Justin Tyler

Get Into The Love by Justin Tyler (Self-released EP)

At 19 years of age, Justin Tyler has been all across the country promoting his music. Last summer, he went to many of the Warped Tour dates, selling his debut EP Wake Up Call and making many new friends and fans along the way. He’s even been seen at Jonas Brothers concerts, spreading the word to their fans about his music and selling a few hundred of his CD’s along the way.

Formerly of the band Nextdoor, Tyler is based out of the Long Beach area and is now a member of Uh Oh! Explosion. Judging by what’s heard on his latest effort Get Into The Love, there will be no stopping Tyler’s solo career. A massively talented singer/songwriter, Tyler’s music appeals across the board to the melodic Starting Line types all the way to the crazed Jonas Brothers fanatic. Produced once again by Justin Powell (The Cab, A Thorn For Every Heart), Justin Tyler knows how to deliver a tune with dazzling pure pop perfection.

The disc opens up with the joyous grooves of Turn It Up, a song so wildly infectious that it will remain jangling in your head for ages. The pop party tracks continue with the perfectly titled Bliss, showing once again Tyler’s knack for writing a memorable song.

Queen Of Hearts is mid-tempo yet rocking, and should get the crowd swaying and singing along to its bittersweet “Love is like whoa” chorus. DQ is upbeat and impressive; a big warm rockin’ fuzzy that should really send many a teen heart in flight. And the there’s the anthem-like strains of Press Play, a song which would be all over the radio if there was any taste at all on the commercial airwaves.

Pretty much performing all of the vocals and instruments, Justin Tyler is definitely a resourceful musician with an exciting future ahead of him. Hard working and taking his career into his own hands, Tyler has what it takes for success in the ultra fickle music business. A guilty pleasure to be sure, but Get Into The Love will surely be the summer soundtrack to many a power pop / melodic punk music fan. Count on it! This is truly musical “love on the stereo…”

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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