Julian Wass Preps New EP

Crystals” is the solo debut of Fol Chen’s Julian Wass. Fresh off his production work for Oakland’s Main Attrakionz, Julian set out to create an album that encapsulates and honors his lifelong fascination with gems, 8 bit graphics and analog synthesizers.

Nostalgic, yes, but in the spirit of contemporaries like Ford & Lopatin, “Crystals” solidly contextualizes it’s ’70s and 80’s nostalgia with today’s cut/copy aesthetic and increasingly blurred lines between electronic music, indie-rock and hip hop.

The 6 instrumentals of “Crystals‘ evoke the analog soundscapes of Tangerine Dream and Ohneotrix Point Never, the warped, wavy beats of Clams Casino and Balam Acab, and the undeniable sense of adventure and atmosphere mastered by video game composers like Koji Kondo and Yasunori Mitsuda.

It’s the musical result of a mind both shaped, and warped by life in the late 20th/early 21st century: Nintendo, new age mysticism, America Online, Eazy E, Playstation, Cash Money Millionaires, childhood, adulthood, parenthood, and the undying urge to live in a house-sized geode.

Julian Wass On Bandcamp: http://julianwass.bandcamp.com/
Official Sitehttp://julianwass.com/

Crystals Track List
1. Crystals (pt. I)
2. ◊ (red)
3. ◊ (blue)
4. ◊ (yellow)
5. ◊ (green)
6. Crystals (pt. II)


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