A Tribute to Jeff Hannemann of Slayer

Jeff Hanneman of Slayer - 2009 Mayhem Festival - Photo by: Dave from Montebello

Jeff Hanneman of Slayer – 2009 Mayhem Festival – Photo by: Dave from Montebello

Today the metal community, and the music world as a whole, has been shocked and saddened to learn about the passing of Jeff Hannemann of the mighty Slayer. A guitarist extraordinaire who has been a massive influence on musicians of various genres, Hannemann has left a staggering impact and will be missed. I remember saw them at Ozzfest and was absolutely blown away by the sheer intensity of their live performance – they kicked ass and left nothing but sonic devastation in their wake. And just to show how well their music translates, I recently reviewed an album entitled Lullaby Versions of Slayer by Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star – featuring some wondrously unique covers of their classic songs.  There is little doubt that if you are in a metal band and reading this, you have covered one of Slayer’s many classic songs!  Hannemann’s signature guitar playing reaches far and wide.

And who could forget their album God Hates Us All being unleashed the same day as the 9/11 tragedies? Slayer’s music has helped many get through the up and downs of our lifetimes and Hannemann’s masterful guitar playing was nothing short of mesmerizing.  Hannemann is now keeping company with Ronnie James Dio, Chuck Shuldiner, Quorthon of Bathory, and the many others who have passed before him – leaving a glorious legacy embedded within the hearts of music fans all over the world!

Here are a few tributes to Jeff Hanneman I found on Facebook from various bands…

Slayer Official Announcement:

“Slayer is devastated to inform that their bandmate and brother, Jeff Hanneman, passed away at about 11AM this morning near his Southern California home. Hanneman was in an area hospital when he suffered liver failure. He is survived by his wife Kathy, his sister Kathy and his brothers Michael and Larry, and will be sorely missed.

Our Brother Jeff Hanneman, May He Rest In Peace (1964 – 2013)”

The Tributes:

“Very sad day for the entire metal community. Our condolences to Jeff’s family and Slayer.  R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman”

“We are saddened by the news that spread like fire in the metal community. The passing of a legend – MR. Jeff Hanneman. Our hearts go out to all of Jeff’s family, friends and fans.
RIP Jeff Hanneman (January 31, 1964 – May 2, 2013)”
Ashes You Leave

“well fuck…
when I was a kid getting into metal & & punk, I got into slayer a few years before I actually got into Metallica, unlike Metallica, they kept they’re signature sound & didn’t suck. Jeff was fucking awesome. now h’s gone. kinda like another part of my teen years is gone now.
R.I.P. Jeff. you will be missed..”
Gypsy Blak of BLAK

“BROKEN HOPE is SHOCKED & SADDENED to learn that JEFF HANNEMAN of SLAYER has died!!! Rest In Peace, Jeff.
We will fucking miss this GOD of metal! #JeffHanneman #Slayer”
Broken Hope

“Rest in Peace Jeff Hanneman. Slayer in one way shape or form has and will always influence metal. We are no exception to this. We covered Angel of Death a few years back and had a great time paying respect to one of the truly legendary bands in metal. Jeff wrote Angel of Death, this one is for you brother! Respect.”

“Slayer is one of the few bands that all metalheads, punks, and hardcore kids can all bond on. Whether you’re a Jagermeister goon at ozzfest, a straightedge jock, spikey haired street punk, a bearded dude that got stoned and forgot how to play guitar fast, or a mullet dreaded crust punk with 5 miserable dogs, we can all agree that “Reign in Blood” is the fucking jam. Somewhere there is a circle of hell where Dio, Burton, Gar, and Hanneman are all jamming and it’s the best band you’ve never heard. Thank you Jeff Hanneman, you will be missed.”

“RIP Jeff Hanneman of Slayer. Big loss to the metal community. You’ll be missed by many!”

“R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman. You were a big inspiration to millions and made an even bigger impact on music and the world. You will never be forgotten.”
Farewell, My Love

“Another fallen hero who had a huge influence on us in the early days. I doubt that i would be a guitarist today without Jeff and Slayer, sad.. just sad..
RIP Hanneman”
Ola of Grave

“Shocking news today as we learn that Jeff Hanneman of SLAYER has passed way , Needless to say we are very saddened by this horrible news, it is undeniable the influence that Jeff & Slayer have brought to Kataklysm , was an honor to share the stage with you Jeff..RIP “

“We are speechless. This is a sad day in metal. Our love goes out to Slayer and your family. You were the man. R.I.P, Jeff Hanneman. \m/”
King Conquer

“The influence that Jeff Hanneman’s riffs had on our band are not only vital but at times obvious. This man single handedly created a way to write not only the fastest, but most evil music ever! The next Malevolent Creation album will be dedicated to this man’s memory and legacy of brutality!!! RIP Jeff Hanneman”
Malevolent Creation

“We send our condolences and deepest sympathies to the family, friends, and fans of Jeff Hanneman. Our hearts go out to his brothers in Slayer. Tonight one less star will be shining and sadly, the stage got just a little bit darker. Jeff Hanneman 1964-2013.”
Dave Mustaine of Megadeth

“Jeff Hannemann (Slayer)… One of the world best guitar player died in age of 49. our thoughts are with his friends and family. Rest in Peace and we will see us in South of Heaven!”
Mystic Prophecy

“R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman. What a fucking horrible day for metal. Thank you for the decades of inspiration. Tonight we drink in your honor…”

“We are absolutely shattered about the sad, sad news coming in from the SLAYER camp…
Mr. Hannemann, may you rest peacefully in the South of Heaven.”
Sacred Steel

“RIP Jeff Hanneman. Not really the sentimental type when musicians die but everything up to and including “Divine Intervention” is fucking classic to me/us and for that alone this is a shitty day in rock/metal/music.”
Shroud Of Despondency

“We are sorry to hear about the passing of Jeff Hanneman of Slayer! Truly an inspiration to all of us! R.I.P.”

“R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman, brother in thrash.”

“Our collective hearts ache. Thank You for ALL that you did for ALL of us! Thoughts are with Jeff & his Loved Ones. Rest In Peace Mr. Jeffrey Hanneman”
Thy Will Be Done

“RIP Jeff Hanneman. A dude who contributed to writing and playing in a band that is responsible in changing the metal mind and world. All we can do now is keep pushing ourselves. Our passion is music, and music lives beyond human life so lets never forget where we came from and what we love. RIP Jeff Hanneman and long live Slayer!

“Completely distraught with the tragic news of one of our main musical inspirations. RIP Jeff Hanneman of SLAYER.”


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