In Dying Arms: Blasting Into The Big Leagues

Introducing In Dying Arms, an adventurous, hard working collective who are beginning to blast their way out of the Baltimore music scene and into the big leagues.  Mixing in genres such as hardcore, screamo, and even death metal, In Dying Arms possesses a mesmerizing style that should appeal to many who like their music heavy and impassioned. Their new self-titled Matchless Records CD is an explosive venture, containing such exciting tracks as May I Have This Dance, Murder I Wrote, and Delusions.  We recently conducted an interview with vocalist Orion Stephens to find out more about their dynamic songs, signing to the Artery Foundation, live shows and tours, and a whole lot more.  Read on…

Introduce yourself and tell me what you do for In Dying Arms?
Hey I’m Orion and i do vocals for In Dying Arms : )

Where is the band from and what is your music scene like there?
We’re Baltimore, MD and the scene here is one of the toughest scene’s I’ve ever seen. Not good at all : (

With your band being formed in 2006, what changes has your band been through over the years when its come to the music as well as the commitment.
We went through a lot of member changes, I’m the only original and founding member yet some of the guys have been with the band since 2007. As far as sound goes, when we started, we started as a Screamo/Metalcore band, then eventually branched into deathcore, now we mix it all together.

How did you wind up signing to Matchless Records?
I contacted Matchless when they first made their Myspace, they showed interested, but i was hesitant at first. But then eventually signed with them in Apr-May 2010.

The new recording sounds great! Who produced it and what was it like working with them?
We tracked at Lion City Studio in Maryland, and got Zakk Cervini to Edit, Mix, and Master the record, Zakk did an amazing job with it! We always saw eye to eye on things we wanted to do extra with the album, so it was fun working w him.

Select two songs from the self-titled CD and what inspired the lyrics.
The Weight of Regret and Delusions. Both are about me, well the entire album is. But, these stand out more because the music is more emotional so it sets the mood. What inspired the lyrics is past relationships with people and things that I wished I could change. I kind of feel like everyone in this world can relate to things like this, mainly because Anger and Sadness are the 2 strongest emotions out there and I tried to channel it with these songs.

Who did the haunting artwork for your CD and how much input did you have on it?
Our manager Mike Milford did it : ) I have no idea how much thought he put into it, but I kind of told him what i wanted for the cover and he did he best to match it. It looks great!

How did you wind up working with The Artery Foundation?
We’ve always wanted to work with Artery, and after we recorded half the album our producer suggested we try and work with them. He sent Artery an email about us and the rest is history.

What could one expect from a live In Dying Arms show?
If you come to an IDA show, expect a lot of energy. We’re all about having a good time so if the crowd is having a good time, we feed off of that and things get even more wild. And expect things to be a lot heavier in person!

Who are some of the bigger bands In Dying Arms has opened for and is there any particular live experience that has really stood out?
We’ve opened for many bands such as, As Blood Runs Black, Chelsea Grin, Attila, Oceano, Darkest Hour, Motionless in White, In This Moment, Etc. Id have to say when Oceano came though with Chelsea Grin, Attila, In The Midst Of Lions, and Monsters. That was one of the best shows we’ve done, the crowd ate it up. Definitely a good memory.

Have you had the opportunity to tour and if so, how did it go?
Yes, we’ve toured a few times, especially recently. The last tour we did was Volumes‘ CD RELEASE Tour for the new album VIA. It was the best tour to date and every show was a good ass time. Met so many amazing people and time seems to stop when you’re on tour. Every time I come home and see friends it feels like I just saw them yesterday and that the tour was a big blur lol

Any unusual Facebook or Myspace stories you could share?
Haha I dunno what type of stories I should be sharing or not lol Um, ill pass on this one < 3

What’s up next for the band?
We JUST released our Self-titled album less than a week ago, the responses have been much better than expected and now we’re just shooting for more touring opportunities and seeing what happens. Gonna keep pushing our way up < 3

Any final words of wisdom?
I have some words for our fans, you guys are amazing and keep doing what you always do and be true to yourselves : )  And one more thing, checkout our album off iTunes!

In Dying Arms is…
Orion Stephens – Vocals
Justin Enriquez – Guitar
John Myers – Guitar
Terence Bright – Bass
Alvin Richardson – Drums

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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