Jacques Lu Cont and Monsieur Monsieur

Bromance Records EP #5 by Jacques Lu Cont and Monsieur Monsieur (Bromance Records)

From the French label ran by DJ and producer Brodinski comes this two song “EP” by the very British Stuart Price in his French-sounding Jacques Lu Cont guise and the very French duo Monsieur Monsieur serving you up two short and catchy dance tracks.  Price has worked with the likes of Madonna and The Killers as a producer, has many psuedonyms and he’s won three Grammys.  In The Night is a spiky, shiny and funky track that will get you sweaty and breathing hard.  Compressed and clipped for maximum impact, Lu Cont’s sound palette is all silver and steel, starting out strong with a high-hat and chant of “disco”, adding handclaps and chunky lead elements, layering on the percussion, doubling the funk, dropping out with a bit of echo, building up to a white noise climax and hyper ending, then fading out with the same opening high-hat beat.

After that glorious ringing in your ears comes Monsieur Monsieur with their atmospheric slow build of a track ARYM.  Also built on a 4X4 beat, the duo of Leo Copet and Geoffrey Bougy work your body with clattering and rubbery elements, creating textures to wrap your mind around, lowering the volume even as the drum gets faster and faster, joined by the rest of the sounds for a joyous last third sure to keep the kids on the dance floor.

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