On The Road to Cathouse Live with Junkyard

junkyard1_400x300On The Road to Cathouse Live with Junkyard

Expect decadence and hard rock and roll to make its way into the Cathouse Live at Irvine Meadows on August 15th, with Riki Rachtman bringing the good times back on a grand and glorious scale.  Among the bands who will be participating is the one and only Junkyard, ready to unleash their own dynamic brand of rambunctious rock and roll.   With their Self-Titled debut on Geffen Records in 1989, Junkyard began to make a name for themselves – and they continue to rock your world with a brand new single entitled Faded.  Highwire Daze Online caught up with several members of Junkyard at the Cathouse Live Press Conference which recently took place at the legendary Rainbow Bar and Grill on the Sunset Strip.  Read on as we chat about all things Cathouse, Junkyard’s brand new single, their killer live shows, and much more…

Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in Junkyard.
David: My name is David Roach, and I’m the singer.
Patrick: I’m Patrick Muzingo and I play drums.
Todd: Todd Muscat, Bass.
Tim: Tim Mosher, guitar.

So when you first heard about Cathouse Live happening at Irvine Meadows, what were your thoughts on the idea?
Patrick: It was a no brainer, it’s Riki Rachtman. We’re old friends with Riki. I go back with Riki actually probably further than most of the people here, back to the 70s. Back to the skateboard, old dog town days. He contacted us, we were like, yeah – we’re on it. Whatever you want. We’ve done stuff with him in the past, after Cathouse – what was it, 2007/2008? We did a few shows when he tried to get it back going. Besides that, we also played the 5th anniversary show at Cathouse with Megadeth, Faster Pussycat and us at the Palladium. So we have a bit of history with Riki, great history.

11059718_869767609737232_1232682335691682841_nWhat can one expect from a live Junkyard show at Cathouse Live this year?
Todd: Mayhem! You’re going to hear fuckin’ rock and roll man, really good fuckin’ loud music that doesn’t suck.
Tim: And you can hear all the Junkyard songs you want to hear, you’re getting all of them.
David: We’re doing all killer no filler. There’s no choreography or anything playing. It’s just pinball rock and roll.
Todd: We’re going to do what we do in clubs on a big stage, I think. It’ll be daylight.
Patrick: It’s going to be like The Ramones. One song after another. We got a limited amount of time so we’re going to get the hits. We’re going to get the new song out there, no drum solos, god-forbid that [laughs]. We’re going to annihilate.

If someone went to the original Cathouse, what would they find?
Tim: Lots of girls.
Todd: It was like an X-rated Disneyland. It was insane.
Patrick: What they say was true, it was probably 3-1 girls…
Tim: Yeah. 50% of the 3-1 were either strippers or models, bathing suit models.
Patrick: You would see really beautiful women. It was fun.
Todd: I’m pretty tall and a lot of them were taller than I was. So if you put any effort into it at all, you could get laid.
Tim: The music was always good. Guys in bands don’t want to go to a club where the music is bad, it’ll just insult us and we would end up leaving. But the music was always good and it wasn’t always what you would expect. It was always either Sweet to the Pistols to local bands like G’NR, Seahags. And the guy was good enough to find good rock music that chicks could dance to. It was a great deejay, still is a great deejay. That was the other thing, you’d actually go and actually really enjoy the music which is hard to do if you’re in a band, because usually you don’t go to a dance club to listen to music.
Patrick: Also, back then there were so many bands – it was like 5 bands on at a night. But at The Cathouse, it was one band and the deejay. Usually there wasn’t, but when there was that one band it was either us or Motorhead, Circus of Power, Dangerous Toys. Mother Love Bone. Black Crowes.

61M-DxumVKL._SS280Let’s talk about the new Junkyard single, there’s two songs on here. What inspired the lyrics for these two songs?
David: The first song “Faded” is just kind of a reflection of growing up like we did. Partying, being young and playing music as our career choice and everything that it entailed. Wasted youth. The other song “The River” is about a metaphor of following dreams to the big city to try to make it in the music business, acting, whatever draws people out here. Then being swallowed up by the hugeness of it all, the reality of it all. As much confidence as you have in yourself, there’s a million other guys walking the same walk and talking the same talk and a lot of people get left in the street.

Is there any chance that we’ll hear a new Junkyard album in 2015?
Tim: The single is about it for 2015, we’re hoping to record something longer. EP/LP, you know because things are a little different now. The talk is an LP or an EP, we have more songs written. We’ll probably write more, that’s probably the theory. I think early 2016 is realistic and then we’ll be out more playing to support that. But as it stands now, Faded is available for download and you can buy it off our website.
Patrick: Also next week it’ll be going worldwide. I know over in Europe some people aren’t able to get it. Next week they’ll be able to download it. Also, 2016 is going to be the busiest year we’ve had since we got back together in 2000. We’re going to finally be hitting markets on the east coast that we haven’t played in a while. Those people want it, and they’re going to get it.

Do you have any messages for Junkyard fans who are reading this?
Patrick: Buy ‘Faded
Todd: Hang tight, we’re going to see you soon.
David: There’s a lot of people all over the country in different places that are anxious to see us and we hope we can make it to most of them, or close enough that most of them can get people a little dose.
Tim: Thank you. Thanks to the fans for sticking with us all these years.

(Interview and Photo by Ken Morton)

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