Isolation In Infamy: L.A. Metal Unbound!

Some local bands get swept away from being at all. Isolation In Infamy has seemed to maintain itself without too many problems arising. Living in Los Angeles City is hard enough. Trying to make in to the heavy metal local scene and making it big is something even harder. Read on and see what it is like for being a local band within a large city.

What is the local Death metal scene like for your band?
The local scene isn’t the biggest but its there. It’s a very (fend for yourself) type of scene. At the same time we feel the metal brotherhood is still strong and growing.

What make you stand out from any other new bands in the metal scene?
We like to bring back our favorite parts of metal and death metal in our music. Our live performance has brought people back to see us time after time. Our tightness and unique sound make for a great show and have made us stand out from other bands.

Who do you think you sound like who have all ready established themselves into the professional death metal scene?
We don’t sound too much like any one band in particular. We have some heavy influences coming from bands like Emperor, Nile, Death, Necrophagist, Morbid angel, Opeth, etc.

How long did it take you to get your EP finished? Give info so that other bands who want to do this have a real idea on cost and time for getting their own EP done but use yours an example.
We actually didn’t take long once we got everything moving. It only took the band 3 days to record our 6 song EP. We had Darren Cesca doing drums for us and he recorded that while we were recording the guitars / bass / vocals. Darren Cesca has played drums with a and plays drums for Arsis, Incinerate, Goratory and Pillory. Once we were all done we put the 2 together and magic. We actually made it way under budget for this EP which was great. It’s all a matter of getting down what you are going to record 100% so when you hit the studio there are no problems.

Who did your artwork for your EP and what does it mean if anything that tends to the music within?
Tony has done numerous bands in the death metal genre including the black dahlia murder, embryonic devourment, infernal suffering, waking the cadaver, and many more. We are very proud to be working with tony koehl as he is the fucking man! If you every have the opportunity to work with him, do it. There is a lot of meaning behind the artwork and how it relates to the music, but that is for the fans to figure out.

Theory Of Flight is a song about?
This song is about esoteric information. Even though it is spelled out right there in the lyrics. Not everybody will get it, and not everybody is meant to. All of our lyrics are not for us to elaborate on. Those who do understand, should understand. Those who don’t, shouldn’t.

When do you expect to have a full length album out?
We are writing new material for a full length we hope to record at the end of the year. It’s sounding sick so far so stay tuned.

Are you going to be touring for this EP Release?
We are currently working things out for touring. Keep your eyes and ears open because it will be soon.

Support the local metal scene in Los Angeles by coming out and watching at least some shows with this up and coming local metal act.

(Interview by Jonathan D. Wright)

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  1. james 7 years ago

    Great band,kicks ass.

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