Former MOLLY HATCHET vocalist Jimmy Farrar recovering from heart attacks – GoFundMe page set up

Former MOLLY HATCHET vocalist Jimmy Farrar recovering from heart attacks – GoFundMe page set up

Former MOLLY HATCHET vocalist Jimmy Farrar who sang on the band’s early 80s albums “Beatin The Odds” and “Take No Prisoners” is currently recovering from 3 heart attacks he suffered beginning on May 17, 2017.

A GoFundMe page has been set up at the following location

Jimmy Farrar medical recovery GoFundMe page

Jimmy’s wife Elizabeth Farrar has provided the following comment:

Most people know my husband as the former lead singer for the original era Molly Hatchet. To his family, he is a great husband, father, brother, son and grandfather. On May 17th, Jimmy had an incident at home, which prompted me to take him to the hospital. After arriving at the hospital, he had a heart attack. A heart catherization was performed and it was determined that he needed bypass surgery.

After transport to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, he suffered two more heart attacks before surgery could be performed. On May 23rd, Dr James Kauten performed a quadruple bypass. It was a success.

Due to the lengthy hospital stay and time in Atlanta, I no longer have a job. While I didn’t really make a ton of money, it was what we used for groceries, cable, phone, etc. In other words, everything except the bills. We now don’t have that income.

Jimmy’s recovery is coming along, but it is still slow. In order for him to actually come to our house, I must complete some repairs, and be able to buy groceries. Without my paycheck, this is looking dubious.

I know times are hard, but we would appreciate your help. We are rich in love, family, and friends, but cash-poor.

Molly Hatchet live video – “Boogie No More” featuring Jimmy Farrar

Molly Hatchet live video – “One Man’s Pleasure” featuring Jimmy Farrar

Molly Hatchet discography with Jimmy Farrar

Beatin’ the Odds” was the third studio album by Molly Hatchet. Released in 1980, It was produced by Tom Werman (Ted Nugent / Cheap Trick / Motley Crue). This is the first album featuring new vocalist Jimmy Farrar, who replaced original vocalist Danny Joe Brown.

Take No Prisoners” was the fourth studio album by Molly Hatchet. released in 1981. it was once again produced by Tom Werman.


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