The Morning After The Night Before by James (Mercury Records)

British rockers James have released a two disc set CD package The Morning After The Night Before. This set of 15 songs has been unleashed as James gets ready to hit America on tour this Fall 2010 concert season. Find on here bouncy melodies intertwined with edgy rock dark or light (as in a pop song).

The Night Before could be considered the more up beat disc of the set. The Morning After is hardly a hangover but it’s way slower and darker with added rays of light here and there. But like when the sun breaks through clouds revealing a new day, the CD shimmers and shines with polished arrangements and guitar dream escapes. James is well known for it’s music based dream-like escapes in their vast past history of work.

Tim Booth’s vocals are radiant as usual with contemplative lyrics, though it’s nice when at times that Tim Booth’s vocal break into his falsetto charm of an angels caress. The subject matter features some of the saddest, darkest lyrics Tim Booth has ever come up with – including topics such as insecurity, disaffection and mental illness. This enhances the deep emotional appeal of the new songs by using his high voice as an accompaniment to the music. This leads to the tracks being filled with rich textures, with keeping the sublime moods interesting and the faster songs up beat appealing when needed. So the two disc set achieves the perfect balance between ethereal and the dynamic.

James sound now is radiant and paints cinematic scopes that will please not only devoted fans, but anyone who likes a distinctive brand of rock. Since having worked with Brian Eno in their past, James goes deep textures wise even with this set of tunes. A keyboard is a main instrument weather it be electric or not. The background with this instrument enables James to expand it’s orchestration and arrangements. Some of the notable songs to listen to are Tell Her I Said So, Make For The City, Lookaway, Crazy and Shine to name a few.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)


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