Cody: A Pure energy explosion!
Harvey: Something a DreamScar show NEVER lacks – Intensity. When you go to a show and you see DreamScar, you will see us go out there and do what it takes to get the crowd into it. We’ve gone through injuries, technical difficulties, illness, and still do whatever it takes to give that kid in the audience their monies worth.
Justin: They’ll get their monies worth that’s for sure, and if they like to mosh and rock out they will have plenty of opportunity to do so.

Where do you get the ideas for some of your songs? Pick two songs in particular and tell me what inspired the lyrics?
Patrick: I get my ideas from anything and everything. I don’t like to tell stories that aren’t true to me.  I always write about something I can relate too and feel others can too. Most of my lyrics are straight to the point but some are metaphorical.
Our song “My Sanity” is about everyone thinking you’re insane, when in reality they are really the ones who are insane.
Another song called “Don’t Stop Breathing” is about not giving up on your hopes and dreams, even if it seems you’re on your last breath.
Cody: When I write music I look for goose bumps. If I don’t get them I start over.

Who are some of the bands you’re looking forward to seeing the most at Extreme Thing 2011?
Patrick: There’s a lot of bands playing this year, that I’d like to check out. Either because I like them or there is a ton of hype about them.
I mainly want to see more of the bands on the Atticus and Ap stage’s.
But the main thing I want to see at Extreme Thing 2011 is the crowd going nuts and having a good time, while my band DreamScar rocks the XPOZ STAGE!
Marissa: I’m excited for a lot of the bands playing, I’ll probably be watching and supporting the XPOZ/local stage majority of the time, but I mainly want to see how much of a crowd gathers into the event.
Trent: I’m excited to see P.O.D., Sum 41, Suicide Silence, Winds of Plague, Miss May I, and Evergreen Terrace.
Cody: POD they where one of the first bands I’ve Ever seen live.
Justin: I want to see Suicide Silence and P.O.D.

An elderly relative plans on going to Extreme Thing 2011 to check your band out. How would you describe your music to this particular relative?
Patrick: Very Epic Theatrical Hard Rock Movie Metal
Marissa: Loud, Hard, Epic and pretty much unlike anything you grew up listening too.
I’d also tell them to be extremely careful in the rambunctious crowd.
Trent: It’s the kind you loved listening to as a child, come on up front grandma you’ll love it! ;) no need for ear plugs during our set!!
Cody: I tell them to think of us as John Wayne. We stick out from everyone else.

What are the band’s plans after Extreme Thing 2011?
Patrick: I’m not sure. As far as I know, just hang out, celebrate a great day, eat, and relax.
Marissa: I want to watch the other bands, be in the company of my band, great friends and fans, and to enjoy the rest Extreme Thing in all it’s awesomeness.
After all, it only comes once a year!
Trent: We plan to keep things coming full force for our fans after Extreme Thing. We will be releasing a new Music Video and posting a Cd Release Show date for our upcoming 3rd album, “What Will Become of Us” WITHIN the next few months. DreamScar has absolutely no plans to slow things down after this year’s Extreme Thing.
Cody: I plan to hang with fans and friends alike.
Justin: Hanging out with fans, friends, and seeing bands. Just having a good time.

Do you have any messages for your fans and for people reading this who will be checking out your band for the first time?
Patrick: We hope you enjoy our set and please come say hi to us! We love meeting new people and talking to everyone possible!
The truth is we’re probably just as shy to say hi to you, as you are to come say hi to us.
So you should be the one to break the ice and come visit us at our merch booth!
Trent: DreamScar has been around for quite some time now, and we don’t plan on slowing down what-so-ever!! If you enjoy your time watching our set at Extreme Thing then keep your eye on us!!
Cody: Thanks for all the support and enjoy the show.


Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in your band, and how long the band has been together.
I’m Andrew and I do vocals, and write lyrics in the band. I’m Michael I play guitar in Greater Than I. Hey I’m Greg, I play Drums. I’m Richard and I play bass for Greater Than I. We’ve been together for around a year now.
Andrew:  We officially started practicing as a band in April of 2010. We played our first show in August of 2010 but with a different name (Drowning In An Elevator). We changed the name to Greater Than I in October of 2010.

What do you think of the local Las Vegas music scene, and how does your band fit into the scheme of things?
Andrew:  I think the local music scene is definitely improving. There are a bunch of good bands, and the fans seem to be getting involved more in the scene. I think we fit in because we want to make it with our music careers just as much as any band.
Michael:  The music scene is definitely getting much better and more people are starting to show up to shows which is amazing for the bands and the scene all together.
Greg:  I think its rebuilding, but slowly, um we fit in pretty well, we get along with a lot of other local bands.
Richard:  I think the Las Vegas music scene is getting a lot better, and I think that we fit in to the music scene perfectly, because we aren’t trying to have a cliche sound like a lot of bands, I believe we bring originality to the stage.

What was it like participating in the XPOZ contest?
Andrew:  It was very nerve racking, yet exciting at the same time. Like I said, there are a bunch of good bands in the local scene, so you kind of never know what the turn out will be. But it was a fun contest indeed, and I’m very excited that we made it.
Michael:  Participating In the XPOZ contest had me nervous, happy, and excited all at the same time. It was a very good experience and got closer to many other bands because of it. It was also fun and amazing.
Greg:  It was very competitive all you can really do is just promote & hope your fan base is getting it and spreading the word.
Richard:  It was one of the best, craziest things in my life. I loved it and I would gladly do it again.

What could one expect from your live show at Extreme Thing 2011?
Andrew:  Expect a bunch of kids doing their thing to the fullest of their ability. Expect brutal breakdowns, fun and catchy choruses, and technical synth parts.
Michael:  Expect something different definitely. Expect to have fun whether it’s being in the front jumping with your friends or getting down with your homies.
Greg:  Really fast pace we’re gonna be moving around a lot make sure the crowds having fun with us.
Richard:  Expect to see lots of energy on the stage and in the crowd. Expect the unexpected.

Where do you get the ideas for some of your songs? Pick two songs in particular and tell me what inspired the lyrics?
Andrew:  Life inspires the lyrics.
Revenge Of The Synth” (the song we usually play 3rd in our set) its a relationship song. Its kind of like saying you messed with me too many times and I’m not taking it anymore so leave me alone.
New Beginning” is more of a religious song. I’m a very strong believer in God. This song is about how I didn’t used to be a believer, and then my dad started taking me to church. Over time I became a strong believer in God and believing that Jesus Christ is my savior.
Greg:  We just go to shows see what makes people move listen to a wide variety of bands and build from that bands style or particular sound. “New Beginnings” just restarting new as a fresh person forgetting the past and just moving on. “Joziegrozie‘ That songs for a really good friend of ours.
Michael:  “Joziegrozie” Is a song that was made especially for one of our brothers. We know he likes to move when he is in the crowd so we dedicated this song for him. Lyrics wise, it’s a song about the people that have tried to bring us down or that didn’t believe in us which is why it’s a pretty heavy song.
Richard:  “JozieGrozie” was a song made for one our many brothers. We love to make people move so if people came to move then this is definitely the song to move for. Secretly this song is about all the people that didn’t believe in us.

Who are some of the bands you’re looking forward to seeing the most at Extreme Thing 2011?
Andrew:  There are a lot of bands that I look forward to seeing at this year’s Extreme Thing. I See Stars is my favorite band, so I’m really stoked for that. I’m also looking forward to Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack!, Chiodos,and Miss May I. I’m also excited on sharing the XPOZ stage with Amarionette, Joshua Judges Ruth, and our very good friends Capture The Clouds.
Michael:  Im looking forward to seeing Attack Attack!, Miss May I, Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, and of course have to support the Local stage: Amarionette, Capture The Clouds, and Jushua Judges Ruth.
Greg:  On the locals stage defiantly capture the clouds, Joshua Judges Ruth, & Amarionette. on the big stage Attack Attack! & Miss May I.
Richard:  I’m excited to see Attack Attack!, I See Stars, Asking Alexandria, and Miss May I. On the local stage I’m excited to see my boys in Capture the Clouds and Amarionette! Oh yeah and Joshua Judges Ruth.

An elderly relative plans on going to Extreme Thing 2011 to check your band out. How would you describe your music to this particular relative?
Andrew:  I’d tell them that we are a Screamo band and if they didn’t understand the term then I’d tell them heavy rock. I’d also say that we consist of poppy, catchy parts that everyone can sing along to.
Michael:  It’d be like the kind of music that will make your socks fly off your feet but still give you that soothing feeling when the chorus is playing.
Greg:  I would tell them simply its loud and brutal. Better see you in the pits
Richard:  I would tell them that we play the type of music with screams in it, but we still have poppy parts with singing in it.

What are the band’s plans after Extreme Thing 2011?
Andrew:  We plan on playing more shows to get our name out there. We also will be spending some time recording so we can have our music up on the internet to hear.
Michael:  Probably just try to get recognized and what Andrew said, get our name out there.
Greg:  Play a lot more shows, maybe tour, & some secret stuff I can’t reveal yet.
Richard:  I’d like to do a lot more recording to get our name and music out there. Maybe play an out of state show, and of course some huge local shows.

Do you have any messages for your fans and for people reading this who will be checking out your band for the first time?
Andrew:  Expect to be surprised. My assumption is that you guys think that we’re just a bunch of kids. That in fact is a true statement, but we take our music just as serious as the other bands that are amongst the ages of 18, 19, 20, 21, ect. Expect brutal breakdowns, catchy choruses, and technical synth parts. We hope that you guys enjoy it and at least give us a chance, that’s all we ask. And also to anyone that voted,thank you so much! It really means the world to us and we will play the show of our lives for you guys.
Michael:  I would like to say thanks to everyone that has been there to support us because without you guys we would honestly be nothing and to not don’t judge a book by it’s cover which can relate to a band. And to talk to us at anytime whether it’s at a show or on Facebook/Twitter we are very friendly people and are always up to make new friends.
Greg:  Please give us a chance we’re constantly tweaking up music getting better. We’re a young band still learning.
Richard:  To our fans, I LOVE you all. To all those who have never heard of us, expect to have your minds blown away, we may be young but we have so much to offer. Just give us a chance and check us out, you won’t be disappointed.


Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in your band, and how long the band has been together.
Well there is two of us, Sal the lead vocalist and Andrew the lead guitarist. We founded the band in 2009 after many previous musical endeavors, and until recently we haven’t a solid line-up. October 2010 marked the final line-up changes of Inherit the Sky, since then we have established a name for ourselves amongst the local scene.

What do you think of the local Las Vegas music scene, and how does your band fit into the scheme of things?
We think Las Vegas is in the beginning stages of what one would consider a music scene. With hardcore music dominating the all-ages venues, Inherit the Sky tends to stick out as something different. Although we have hardcore aspects in our music, we do our best to stick to our experimental roots.

What was it like participating in the XPOZ contest?
The XPOZ BOTF was a different experience for us. The aspect of competition was more stressful than what we are used to. That being said, we learned a lot about promoting and self management. Making it to the top 7 was quite a pleasant surprise to us, and we are thrilled that people are enjoying our music.

What could one expect from your live show at Extreme Thing 2011?
High energy. Crowd vocals. Intense (arm)pits. And a biscuit load of fun.

Where do you get the ideas for some of your songs?  Pick two songs in particular and tell me what inspired the lyrics?
This one’s all Sal.
Most of the songs are inspired by past experiences. I use music as a form of expression so whenever I’m feeling down I pop out the “notes” app on my phone and write whatever words come to mind first. Sometimes I get lucky and they make a wee bit of sense. The two songs that really have the strongest themes would have to be “Kris Kristofferson” and “I Have a Jetpack”. As cliché as it sounds.. they are both about a certain girl and how she’s affected me in the past couple of years. If you haven’t heard the songs, you should definitely go check them out!

Who are some of the bands you’re looking forward to seeing the most at Extreme Thing 2011?
Ooh, do we really only get to pick “Some”?
We’re pretty excited to get to see Sum41, Senses Fail, Conditions, Chiodos, and all of our buddies that we get to share the local stage with.

An elderly relative plans on going to Extreme Thing 2011 to check your band out.  How would you describe your music to this particular relative?
“Grandma, don’t worry! There will be plenty of mosh pits to %#@$ people up in!”

What are the band’s plans after Extreme Thing 2011?
After Extreme Thing 2011 we will be playing a show with our long-time idols PROTEST THE HERO. We’re pretty damn excited about that. Then we’re going to finish recording our full-length “Self-Titled” album in time for our summer west coast tour of California, Utah, and Arizona.

Do you have any messages for your fans and for people reading this who will be checking out your band for the first time?
We hope you enjoy the music!
And if you don’t… Then we hope we at least gave something good to talk $#&% about ;]


Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in your band, and how long the band has been together.
I’m Brett Hardin, I play guitar in Joshua Judges Ruth, and the band has been together since June of 2008.

What do you think of the local Las Vegas music scene, and how does your band fit into the scheme of things?
Although our music scene is decent, I wish it had the same passion and excitement that it used to have a few years ago. It seems like a lot of bands are trying to do the same thing over and over again, so Joshua Judges Ruth would fit into the scheme of things by trying to be different than many other bands here while still writing music that intrigues people.

What was it like participating in the XPOZ contest?
It has been very rewarding to participate in it this year, especially since we made to Extreme Thing this year. We competed in the Battle of the Fans for the past two years and didn’t make it until this year. It’s a great feeling to know that our fan base has grown tremendously with us and our progression as a band.

What could one expect from your live show at Extreme Thing 2011?
You can expect a lot of energy and an overall classic feel to what a show should really feel like. We like to ensure that the crowd is having as much fun as us while we’re on stage. You can always expect posi-jumps, pile ups, a whole mess of sweat.

Where do you get the ideas for some of your songs? Pick two songs in particular and tell me what inspired the lyrics?
We base our songs on real life and try to keep a positive attitude throughout anything we create. “Veritas” and our new song “Heavy Hearted” are both based on following your dreams and staying true to what you believe. “Veritas” leans more towards achieiving your dreams and doing what it takes while “Heavy Hearted” is more about overcoming the obstacles that will get in your way of achieving those dreams.

Who are some of the bands you’re looking forward to seeing the most at Extreme Thing 2011?
Definitely excited to see Sum 41. They’re a childhood favorite and they’ll bring something to the table that many others won’t. Our guitarist Danny is pretty excited to see Sage Francis. We’re all pretty excited to see our friends in Amarionette play on the same stage as us too. We were both rooting for each other in this competition and we’re happy that we both made it.

An elderly relative plans on going to Extreme Thing 2011 to check your band out. How would you describe your music to this particular relative?
I’d describe us as a softer, more hardcore version of Cannibal Corpse; my Grandma really digs them! ;)

What are the band’s plans after Extreme Thing 2011?
We’re going to concentrate on touring and releasing more new music.

Do you have any messages for your fans and for people reading this who will be checking out your band for the first time?
Keep your head up, stay positive, do something good with your life, follow your dreams, and for those of you who have never checked out our band, please support our dream by coming to our shows or reaching out to us on the interspace.


12:00 – Greater Than IFacebook
12:30 – AyearfromyesterdayFacebook
1:30 – Joshua Judges RuthFacebook
2:30 – Inherit The SkyFacebook
3:30 – DreamscarFacebook
5:00 – AmarionetteFacebook
6:30 – Capture The CloudsFacebook

Extreme Thing Official Homepage
XPOZ LV Official Homepage

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      • January 2012Interviews with Amely, Before You Exit, Crashing Broadway, Dead Icons. Dies Irae, Dillinger Escape Plan, Drakkar, The 11th Hour, Eric Nicolau, Ever After, Fake Figures, From Atlantis, I, Apparatus, Iron Fire, Message To Bears, Old Gods, Pangea, Scream Out Loud, Secrets, So Much For Nothing, Sovereign Soldiers, Today Forever, Touchstone, Your Tomorrow Alone

Issue Overviews – The Print Era

  • Issue 119 (Summer 2010) – Interviews with Dark Tranquillity, Framing Hanley, War Of Ages, Burning Twilight, At The Soundawn, Blake Bliss, Destiny, Domination Through Impurity, The Hit, Horror Squad, Kevin Lyman, Lacrimas Profundere, Letter To The Exiles, The Monolith Deathcult, The Plot In You, Sister Hazel, and Thulcandra.  Notes: War Of Ages was on the cover but not in the issue.  To date, this has been the final print issue.  We now reside online…
  • Issue 118 (Nov/Dec 2009) – Interviews with Arch Enemy, Megadeth, Dead Swans, Sleep For Sleepers, Acheron, Allura, Bleeding Fist, Buzz Clic, Canis Dirus, Crimfall, Dollface Divine, Fatalist, In The Midst Of Lions. Murder Death Kill, No Bragging Rights, Slow Burning Car, The Soul’s Release, Sparks Will Fly, Stephen Jerzak, Steve Kilbey, Syrach, T. Mills, Toxic Heart, The Tug Fork River Band, and Volumes
  • Issue 110 (November/December 2007) – Interviews with Atreyu, Arch Enemy, Belay My Last, Framing Hanley, Aesma Daeva, At The Throne Of Judgment, Born Of Osiris, Catherine, Cute Is What We Aim For, Enthroned, Five Years And Counting, Foghat, Inked In Blood, Killing California, Magnet School, The Moors, Mouth Of The Serpent, Neviah Nevi, Opeth, Running On Fumes, Svartsot, Svartahrid, and Tofer Brown
  • Issue 109 (September/October 2007) – Interviews with Soilwork, Gaahl of Trelldom and Gorgoroth, The Devil Wears Prada, Blessthefall, Autumn Tears, Battle Flask, Bayside, Beautiful Generation, Behind The Glittering Mask, Bringing Down Broadway, Facedown Records (Jason Dunn), Graystar, Harlots, Hurtlocker, Moneta, My American Heart, Resistance, The Rocket Summer, Spare Lead, Strength Behind Tears, and War Of Ages
  • Issue 108 (July/August 2007) – Interviews with Silverstein, Marduk, New Found Glory, Poison The Well, Adam Franklin, Apostolum, Before Their Eyes, Fear Of Eternity, From Beginning To End, Graveworm, Iron Fire, Kingston Falls, Last Winter, Letters From The Front, Mark Williams, Nocturnal Rites, Sonic Syndicate, SLow Burning Car, Visions Of Atlantis, and Vixen
  • Issue 107 (May/June 2007) – Interviews with Megedeth, Dark Tranquillity, Alesana, Blinded Black, All Time Low, Bloodlined Calligraphy, Cassius, The Cauterized, Destroy The Runner, Dropout Year, Fairweather Fan, Five Victims Four Graves, Haste The Day, Machine Head, Serenity, and Seventh Star
  • Issue 106 (March/April 2007) – Interviews with Saosin, Belphegor, Lovehatehero, Dead Where We Stand, Battlelore, The Black Watch, Corey Crowder, Dodsferd, Echoes Of Eternity, Fight Everyone, Four Letter Lie, Imperial, It Prevails, Nehemah, Smoke Or Fire, This Ending, Tigertailz, an Twenty2
  • Issue 105 (January/February 2007) – Interviews with Anberlin, Dream Evil, Orangeburg Massacre, Anabelle Lee, The Almost, Almost Famous, Backseat Goodbye, Dance Gavin Dance, Die Verbannten Kinder Evas, Elis, In Stereo, Leaves Eyes, Means, On The Last Day, Radio Birdman, and So They Say
  • Issue 104 (November/December 2006) – Interviews with Norma Jean, Amon Amarth, A Static Lullaby, Alexisonfire, Casket Salesman, Dark Miracle, Gwen Stacy, Hammerfall, House Of Heroes, Misery Signals, Mourningstar, Primus, Shade Empire, Unleashed, War Of Ages, Zao, and Zebrahead
  • Issue 103 (September/October 2006) – Interviews with The Rev of Avenged Sevenfold, Blind Guardian, Sothis, Cartel, Apiary, Burden Of A Day, Dance With The Dead (Jamison Covington), Dead Man In Reno, Fight Like Hell, The Gentlemen Homicide, Helmet, Kampfar, The Living End, Mendeed, Merrimack, Peru Ubu, and x Looking Forward x
  • Issue 102 (July/August 2006) – Interviews with Alove For Enemies, Beyond Fear, Blacklist Union, Catherine, The Chariot, The Church, Cobalt Party Revolution, The Devil Wears Prada, Everyday At Sinai, In Case You’re Curious, Knockout Kings, Korpiklaani, Lacuna Coil, Leaves Eyes, My Hostage, Rise Against, Rush, Texas Is On Fire, Underoath, and Underworld
  • Issue 101 (May/June 2006) – Interviews with Celtic Frost, Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Ihsahn of Emperor, Kingston Falls, Phoenix Mourning, Scar Symmetry, Skylines, Sodom, South, Stimulator, Summoning, Tyr, and Yellowcard
  • Issue 100 (March/April 2006) – Interviews with Abysmal Dawn, A Life Once Lost, Anberlin, Antiflag, Berlin, Dimmu Borgir, Enforsaken, Falkenbach, Fear Of Eternity, Flee The Seen, Gatekeeper, Last Falling, Lullacry, Resistance, Six, Spitfire/Norma Jean, The Prodigy, and Wood
  • Issue 99 (January/February 2006) – Interviews with Absu, As I Lay Dying, The Black Watch, Cave-In, Children Of Bodom, Crematorium, Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Eudora, The Gathering, Hurtlocker, Manegarm, Nocturnal Rites, Siebenburgen, Soilwork, Underoath, and Vaux
  • Issue 98 (November/December 2005) – Interviews with Anthrax, The Audition, Dew Scented, Evergreen Terrace, Gang Of Four, Inked In Blood, Inquisition, Into The Moat, Kingston Falls, Lag Wagon, Look What I Did, Lorene Drive, Nodes Of Ranvier, Opeth, Primal Fear, Red Sparowes, Section 8, Skinny Puppy, Sepultura, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Throwdown, Top Of The Fair, and Vesania
  • Issue 97 (September/October 2005) – Interviews with Bleed The Sky, Contra, Coretta Scott, Divide The Day, Elegeion, Fight Night, Great Scott, The Human Abstract, John Ashfield, The Jonbenet, Makeshift3, Megadeth, Poison The Well, Silverstein, The Starting Line, Strapping Young Lad, Totalisti, Tower Of Power, and War Of Ages
  • Issue 96 (July/August 2005) – Interviews with As I Lay Dying, Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus, Darkane, Electric Frankenstein, The Esoteric, Fear My Thoughts, The Higher, Jamisonparker, Leaves Eyes, Life Before This, Life In Pictures, Manntis, New Dead Radio, Nural, One Of The Loudest Tragedies Ever, The Revered, Swarm Of The Lotus, Texas Is On Fire, and Thine Eyes Bleed
  • Issue 94 (March/April 2005) – Interviews with A Static Lullaby, Comeback Kid, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Hand To Hand, Imperial, Klimt 1918, Labyrinth, Let It Die, Mercenary, Misery Signals, Primordial, Saving Daylight, Soilwork, Son Of The Mourning, Symphony In Peril, Throwdown, Transistor Transistor, Tristania, Twenty2, The Vacancy, and Zao
  • Issue 93 (January/February 2005) – Interviews with Acceptance, Amber Pacific, Anodyne, Before Today, Clarity Process, Dark Tranquillity, Deadsoil, Fission, Hopesfall, Impious, Kittie, Narziis, No Innocent Victim, Sargeist/Horned Almighty split, Sariah Bishop, Shotblue, This Providence, and Unwritten Law
  • Issue 91 (September/October 2004) – Interviews with Adios, Aeba, Alexisonfire, Caliban, Days Like These, Destiny, Hit The Deck, Jesus Wept, Lullacry, Melee, Orbital, Please Mr Gravedigger, Sad State Of Affairs, 7-10 Split, Silverstein, Tetsuo, and Xasthur
  • Issue 87 (January/February 2004) – Interviews with A Fall Farewell, Against Me!, Calico System, Conquest, Defleshed, Endless, Ever We Fall, Falconer, Homegrown, Killing Joke, Kinky, Maxeen, Moonspell, Off The Record, Park, The Rum Diary, Serpens Seon, Simple Plan, Symphony In Peril, The Vacancy, Winterlong, and Yellowcard
  • Issue 76 (November/December 2001) – Interviews with Anathema, Ancient, Conquest, Godgory, Handsome Devil, Kamelot, Kreator, Krisiun, Lifer, Moonspell, Novembers Doom, Placebo, Side Walk Slam, Student Rick, The Starting Line, Will Haven, Winterlong and Witchery
  • Issue 70 (August/September 2000) – Interviews with 3 Doors Down, Zebrahead, In Flames, Agathodaimon, Dargaard, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Ragnarok, Drottnar, Cruachan, Thalarion, River City Rivers, Fine China and Starflyer 59
  • Issue 67 (February/March 2000) – Interviews with Cannibal Corpse, God Dethroned, Satyricon, Sentenced, Agnostic Front, In My Eyes, Summoning, Myrkskog, Norway, Sculptured, Bows, and Third Grade Teacher
  • Issue 66 (December 1999/January 2000) – Interviews with Megadeth, Canned Heat, S.O.D., The Kovenant, Abigor, Grabesmond, The Church, Judas Iscariot, Amsvartner, and House Of Wires
  • Issue 65 (October/November 1999) – Interviews with Jethro Tull, Borknagar, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Mactatus, Hollenthon, Atomic Bitchwax, Malignant Eternal, Grinspoon, Breakbeat Era, The Paladins, and Jupiter Project
  • Issue 64 (August/September 1999) – Interviews with Buck-O-Nine, Stereolab, Sepultura, Children Of Bodom, P.O.D., The Dingees, The Devil Roosevelt, and Disarray
  • Issue 63 (June/July 1999) – Interviews with Jason Falkner, Moby, H20, Less Than Jake, Jesus Martyr, Raise Hell, Oleander, 20/20, Apartment 26, and Libido Deathcult
  • Issue 62 (April/May 1999) – Interviews with Silverchair, Love And Rockets, Vanilla Ice, Lit, Dave Lombardo, Dimmu Borgir, Nokturnal Mortum, The King, Ashes, and Fine China
  • Issue 61 (January/February 1999) – Interviews with Nick Heyward, La Ley, Transglobal Underground, Earth Crisis, Hammerfall, Pathos, Dan Swano, Baby Ray, and Sean Hutch
  • Issue 60 (October/November 1998) – Interviews with Zebrahead, The Church, Duncan Sheik, They Might Be Giants, Embrace, Crumb, Fates Warning, Dada, Morbid Angel, 808 State, and Liquid Southern California (Note: Listed as Issue 59 in error on the cover and went to press uncorrected)
  • Issue 59 (August/September 1998) – Interviews with Blue Oyster Cult, Anthrax, Cradle Of Filth, Symposium, Nile, Meat Beat Manifesto, Athenaeum, Manegarm, Abramelin, Sculptured, Lake Of Tears, and Doom Kounty Electric Chair
  • Issue 58 (June/July 1998) – Interviews with Ronnie James Dio, Slayer, John Taylor of Terroristen (and Duran Duran), Sister Hazel, Natacha Atlas, Incantation, Gates Of Ishtar, Lord Belial, and Film Star
  • Issue 57 (April/May 1998) – Interview with Bad Religion, Cannibal Corpse, Gary Numan, Curve, Swervedriver, Fugazi, Guster, and In Flames
  • Issue 56 (February/March 1998) – Interviews with Ancient, The Devlins, The Ziggens, The Autumns, Hammerfall, Flowchart, Kiss It Goodbye, and Supernovice
  • Issue 54 (September/October 1997) – Interviews with Catherine Wheel, Average White Band, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Testament, Six Feet Under, and Size 14
  • Issue 51 (February/March 1997) – Interviews with Ronnie James Dio, The Ocean Blue, My Dying Bride, Comet, Pluto, Afro Celt Sound System, and Third Grade Teacher
  • Issue 40 (April/May 1995) – Interviews with Skid Row, Slaughter, Sugar Ray, Suddenly Tammy!, and Reign
  • Issue 39 (January/February 1995) – Interviews with Kirsty MacColl, Single Gun Theory, Orbital, Monster Voodoo Machine, Mother May I, Xanax 25, and Dink
  • Issue 30 (March/April 1994) – Interviews with Black Sabbath, Material Issue, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, and The Autumns
  • Issue 29 (January/February 1994) – Interviews with Mozart, Schubert, Yaggfu Front, and Evil Twin Brother
  • Issue 28 (December 1993) – Interviews with The Ocean Blue, Adam Schmitt, Rose Chronicles, and The Cool Sense
  • Issue 27 (November 1993) – Interviews with Lillian Axe, Kirsty MacColl, and Mind Bomb (Note: This issue features a picture of Paul Stanley of Kiss reading an issue of Highwire Daze, and a picture of Sully Erna of Strip Mind and now Godsmack holding up an issue of Highwire Daze.)
  • Issue 26 (October 1993) – Interviews with House Of Love, Big Country, Mutha’s Day Out, Strip Mind (featuring Sully from Godsmack), Shootyz Groove, Over The Rhine, and TV in Flames (Note: This issue features a picture of Gene Simmons from Kiss holding up an issue of Highwire Daze)
  • Issue 25 (September 1993) – Interviews with The Big F, Ozric Tentacles, Too Down, and Alleycat Scratch
  • Issue 24 (August 1993) – Interviews with Aztec Camera, Baby Animals, Paw, and The Point
  • Issue 23 (June 1993/July 1993) – Interviews with Animal Bag, Proper Grounds, Rene, and Mountain King (Note: This issue features a live review of a then unknown Incubus at the Cocount Teaszer. Review excerpt: “Lead vocalist Brandon Boyd gave the proceedings a boost with his bizarre onstage personality.”)
  • Issue 22 (April 1993/May 1993) – Interviews with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Riverside, Mystery Machine, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Fade In
  • Issue 21 (February 1993/March 1993) – Interviews with Consolidated, Nuclear Assault, The Pursuit Of Happiness, and Loaded Bones
  • Issue 20 (December 1992/January 1993) – Interviews with Thomas Dolby, The Farm, Dada, and Faith Assembly
  • Issue 19 (October/November 1992) – Interviews with Ocean Colour Scene, The Moon Festival, Linear, and Silent Voices
  • Issue 18 (September 1992) – Interviews with The Mighty Lemon Drops, House Of Love, Life Sex and Death, and Wise Guys
  • Issue 17 (August 1992) – Interviews with The Mission UK, Falling Joys, Von Groove, and Exhibition
  • Issue 16 (July 1992) – Interviews with Material Issue, Evil Twin Brother, Picture Perfect, and Willow Wisp
  • Issue 15 (June 1992) – Interviews with Catherine Wheel, Hex, and Euphonic Ricochet (Note: Two versions printed with different back covers)
  • Issue 14 (May 1992) – Interviews with Ride, Tiger Bay, and Sunday Silents
  • Issue 13 (April 1992) – Interviews with Gutterboy, D*A*D, Rebel, and The Devout
  • Issue 12 (March 1992) – Interviews with Ian McCulloch (Echo and The Bunnymen), James, Lillian Axe, and Nag Nag Nag
  • Issue 11 (February 1992) – Interviews with The Church, Slamhound (featuring Josh Todd of Buckcherry), Blank Generation, and Coat
  • Issue 10 (January 1992) – Interviews with The Screaming Jets, Mirror, and Lodestone
  • Issue 9 (December 1991) – Interviews with Jet Black, The Fizzy Bangers, Adam Schmitt, and Monkey Paw plus Christmas with Willow Wisp
  • Issue 8 (November 1991) – Interviews with The Ocean Blue, Russ Irwin, MC 900Ft Jesus, and Primary Thought
  • Issue 7 (October 1991) – Interviews with The Dan Reed Network, Avalon, Truth Or Dare, Orchestral Manoevers In The Dark (OMD), and Tamer Lane
  • Issue 6 (August 1991) – Interviews with Xymox, Consolidated, Shake City, Rebel Rebel, The Bat Mastersons, and Jet Black
  • Issue 5 (July 1991) – Interviews with Consolidated, The Williams Brothers, Unorthodox, Flow (100 Days Like This), Kitchens Of Distinction, Artificial Joy, and Sinner Swing
  • Issue 4 (June 1991) – Interviews with Material Issue, Terror Train, Spank, and Pere Ubu
  • Issue 3 (April 1991) – Interviews with Gary Numan, Xymox, A Flock Of Seagulls, Ken Andrews of Failure, Mirror Image, Avalon, and Sven Gali
  • Issue 2 (February 1991) – Interviews with Aztec Camera, Paul Lekakis, Steve Hovington of One and BMovie, James Intveld, and 3D Picnic
  • Issue 1 (November 1990) – Interviews with Steve Kilbey of The Church, Donnette Thayer of Hex, The Railway Children, Blackbird, Redbone, and 100 Days Like This

Overviews of Issues 103-119 and others missing from this list coming soon