JUNGLE ROT Make History With Kill On Command Debut

It’s not often that such a noteworthy album comes along, marking an incredible point in history in a band’s career. Death metal legends JUNGLE ROT have carried out their strongest debut in 14 years, instantly proving that the renowned Kenosha-based heavyweights are on the verge of a massive breakthrough to the top. After over a decade of albums, their Victory Records release, Kill On Command, has garnered the biggest debut yet for JUNGLE ROT in its first week.

With a flair for taking death metal to its purest form, Kill On Command delivers a wholesome slab of blood-curdling roars, impressive guitar solos and focused song structure – making it easy to determine that the success of the monstrous debut deserves recognition of the exceptional talent behind it.

JUNGLE ROT’s Dave Matrise took time from a recent Chicago show to chat about the how the brutally-charged frontman first ignited his passion for head-banging grooves in a newly released video, now available on VicTorV. Highlights of the video include live concert footage, fan commentary spotlighting JUNGLE ROT’s notoriously dedicated fans reflecting on the band’s memorable concerts of the past, and exclusive interview footage from Dave talking about the new album. Summing up Kill on Command in 8 words, Dave dedicates the new album to old and new metalheads alike, stating that JUNGLE ROT is “here to take back the scene we started.”

Watch the exclusive new JUNGLE ROT video now on VicTorV.

Buy Kill On Command now available everywhere. Pick up your copy at the Victory Records Webstore, iTunes, or Amazon.

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