Justus Proffit Shares New Video for “Saturday” on Ghettoblaster

justus1Justus Proffit Shares New Video for “Saturday” on Ghettoblaster

Watch: “Saturday” on Youtube

L.A. downer-punk Justus Proffit shared the new music video for “Saturday”, a track from his new album Magic, via Ghettoblaster Magazine just this past Tuesday the 29th.

Make sure to head over to Ghettoblaster’s website to check out the video. And be sure to snag a copy of Justus Proffit’s new EP, Magic, over at his Bandcamp page.

About Justus Proffit:
Justus Proffit toys with electronic sounds, dreamy melodies and harmonies to create the sonic background for his lyrically heavy album, Magic. His subject matter focuses on the human condition; with songs often referencing depression, self-knowledge, and overcoming. Some ’90s punk qualities of the album are found in the anthemic conclusions to which some songs (“Stay”, “Lost”) arrive. But even while the guitar and drums sound dissonant, Proffit’s vocal melodies remain dreamy, catchy and thoughtful. In all Justus Proffit’s music is inventively sentimental and unafraid; driven by personal struggles and contemplation, his songs reassure himself of his own motives.

Justus Proffit
December 22nd, 2015

1. Seven
2. Saturday
3. Lost
4. Already Gone
5. Wear Yourself
6. Stay

Justus Proffit on Facebook
Justus Proffit on Bandcamp
Justus Proffit on Instagram


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