James, Ed Harcourt

Ed Harcourt

JAMES, ED HARCOURT at The Shoe Box Theater, Hollywood, CA, October 14, 2010

Ed Harcourt opened the show with an hour set with his small ensemble. He is on tour in support of his recent CD LUSTRE. It was released in June 2010. The album is also the first release on Harcourt’s own record label, Piano Wolf Recordings. At one point in the alternative set he also crooned the audience away from the keyboards and laid himself onto the floor of the stage to sing his songs. He played both acoustic and electric guitars but the piano is his main instrument. He uses different vocal strings to bring his words across. At one point you thought he had additional backing vocals mixed into his voice but it was all him. Some of the songs performed tonight were: You Put A Spell On Me, Loneliness, Born In The 70’s, Do As I Say Not As I Do, This One’s For You, Revolution Of The Heart, Something In My Eye and All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed.


All the way from Manchester England, James was up next to host the evening. With recently releasing a two EP package, The Morning After The Night Before on Mercury Records, James has been in The United States doing a big North America Tour for this CD. Tim Booth and the rest of the gents where in high spirits after the large welcoming after their acoustic in floor of the audience entrance doing an acoustic version of their hit Sit Down.

The show lasted over two hours of songs ranging from the beginning of their career to the lastest CD. They also brought along a small twelve-piece mixed choir. The choir helped in the singing background for the newer song Tell Her I Said So. Some other songs done live from the new album were Crazy, Got The Shakes, It’s Hot ( had a computer glitch during the begging of this one) and Lookaway. With such songs like She’s A Star, Getting Away With It, Just Like Fred Astaire, Lost Control, Gold Lazy, Seven, Laid, Sometimes, Say Something, Tomorrow, Ring The Bells and many others got the crowd bouncing around and jumping around the dance floor. By the end of the show they still had enough energy left to invited audience members to come up and dance on stage with the band during their song Gold Mother.

James kept all of us excited to share our energy with the band and with other audience members in singing loud with the last song for this show Come Home to an arousing few minutes of applause. This definitely was a highlight of the show of strength of how James fans really still show enthusiasm for this import band from England. During the set though Tim Booth did say at one point that he now lives here in the United States.

Hope it isn’t another two years till James comes back and plays again. I would of liked to hear Destiny Calling and Runaground. But still this was a truly satisfying set of songs for this great show.

(Review and Photos by Jonathan D. Wright)


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