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itlieswithindaze1In December, It Lies Within found themselves on tour with The Browning, making a stop at the Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park, CA.  A long way from their Flint, Michigan home base, the up-and-coming metal brotherhood was gaining a good deal of converts all across the country.  With an inspiring live show and super intensive songs, it won’t be long until It Lies Within find themselves headlining their own shows all across the nation.  The band has an album entitled Chrysalis to their credit and has just released a brand new single entitled Reap What You Sow.  Prior to their blistering set, we caught up with It Lies Within’s frontman Zachary Scott to find out more about this compelling new band on the rise.  Read on…

itlieswithin4Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in It Lies Within.
I’m Zachary Scott, I’m the vocalist for the band It Lies Within. It Lies Within has been a band for about 5 years. We’ve been touring on the road for 3 now. We’re having a good time on the road currently with The Browning on The Respect, Strength and Loyalty Tour. We’re here at the Cobalt Cafe and it’s about to go down tonight.

Where are you guys and what’s your local scene like?
We’re from the Flint, MI area. The Mitten, big shout out to them. The scene is actually growing, man. We’re really happy. To be stuck up in a peninsula and the only way out is down, I think the kids and everybody that loves metal are really getting together. We’ve got a lot of cool new venues popping up. I’m kind of biased but The Machine Shop in Flint, our local venue is fairly new and they’re really bringing in some good acts. We’re really excited for the future.

itlieswithin7Tell me about your connection with The Browning and what it’s been like working with them.
We have a great relationship with them. It all started last year and basically our tours kept running into each other, not on purpose, just same agents in different areas would put both of our tour packages together and we ended up becoming friends. Jonny McBee, the vocalist reached out to us and he was asking about producing us. He asked about making the next album with him. The rest is history. We were really excited, we went down to Kansas City and recorded with him. We have a new album ready to come out, we don’t have a date yet but when the opportunity arose, he really lended a reaching hand. He’s kind of giving back, per se and we’re really excited to be that band he’s looking out for.

You have at least one new song that’s recently come out.
Correct. We just released a new single the other day, “Reap What You Sow.” We’re really excited about it, we’re going to be playing it tonight throughout the tour as well as two unreleased tracks so we definitely encourage people to come out and see this tour. There are a lot of surprises in store.

itliewithin6Tell me about that song and what inspired the lyrics.
Honestly, it’s about the evolution of It Lies Within. We wanted to show people we’ve changed. We added a few members, and we’re now tighter than ever. We wanted to show everybody – yeah, it took us a little while to get it done but here it is. The rest of the tracks that are going to be on our upcoming album are going to be just as good if not better. We’re a positive message band and that’s our message, bottom line. We try to incorporate that in our lyrics for every song. We let our fans apply it to them and however it is that they like to in their life, but our main thing is that we want everyone to stay positive, stay together for the metal brotherhood.

Pick any other song you’re going to play tonight, what inspired the lyrics?
Man, probably want to touch base with Home Is Where The Heart Is. That was our old single off our album, Chrysalis. That was a tribute to our hometown. We’re just giving respect back to the people in Flint, MI and the support they gave us the whole time allowed us to get to where we are now here on the whole other side of the map in Canoga Park, CA. We all miss home in our different situations. But yeah, definitely check out the single “Home is Where The Heart Is” off our album, Chrysalis. I think you’ll enjoy it.

itlieswithin5How does your new material compare to the old?
You’re still going to get the same It Lies Within. You’re going to hear the same taste of our style. We’ve just improved with the addition of our members Eric and Alex. We’ve really stepped up our game. I’d say we’re definitely tighter than we’ve ever been. We’re just stepping up our game in every way we can whatsoever. We’ve got a lot of people on our team including Jonny McBee from The Browning. We’re really coming out with guns blazing. and arms swinging. When this album drops, I think everybody is going to be in for a nice little treat.

What can one expect from your live show tonight?
Just non stop energetic bouncing up and down and just – making sure that you’re enjoying yourself, breaking your neck. You dont want to come to this show, pay money on a Friday night without maybe a little bruise on your body. In the nicest way possible. We’re all brothers here in the metal community, so it’s having fun at the same time.

itlieswithin6What’s up next for you guys after this tour is all over?
We have some tours that we can’t announce yet, but we have some exciting things coming up for 2015. We’re already ready for it to come, the sooner the better for us because we only see the next step in the ladder for us. We’re excited to be able to call this a career. I think 2015 is going to be that year for us to be able to fully say that this is what we do for a living. We’re really excited to do that, it’s been a long hard road.

What do you want a listener to remember the most after hearing your music for the first time?
We just like to have the message that not all metal is satanic and dark and about beating each other up. We want to shine a different light on the metal scene. We’re a positive message based band, even though we’re screaming and in your face we actually have content that we truly believe in. We’re out here on a mission to share our word with everybody and we just want everybody to apply it to their lives as they hear it. Let’s everyone stay positive, that’s the way to be.

It Lies Within is:
Zachary Scott – Vocals
Matthew Groshart – Guitar
Erik McKay – Bass/Vocals
Kamron Mead – Drums

(Interview by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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