Closing A Circle by Isolation (Eisenwald Recordings)

The most fascinating of musical adventures arise from the underground, and such is the case of Isolation from Germany. The term “dark metal” may be an orderly tag for the band, but there is so much depth and splendor to be discovered within the bleak sonnets of Closing A Circle. Every song has its own distinct personality, yet as a combined collection, the ten tracks featured make for a vastly rewarding musical experience. Fans of collectives such as Katatonia and Agalloch are sure to bask in the dark reveries of Closing A Circle, while admirers of classic alternative acts such as Joy Division and The Church are sure to join the ranks of the Isolation admiration society as well.

The exhibition commences with the spoken word from ages gone by – a poetic composition entitled Something And Nothing guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. The stunning title cut Closing A Circle follows, grand and absolutely seething with desolation and despair.

Never Enough is a chilling tapestry with blackened vocals searing through the icily atmospheric soundscapes. This Moment is as cold as it elegant, with it’s deep swirling guitars and bittersweet lyrical content.

Nomad is an eight-plus minute magnum opus tracing through the remote places of the mind – a magnificent instrumental that flows through your consciousness. One Day is primitive with a sense of unease – like Ian Curtis eerily serenading his followers from beyond the grave. Fan The Flames is brittle and psychedelic, like a black metallic dream invaded by post punkers from another era.

The brief cosmic interlude of There Will Be No Answer is followed by a somber yet expansive journey though The Wastelands. And then Closing A Circle ends discreetly with a foreboding send off entitled May You Fare Well.

Depressive yet absolutely breathtaking, Closing A Circle is required listening for all adventurous music types looking to chill within Isolation’s timeless dreamscapes. The trio responsible for the masterworks at hand include Johannes Schmid on guitars and vocals, Albert Röhl on drums, and Andre Jonas on bass. Highly recommended, especially for those who revel within the realm of an exquisite darkness.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Isolation Official Home Page


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