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“Hello everyone! After all this time I believe it’s time for a little update from the Instanzia camp!

Of course things are taking longer than planned… but isn’t this always the case? In this case it’s pretty much a lot longer than what was planned due to various reasons, including some relatively major changes in my life. The project never went out of my mind though, so it kept progressing slowly but surely.

Due to technical problems, I had to re-record the rhythm guitars for the fourth time I believe, but now it’s all done and I’m ready to move on to demoing and then recording the vocals for the album. Most of the vocals are already written and just need demoing and practice while some still need to be mapped out. I’m keeping the lead guitars and solos as the last stage since I’m a bit exhausted with guitars now after having recorded the rhythms so many times!

A couple of singers will be invited to participate to the choirs just like what people could hear on Ghosts and this is honestly the part I’m looking forward to the most!

I won’t give an approximate release date this time as I know it’s almost always impossible to plan since we’re not professionals and I can’t guarantee I won’t get stuck during a certain stage of the production! I can only say that it’ll be released in 2014 for sure!

As some of you may know, we’ve got an artwork done by the renowned Felipe Machado and it’s very stunning! I can’t wait to unveil it to everyone.

I hope you guys bear with us through the long wait because it’ll be worth it! We really put a lot of effort into improving from what we had done for Ghosts and I think we succeeded in making an album that’s as catchy and melodic while being more mature, deeper, heavier, more symphonic and more painted with various synthesizer textures!

This is it for now! Stay tuned for more new stuff! \m/”

-Alexis Woodbury

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