issuescover1Issues by Issues (Velocity / Rise Records)

For the short time Issues has been an official entity, they have done more than many bands do in their entire careers. Former Woe Is Me vocalists Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn come together to form a band that is on the path to the top. With the help of Ty and Skyler Acord on turntables and bass, AJ Rebollo on guitar and Josh Manuel on drums, this group of guys has come together to create a strong debut album that is going to put them on the map for a long time.

With the release of Black Diamonds, their debut EP in 2012, they went in very strong touring with bands such as Attila and Sleeping With Sirens and also did a brief stint on Warped Tour. Now the Metalcore/R&B band has their debut full-length album with a total of 13 songs. This mixture of metalcore along with some R&B and a little Rap brings out a new sound that is unique to anything heard before. With faster up beat songs such as Life of the Nine and then getting into some true metalcore with Stingray Affliction, the entire album is a whole new monster.

With the ferocious screams of Michael and the smooth cleans of Tyler, the fusion between these two has never been better. Coming from the hardcore scene with Woe, Is Me, Issues already knows what they’re doing and are basically doing it correctly. With the instant success of the debut album these guys are going nowhere but up. If you like a mix of Metal and R&B this is the perfect record for you.

(Review by Edward Brandon)

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