Innerstrength Records announces the addition of The Insurgence

Innerstrength Records announces the addition of The Insurgence. We are really excited to be working with The Insurgence. Being a big fan of their self- titled album from 2010, I jumped at the chance to release their new album “Elimi-Nation.” The album was recorded at Soundhouse by Jack Endino (Nirvana, High On Fire, Zeke, Valient Thorr, Skeletonwitch, Black Tusk) and will be available 9/29/2012 on CD, Colored Vinyl, and digitally. The album features 11 songs and the band recently shot a video for the song “We Can’t Be Stopped.”

The Insurgence is a punk band with metal and hardcore influences throughout, clearly drawing from their varied influences from Black Flag, GBH, Discharge, Septic Death, DRI, The Freeze, Motorhead, and early Metallica and Iron Maiden. In the past they have toured with the Dropkick Murphy’s, Lower Class Brats, and opened for Rancid, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks, Poison Idea, GBH, DOA, Casualties to name a few, and have a upcoming tour including more dates with DRI.

Track Listing:
1 Permanent Resistance
2 We Can’t Be Stopped
3 Dear Leader
4 House On Fire
5 National Razor
6 Elimi-Nation
7 Reprisal
8 Saviors
9 A Dream Is All They Left You
10 Cocaine Wasteland
11 Eternal Black

Check out their video for “Images of the Apocalypse”:

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Punk. Thrash. Hardcore. Take a look into the world of punk on the streets and venues of Seattle. One band in particular, The Insurgence, formed in 2006, never lets their audience forget that they do have a message. With a line-up consisting of Jibo on vocals, Mike Time Bomb (lead guitar), Josh Sinder( drums/vox), Justin The Crotch (bass) and Johnny Reed (rhythm guitar/vox). Influenced by “world issues” not just governmental politics, a cliché and overused subject in the world of punk philosophies, The Insurgence take being pissed off about unjust bullshit in the world and turn it into a musical outlet where they can possibly educate and motivate others. Not sounding like your being preached to, it’s more coming from the gut, sincere, raw and pissed off. It’s about “the big guy stepping on the little guy” which you quickly discover listening to their songs about such topics as corporate greed, the American oligarchy, religious exploitation and the military industrial complex. Such truths might not be easy to stomach, but they are a glaring reality, and The Insurgence do not avoid anything controversial or uncomfortable, just to avoid offending people. All this said is what fuels the fire for a Rad night of Circle Pitting and Thrashing in the pit at The Insurgence live show.


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