Joe Brooks

Joe Brooks
The Mint
April 29, 2010

It was one of those magical and fabled nights in Los Angeles and where better for this to happen but at the atmospheric The Mint in West Los Angeles? This was to be a big show for 23-year-old troubadour Joe Brooks of Southampton, England. The place was pretty much packed to the rafters when Joe and his band took to the stage. He had yet to play a single note, yet one could see by his energy and charisma that this was certainly going to be a “star is born” night that Hollywood is legendary for. His single Superman had just been released on Itunes, and an album is on the way from Universal Republic sometime in July.

Placing a lot of passion and emotion into his singing, Brooks soulful voice and perfect falsetto really sends the material soaring. This kid oozes charisma and sincerity, and there is little doubt that he’ll gain fans from all across the music spectrum with tunes this effective. And how fortunate that he was backed with a band as solid and as tight as the one he performed with The Mint in West LA! This included his hometown friend Nathan O’Borne, a genuine shredder on guitar who flew in just to do this gig,

And while there was only one song in release at the moment in time, many of the other tunes performed were extremely memorable. Included in the set was the wondrously infectious Kaleidoscope, a newer song that Joe wrote about “LA females” – of which there were a good amount of in the audience. Apple was another highlight, a Beatlesque bit of pure pop perfection that really won the audience over.

Runaway was an intensely moving track that Joe wrote with his brother when he was just 16 – an introspective work performed with a fierce sense of passion and conviction. Also delivered towards the end of the show was the single Superman – and even though it had just been released a few days prior, many in the crowd were singing along to what is undoubtedly going to be a hit single for our Mr. Brooks.

Playing ten songs in all, Brooks and his band presented a tremendous show that many in the audience will remember for a good long time. Displaying teen idol good looks combined with a genuine knack for writing and performing a quality pop song, there is little doubt that we’ll be hearing a whole lot more from this talented artist in the future. If you are into pop music with a good deal of heart and soul, then you’ll want to catch a rising star and check into what Joe Brooks has to offer. If you live in New York, you can see Joe and his band at Webster Studio on May 4th. Joe is also slated to do a set at Bamboozle in New Jersey this weekend…

(Review and Photos by Kenneth Morton and Highwire Daze Sherri)

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  1. Marry 9 years ago

    Joe’s really amazing! he has everything to dominate the world! haha
    Serious, he has a big talent and deserves recognition for their amazing music!

  2. Beth 9 years ago

    I come from his home town and i saw him play live there last year, when he nnounced being signed… i have NO DOUBT whatsoever that he’ll one day be on top.

  3. Mandy 9 years ago

    I was there that night! Right up front and center! He was absolutly AMAZING! I was so glad I got to see him perform live!!!!

  4. Amanda 9 years ago

    I was literally standing RIGHT in front of him. He is so ridiculously talented. I wish I could see him again. I can’t wait until he decides to play in LA again. I love his music. Oh and BTW, Mandy, I love youu. 😀

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