THE NAMM SHOW 2016 Interviews – Nick Schendzielos of Job For A Cowboy


Nick Schendzielos of Job For A Cowboy

While wandering the vast and glorious halls of The NAMM Show 2016 at the Anaheim Convention Center, we caught up with bassist Nick Schendzielos at the Warwick Bass Guitars and Amps exhibit.  In between working with Job For A Cowboy, Cephalic Carnage, and HAVOK, Nick Schendzielos found time to make his way out to this year’s edition of the NAMM.  In this interview, we chat with the omnipresent Mr. Schendzielos about his trio of collectives, Job For A Cowboy’s recent release Sun Eater on Metal Blade Records, making connections at the NAMM Show, and other topics of intrigue.  Read on!

Introduce yourself, tell me how long you’ve been in Job For A Cowboy and tell me how long you’ve been in the band.
My name is Nick Schendzielos. I play bass and sing one or two backing words every now and again. I’ve been in Job For A Cowboy since 2011. So I did the Doom EP, Demonocracy and then Sun Eater.

So what are you doing at NAMM, what exhibits are you most excited about?
I come out to spend a lot of time with my Warwick family. Warwick basses. Aguilar amps and then I play D’Addario strings and Gator cases, Peterson Tuners. A bunch of cool stuff. These people are just all awesome, it’s like family. You’re going to play the gear you’re going to play anyway for the most part, but when they’re cool people on top of it and they take care of you, it’s just super awesome. The family side of it and seeing friends from so many different bands, there’s no place in the world where you can come and have anything like this where you develop this massive network of friends touring around the world. There’s never really a time or place where you’ll have so many of them gathered together in one spot. So that side of it, is the coolest for me. The gear is always fun, the exhibits are cool, but just the relationships and friendships is the most important part for me.

It’s Saturday, the craziest day here.
Yeah, Saturday is always bonkers man.

SUNEATER by JOB FOR A COWBOY (Metal Blade Records)

SUNEATER by JOB FOR A COWBOY (Metal Blade Records)

How did you end up joining Job For A Cowboy? Why, when you play in other bands?
Sure. I play Cephalic Carnage as well. The first band I played in was AinMAtter — that was my get out of Denver thing. I started that with my buddy from third grade. Got noticed from that to play in Cephalic Carnage. Cephalic Carnage, we were touring, everything was awesome. We were super busy and then our drummer had a kid and didn’t want to tour anymore so we pulled the touring back to 2-3 months a year. I wanted to be a full time musician, not just part time. So then I started taking up some session gigs. I ended up taking a session gig with Jon Rice from Job For A Cowboy. We hit it off really well, I had talked to him about his guitarist Al Glassman. Al and I had toured together when Al was in Despised Icon. Cephalic Carnage and Despised Icon had done a tour together.

Then we hit it off really well, he knew I wasn’t really doing much so when Brent the bassist quit Job For A Cowboy, John hit me up and said he knew I wasn’t doing much with Cephalic Carnage and if we were down to work the schedule out together, asking me if I was down to joining Job For A Cowboy. Then the same thing happened in Job For A Cowboy, our singer had a kid and wasn’t into the full touring life, so they pulled back and then I joined HAVOK. I’m still in all three bands, just working out the schedule amongst all of them, Job For A Cowboy is starting to do some shows again which is really cool. Sun Eater is my favorite record I’ve ever done on bass anyways. I’m really excited to get to play some of that stuff live and be playing alongside bands like DEP is just amazing.

When can we expect some new music from Job For A Cowboy?
We have about four songs right now. Tony wrote about four songs, there are some riffs put together so hopefully trying to get another 5 songs together in the next six months to eight months. Hopefully late 2017, you’ll see a new Job For A Cowboy record but maybe earlier. Potentially earlier. It’ll be really cool, we’re following the direction of Sun Eater but going more in depth with that.

Were you a fan for Job For A Cowboy before you joined?
I liked a few songs, I wasn’t an active listener. I was sort of having that same stigma that the band has worked very hard to try and get rid of, which is that it’s a Deathcore 2006, Myspace, swoop haircuts, wearing your sister’s jeans, pretending to be metal thing. I had that imagery in my head about them. Then as we partied with them, they matured, they had done that one release that had deathcore, everything else was pretty much straight death metal evolving into tech-death metal. After meeting a bunch of times and saw, actually this is good. I kind of developed into being a fan.

When can we expect some new music from Cephalic Carnage?
About five songs into a new record as well, same thing. Just have to get everyone on the same page with it, probably 2017.

I understand HAVOK is closer?
Yeah, April we’re recording with HAVOK.

How do you think that is going to compare to their previous releases?
It’s going to be a little more in depth, catchier, groovier, super heavy but there’s a lot of stuff in there. Kind of like, really finding the identity of the band. Out of all HAVOK I’ve ever heard, sort of don’t have full objectivity since I’m in the band now, but when they first showed me all of it I thought it was the best HAVOK. I think this will really grab everybody, even outside of thrash.

Do you think Job For A Cowboy and HAVOK would ever want to tour together, and could you do it?
I think we could do it. HAVOK can play with anybody. I think they could literally play on any type of tour. Even a deathcore tour, I think we could do it. I’d like to see it.

If Job For A Cowboy could tour with any band either now or from the past, who and why?
I would want to tour with GOJIRA. I think that’d be freakin awesome. We’ve never done a tour exclusively with Cattle Decapitation, good friends of ours. We would really like to tour too. We’ve always had a blast touring with Revocation, some of those are just like – oh man, this is going to be the best time of my life. As far as bands I’ve never toured with, GOJIRA and Job For A Cowboy would be a sick tour.

Do you have any messages for people reading this who should check out Job For A Cowboy now?
Yeah, check out Sun Eater. Some of my favorite bass stuff on there. I’m going to finally make some playthroughs for it for my YouTube channel.  I have other weird wacky videos that I put up on there that have nothing to do with metal. They’re just my weird personality and act it out through crazy weirdo videos. Those are fun. I post pics of my gear, I’ve got a Facebook page. Hit me up there, I put stuff on my gear up. I try and interact with people. I’m not a rockstar or anything, just another guy playing bass. Feel free to hit me up, Instagram is Nickshinz. Folow me, say what’s up. Thanks a lot man.

Any bands that you’re in that we don’t know about?
Yes. There’s one band, it’s not quite a band yet it’s more of a project / recording thing. We’ll see what happens. It’s something I’m trading songs and riffs back and forth with Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne), the guy who made me want to play bass. It’s cool, two basses, drums right now. Real elementary, rudimentary stuff right now as far as the process. But, that should be like this year, should be really cool…

(Interview and Photo by Ken Morton)

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