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Indiana Sun by Chase Coy (Self released)

Last year, Chase Coy recorded his debut release for Universal Records, an exquisite, heartfelt effort that left a lasting impression with all who came into contact with it. Even in spite of the sheer brilliance and creativity to be found within the recording, Coy would be released from his contract shortly after the album’s premiere. Picturesque remains vastly underrated if not neglected, but the ups and downs of the recording industry has not slowed down its creator in the least!

Indiana Sun is Coy’s second full-length album, filled with wonderfully serene yet impassioned songs that will remain in your head for ages. A work of maturity that should appeal to acoustic music fans of all ages, Indiana Sun is destined to gain Coy a good deal of attention. Who would have thought an artist would write and record their best work after being released from a major label?

Indiana Sun opens with the whimsical sounds of Seasons, with a carefree beat and chorus worthy of the folk rock greats such as Gordon Lightfoot and Jackson Browne. Love In The Present Tense is wistful and sweetly romantic – the song’s gentle refrains and piano score sending the listener to a place of peace and warmth.

The title cut Indiana Sun is sentimental and filled with vast imagery of a familiar place called home. Ferris Wheel is timeless, with its subtle harmonies and reflective lyrics. Fixing Me is a touching song about being changed through the love of another person – a change not even time and distance can shatter.

Mallory is a playful song Coy wrote for his longtime girlfriend, with an infectious chorus that audiences are sure to sing along with in a live setting. After a short poetic snippet of a cut entitled Princess, the bitter refrains of I Fell In Love Once follows – a song about a broken heart that many a fan will be able to relate with.

Angel has a banjo performing in the background, meshing perfectly with Coy’s contemplative vocals. And closing out Indiana Sun is the moving Wind In My Sails, with a subtle percussive beat and violin adding to the already poignant lyrical content.

Possessing a gift of being able to genuinely draw the listener into the reveries of a song, Chase Coy remains a remarkably gifted musician just waiting to be discovered by the public at large . With Indiana Sun, Coy may find himself on independent backroads once again, but the journey continues – along with the vast rewards one feels when experiencing the warmth and aural glow found within the Indiana Sun. An artistic and personal triumph that is highly recommended!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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