James at The El Rey Theater

JAMES, El Rey Theater, April 12, 2012

James is back on a jaunt through The West Coast from Canada though Mexico and onto Brazil. They are currently touring for their current album The Morning After The Night Before. The show started with the crowd favorite Lost Control done acoustic with a guitar, a horn and Tim. Tim and the two others came through the audience from the back of the venue finally making their way up to the stage.  Later on during the set in the song Say Something, Tim jumped down in the audience and at times stood up on railings to be over the crowd to sing. This time though he went completely all the way around the hall to sing to the entire sold out show crowd.

One time during the hour and fifteen minute, set the crowd gave the band an ovation that lasted a couple minutes. The band looked taken back and was very pleased to how the audience gave them such a loving kind ovation in the middle of the show.

Two songs really stood out during the performance were Waterfalls and the new song Expression. Waterfalls, “Under The Waterfalls”, was sung so heartfelt it was like being taken to tranquil place to where this amazing Waterfall was. The newer song Expression sounds like something Joy Division would do but with the soothing pop vocals of Tim Booth.  Manchester might now have the most amazing band with over 3000 votes given to James making them he number one band currently, but this might have seemed to be a taking back their roots in music to the era on 1980 sound. I don’t think that Expression was a good way to end the set but that’s what they did – and it is an interesting song. Tim played keyboards on it at one point too with Larry adding in on a solo drum pounding away on it too.

The band came back for an encore and played an additional 3 more songs. So the entire night James played over 1 hour and 40 minutes of music. This covered 18 songs out of their huge bundle of tunes from the past over 30 years being in the music business.

(Review and Photos by Jonathan D. Wright)


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