Black Devotion by Inferno (Agonia Records)

Bringing back the Black Metal 90’s with a full-on vengeance, Inferno themselves has been kicking around the bowels of the underground since 1995. Although much of their early work needs to be sought out, Inferno’s latest effort Black Devotion has been unleashed through the metal kult masters of Agonia Records and is readily available for all who seek it’s austere melodies. Based out of the Czech Republic and ready to spread the disease far and wide, Black Devotion by Inferno is guaranteed to possess the very soul of those who follow their dark art of bands such as Dark Funeral, Marduk, and Gorgoroth.

Primitive and abrasive, yet utterly compelling in scope, the harrowing anthems featured on Black Devotion are sure to win Inferno a legion of rabid devotees from all across this dismal world. There are no soothing classical keyboard interludes here, just down and dirty guitar work, coldblooded vocals, and a relentless rhythm section pounding away at the listener.

After a brief Prolog, the disc burst into flames with mighty sounds of Superior Will. The assault keeps coming fast and furious, with tracks such as Holy Poison, Eaten By Rats Forever, and the epic Altar Of Perversity spewing out the hellfire and venom at a breakneck pace.

Billed as Intolerant Antihuman Black Metal, Inferno has delivered a bill of malignant goods here, tainted with the sounds of distorted madness and endless hatred. Check into Black Devotion by Inferno and prepare to be enveloped with its thoroughly oppressive intensity.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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